Happy Holidays, Sojourners! Palms, Gifts, Parades!

Happy Holidays, Sojourners!

There are many exciting events in Uptown this season, and we will remain open until 8:00 on Friday and Saturday nights until Christmas so that you can step in to visit, shop and let us wrap your gifts.

Hand-blended by Heron, a loose incense of cedar, juniper, cinnamon, clove, and frankincense, to bless and purify your homes, and fill them with the scents of the winter season. Great for Yule Logs, too!

Tarot and Palm Readings

Saturday from 12:00-8:00 Brandon is back in the shop taking walk-ins for Palm Readings for $25.
Thursdays from 12:00-5:00 Heron is available by appointment for Tarot Card Readings $40 (half hour) and Reiki Energy Healing Sessions with Crystals, for $75 (1 hour)

Public Restroom Available with Diaper Changing Table

Whenever you are in Uptown for the Parade or other street events, remember that we have a public restroom that you are welcome to use; don’t feel like you have to purchase anything. Come in for a dose of peace, delightful fragrances and interesting conversation – free of charge!

Loyalty Club Gift Drawings!

Loyalty Club Gift Drawings every day until Christmas!

Did you know that every time you use a full loyalty card during the year, we collect them in a big cauldron? When we get to December we hold a drawing with these cards (every one with a name and phone number!) every day through Christmas eve. Each day someone lucky gets a bag *full* of Sojo goodies with a retail vaue that starts at $30 and goes up from there! There’s sill time to use your cards and get them into the cauldron!

Gift Ideas! Stone Mala Bracelets with Information Card

Beautiful, authentic gemstone bracelets like these (packed with an illustrated information card, in a snazzy black box with a metallic bow band) could be ready for gifting starting at $7.49 plus $1.50 gift wrap charge.

New Merchandise!

New statuary is in now in stock, including Egyptian, Norse, and Celtic deities and SO MUCH SILVER JEWELRY!  We’ve just placed orders for more tarot and oracle cards, HooDoo spiritual supplies, restocks of intention candles and oils, pewter pendants and rings, tapestries and table cloths, many new altar tools, and two new lines of all-natural incense. A happy stocking is filled with magick from the Sojourner!

TONIGHT!  Greenville Gives at 5-points plaza; The Sojourner will be open until 8:00!

Kick off the holidays at the annual tree lighting and donation collection to benefit those in need in the Greenville area! Enjoy crafts, free treats, horse-drawn carriage rides, community performances, and a holiday market. Listen along as Mayor Connelly reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and see everyone’s favorite special guests, Mr & Mrs. Claus!

When: Friday! December 7th
Time: 5:00-8:00 PM
Where: Five Points Plaza

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Get in the holiday spirit at the 2018 Greenville Holiday Parade! Watch numerous Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops, several high school bands as well as local groups merchants march through Uptown Greenville. This years theme is Elves on Evans!

Date: Saturday, December 8th
Time: 5:00-8:00pm
Where: Evans Street, Uptown Greenville

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Jonathan Stivers Bowling’s Pan sculpture is all dolled up as our Winter King! Please vote for us in the store front competition!


The theme of this year’s contest is “Bright Lights, City Nights.”  The Sojourner is competing for this year’s prize. Have you seen our jaunty Pan, King of the Winter Solstice and our decorated arbor and windows? Please vote for the Sojourner!
May all your holidays be Merry and Bright!
~Heron, Courtney and Jupiter

The Sojo 12 Days of Yuletide Sale! Tacky Sweater party TONIGHT!

Happy Holidays, Sojourners!
Tonight! The Jaycee holiday parade lights up Uptown Greenville starting at 5:00, while the Sojo opens her doors until 9:00 for all to come get a great view of the parade, warm up with a cup of complimentary mulled apple cider and sweet treats.
Wear your Santa Hat, or tinsel tacky holiday sweater and come spend some time with us! Pot-luck snacks and beverages welcome. Bring your drum if you’d like to stir up a drum circle. Do your holiday gift shopping and Heron will wrap them up in our beautiful gift bags for $1.50.
Our Yuletide sale began today!
12 Days of Yuletide—sing along with us!
Dec. 10 On the first day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “A tapestry of the world tree.” = All cloaks and tapestries 25% off.
Dec. 11 On the second day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Two turtle totems.” = Stone spirit animals, buy one get one half off.
Dec. 12 On the third day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Three smudge sticks.” = All smudging items 25% off.
Dec. 13 On the fourth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Four bags of herbs.” = All bulk herbs 50% off.
Dec. 14 On the fifth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Five shiny rocks.” = All crystals buy one get one half off.
Dec. 15 On the sixth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Six burning candles.” = All candles 25% off.
Dec. 16 On the seventh day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Seven smells a-wafting.” = All incense 25% off.
Dec. 17 On the eighth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Eight bumper stickers.” = All bumper stickers, buy one get one half off.
Dec. 18 On the ninth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Nine books for reading.” = All books and journals 25% off.
Dec. 19 On the tenth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Ten silver pendants.” = All jewelry 25% off.
Dec. 20 On the eleventh day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Eleven cards all laid out.” = All divination tools 25% off.
Dec. 21 On the twelfth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Twelve… ” = All items in store 30% off.