Kundalini Pranayama Workshop with Brandon Loucks

Kundalini Pranayama for Chakra Charging and Nadi Clearing

Join Brandon Loucks for a workshop to charge and clear the energy body using ancient breathing and visualization techniques from India. Seated physical exercises are involved (nothing too hard) so wear comfortable clothing. You may have never experienced your energy centers like this so don’t miss out!

Offering two opportunities to experience this revitalizing technique! $15 per event

Saturday, April 4th
or Saturday, May 9th
12:00-1:30 pm
Please register in advance by calling the Sojourner at 252-758-7656, or stopping by. We accept Credit Card payments over the phone.

After the workshops, Brandon will stay and offer Palm Readings from 2:00-6:00 for $15, $25, and $35 .

Pranayama is the regulation of breath through certain techniques. First mentioned in the Rig Veda which is a holy text composed in 1500 – 1000 BC in India. The Chakras are energy centers of the subtle body, also first mentioned in the Vedas. Nadi are the channels through which spiritual energies travel through the subtle body.

Sojourner Summer Survival Raffle

Happy Summer Solstice, Sojourners!

And a happy father’s day full of love to all our Dads. If you’d like to sneak in some last minute shopping for his present, come see us before 3:30 on Saturday, June 17th, as we are closing the front doors a little early to attend a Litha Celebration.

Courtney’s Basic Medicinal Herbalism class Saturday from 3:00-5:00 is filling up fast, but we still have a few seats left. Please register ASAP if you would like to attend. (Class will carry on after we close the front doors.)

Summer Survival Fundraiser Raffle

Come play in our on-going raffle of ten treasure troves that have a total retail value of over $340!  We’ll draw for three-four items each on the last days of June, July, and August. Each treasure is valued between $40 and $80.

A $5 ticket is an investment in the progressive goods, services and community that you want us to have available here in Greenville all year long – no matter how slow summer business becomes, nor grim things may seem on the news, nor how disenfranchising  current politics becomes, The Sojourner wants to remain that bright lighthouse of welcome into our safe haven, open to everyone with love, acceptance and support.

Won’t you contribute to that dream?

Individual raffle tickets are $5 each.

SPECIAL! Buy $20 in tickets, and get an EXTRA TICKET FREE, for a total of FIVE chances to win the treasure of your choice.

If your merchandise purchase is over $50, we’ll GIVE you a free ticket!

Not in Greenville? Call us with a Credit Card number at 252-758-7656 and we’ll fill out your tickets for you, and place them lovingly in the jars of your choice while singing your praises and doing a little happy dance around the shop. We will happily ship your prize within the US.

June 30th Raffle Drawings

#1 Money Magick Kit

Includes anointing oil, money draw bath, golden bill talisman, money candle, prosperity spell pendant, bayberry root, pyrite stone, and green cotton bag.
Value: $41.83

#2 Yoga Lover’s Kit

Includes full size yoga mat bag, book, and yoga mat cleansing spray.
Value: $50.29

#3 Full-length Cotton Goddess Cloak with hood

Purple Goddess Cloak $75.00

July 31st Raffle Drawings

#4 Love Magick Kit!

Includes anointing oil, handcrafted poppet, spell pendant, love candle, and rose quartz. Value: $43.00

#5 Relaxation Kit

Includes organic calendula flower soap, anti-stress bath soak, harmony candle, anointing oil, soap sack, worry stone, and lavender room spray.
Value: $40.50

Includes anointing oil, handcrafted poppet, spell pendant, love candle, and rose quartz.
Value: $43.00

#6 and 8 Blue Hand of Hamsa Cloak,

We have two up for raffle, one drawn July and the Other in August!

Includes a full-length hand of hamsa print cloak in blue.
Value: $75

August 31st Raffle Drawings:

#7 Chakra Crystal and Incense Kit

Includes one full set of raw chakra stones, embroidered velvet bag, chakra incense burner, and chakra incense.
Value: $54.50

#9 Celtic Wrap Hoods in Red and Green – TWO CHANCES TO WIN!

We’ll draw twice from this raffle jar for a Green and Red Celtic-Print hood. Twice as many chances to win!
Value: $80 each!

Thank you for all your support!
~Heron Michelle

New Inventory: Stones, tapestries, and more!

❤ Good day, Sojourners! ❤

We have received many restocking shipments over the past couple of weeks, and the shop is beginning to feel full and abundant for spring. Here’s a preview, but as usual there is just too much to fit in one post! We will see you in soon!

Crystals and Stones: We have been making great strides to restock and expand our stone and crystal offerings, including raw AND polished versions of most varieties! Polished celestite, huge delicious-looking chunks of orange calcite, honey yellow raw calcite, peacock ore, blue calcite, and small grid-worthy clear quartz points are just a few of the restocks we have in, with more on the way! We also have a few velvet crystal grid mats, a perfect guide for laying out your healing crystal collection and creating a harmonious and healing environment.


Crystal Journey Intention Candles: Our intention candles have been restocked across the board, including the small votives, soy votives in glass jars, medium pillars, and a couple of varieties in the large pillars.


Pendulums: Such a collection of pendulums! Many feature charms on the top end, and a beautiful variety of cut and polished stone drops. We have a wide variety of shapes, including sephoroton, merkaba, hexagonal, and rough cut.


Prayer Flags: Traditional Tibetan prayer flags have been restocking in extra-large and standard/small size, in addition to multi-faith prayer flags, chakra flags, and flags featuring the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism!


Tapestries and Sarongs: Full-color tapestries in detailed designs have been restocked: Om lotus, celtic dragon, blue hamsa, pagan sabbat wheel, egyptian cat, triquestra, ganesha, world tree, and goddess! These are high-quality tapestries that hold up to hanging on the wall, or cover a standard twin bed.

Incense: We have restocked HEM cones and stick incense, large boxes of Nag Champa, all Morning Star Japanese incense, and Herb and Earth stick incense. On Monday we will be fully restocked with all of our Shoyeido incense offerings, including extra large 13″ Morning, Evening, and Sitting Zen incense sticks, high quality bamboo charcoal tablets in two sizes, and all of the popular scents from the Daily Incense series, including our most popular: Nokiba/Moss Garden! It goes quick, so plan on making a visit Monday afternoon to get first pick!



Book Sale!: Top Three Summer Picks

We’ve hit one of my favorite weeks of the summer sale: Books! Glorious, crisp, brand-spanking-new books, discounted without the mega-corporate stench of big retailers. The Sojourner will be giving 20% off all books and calendars through Friday night, making this a great opportunity to stock up for summer reading and crafting (Of all sorts!)


We have a large and varied selection of specialty books, on topics such as paganism, wicca, druidism, asatru, herbalism, shamanism, tarot, runes, meditation, crystals, and many more! Definitely the largest selection of occult books in Greenville, NC!

Summer, to me, screams “Plant! Create! Prepare!” The Earth is overflowing with an abundance of plant life in our backyards, parks, forest paths, and wild places, providing so that we may thrive now and prepare for the barrenness of the winter months to come. There is no better time to brush up on herb craft while you are harvesting, drying, and daydreaming of fully stocked apothecary shelves! I also like to think ahead to the coming late-summer and autumnal sabbats and festivals, giving myself time to create and prepare meaningful celebrations and activities for friends and family.

So, prepare yourselves: Here are my top three user-friendly summer reading picks! (If I had the time it’d be top thirty!)

#1: Llewellyn’s 2016 Herbal Almanac: Herbs for Growing & Gathering, Cooking & Crafts, Health & Beauty, History, Myth & Lore



Llewellyn has a wide and varied array of yearly almanacs, for topics ranging from astrology to magic to sabbats, and my favorite: Herbs! This almanac is full-t0-the-brim with crafts, activities, information, and articles perfectly relevant to this abundant time of year. It is organized into thirty short, interesting articles that are great for readers who prefer occasional reading. The instructions for the crafts are clear and concise, and often written by notable, published authors in the pagan community. It is priced at $11.99, and is a must for anyone looking to fit herbalism into their summer schedule!

#2: The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, & Brews by Scott Cunningham



Scott Cunningham is widely regarded as one of the most accessible authors in the pagan community. This book is a classic for those looking to create their own incenses, anointing oils, bath salts, inks, sachets, ointments, and more, all with a spiritual purpose and meaning. This book is a compendium of recipes, making it a great expansion for those who may already own the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs or Magical Aromatherapy by Cunningham as well. Be prepared to put those plants to use when you crack this one open! Cunningham’s books are also well-known for being well-priced, and when you apply our sale to the cover price of $16.95, it’s hard to pass up!

#3: Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials Series: Lughnasadh: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Lammas



Llewellyn has recently created a line of adorable, pocket-sized reference books for each sabbat, and I find them invaluable for quick information when needed! Lughnasadh, or Lammas, is the next sabbat approaching us, and this little book is packed with history, references, ideas, and suggestions to flesh out your celebration! For those who like to procrastinate, it also contains a couple of pre-written ritual celebrations for those practicing alone or with a group, including written invocations and prayers. For those going the less formal route, recipes, crafts, and activities are also detailed to make the day special without a bunch of fuss! I really cannot recommend this little series enough, especially for pagan parents seeking to explain and celebrate the sabbats with children who need a basic introduction. At $11.99, it’s worth a look!

The summer is our slowest time of year, so please consider stopping by and checking out what we have to offer. Comfy chairs and good smells free of charge. 😉

Happy reading!


The Sojo News: New Ways to Stay Connected

monogramHello Sojourners!
Welcome to our new newsletter home on WordPress! I am phasing out usage of the old Reverbnation.com website and calendar. From now on, you can subscribe to this blog (see the subscription button at the bottom of this post) and when we post new updates, you can still receive notices in your email.

I’ve also created a new Facebook “Group” called The Sojourner Clubhouse that is public and open to all our customers as a guaranteed way to see what we are promoting online. Hopefully, we can stay connected and share our links to articles and newsletters, photos of new products, announcements, promotions and discuss topics of interest to you.  We welcome you to also share your own events and link to anything that would benefit our progressive, holistic, spiritual community. If you become a member, you can choose to be notified about all of the posts, rather than the rare few that FB will serve you without us paying their extortion money…ahem, I mean…their “promotion” fees. 😉

This week I am busy adding new classes and events to our schedule throughout the summer and into next fall. You’ll find descriptions below of many new offerings, and you can find even more details on individual events on our Facebook page. Stay tuned for more to come!

Bright blessings,

~Heron Michelle

The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions
414 Evans Street, Greenville, NC 27858
252-758-SOJO (7656)
“Equipping the path less traveled.”

Weekly Summer Sales: 20% Off Select Items

Starting TODAY, Saturday, running through Friday night, we have a special promotion each week.

RIGHT NOW! May 21, Stones and crystals
May 28, Bulk Herbs and botanicals
June 4, Incense sticks, cones, and loose
June 11, Tapestries, bags and clothing
June 18, Books and calendars
June 25, Jewelry
July 2, Tarot and oracle decks
July 9, Statuary and home decor
July 16, Bath and body product supplies
July 23, Candles
July 30, Smudging supplies, bundles, shells, feathers.
August 6, Essential oils and Pure oils
August 13, Crystals and Stones
August 20, Bulk herbs and botanicals
August 27, Incense sticks, cones, and loose


Heron Rising Spiritual Services with Heron Michelle
every 4th Friday, second and fourth Saturdays
Tarot Card Readings, $30/30 minutes. Past-Life Retrievals $90/90 minutes.  Reiki and Crystal Healing, $60/60 minutes

Reiki Energy Healing and Tarot Card Readings with Liz Merritt
every 2nd and 3rd Friday night 5:00-9:00
$30 per half hour

First Friday Artwalk, Drum Circle
June 3, 2016 5:00-9:00 pm

Angels 101: Ten Phyla of Angels and Correspondences with Angelica
June 4, 2016 2:00-5:00 pm
$25. Register in advance
Join Angelica for an introductory class on angels!
“Angels have been written about, have appeared in different art forms and been much talked about over millennia. This course attempts to prove that angels do not belong to any one religious group, how many types of angels there are, often called phyla, their correspondences, and how they communicate with us. Sharing of angelic experiences is welcome.
The class culminates in a guided meditation meeting your guardian angel(s).”

Incense Making Workshop: Rolled Sticks and Cones with Courtney Varnadoe
Saturday June 18, 2016, 12:00-2:00 pm
$25 per person, register in advance.
Learn how to create your own rolled stick and cone incense from natural plant materials. Come prepared to use your hands and leave with your own handmade incense, including the instructions for continuing to make your own at home. All materials are included in the class fee.

Guided Meditation with Heron
Elemental Balancing
Friday June 24, 6:00-7:00, $10

Candle Magick 101 with Heron Michelle
Saturday June 25, 12:00-2:00 pm
$20, registered in advance
Learn the basics of candle burning spells to create beneficial changes in your life. Materials provided, and you can choose to create a spell for either love, abundance or health. This workshop is presented by Heron Michelle from a Modern witchcraft perspective using color, herb, oil, symbols, and timing with the moon and days of the week. $20

First Friday Artwalk, Drum Circle
July 1, 2016 5:00-9:00 pm

Crystal Magick 101 with Heron Michelle
Saturday July 9, 12:00-2:00

$20, registered in advance
Learn the basics of incorporating stones and crystals into energy work and spells to create beneficial change in your life. This is a hands-on introduction to a variety of stones, their metaphysical properties, how to utilize their powers through the seven levels of consciousness and health via the Chakra energy system of the human body/spirit connection.

Incense Making Workshop: Kyphi Incense
With Courtney Varnadoe
July 16, 12:00-2:00 pm
$25 per person, register in advance.
Learn a bit of history and how to create a modern approximation of Egyptian kyphi incense. Come prepared to use your hands and get messy, and leave with a good amount of your own recipe for kyphi incense pellets. All materials included in class fee.

Guided Meditation with Heron
Chakra Clearing and Charging
Friday July 22, 6:00-7:00, $10

First Friday Artwalk, Drum Circle
August 5, 2016 5:00-9:00 pm

Witchcraft 101: The Wiccan Rede, Ethics of Personal Sovereignty with Heron Michelle
August 6, 2016, 12:00-2:00 pm

$20 per person, register in advance.
An Introduction to the concepts of Modern Witchcraft, with a look at the long form of the Wiccan Rede, and Heron’s four rules for ethical and responsible living in balance with nature.

Angels 102 Workshop with Angelica
August 13, 3:00-5:00pm
$25 per person, register in advance.
Explore your relationship with the angels through this workshop on their history and hierarchy. Then connect with your personal guardian angel through guided meditation.
Angelica is a professional educator, witch, priestess, Reiki master/teacher and certified angel oracle card reader.

Witchcraft 102: Charge of the Goddess, Celebrating the Moon with Heron Michelle 
August 20, 2016, 12:00-2:00

$20 per person, register in advance.
An Introduction to the traditional Wiccan liturgy by Doreen Valiente, known as the Charge of the Goddess, it’s history, thealogy and how Witches work with the cycles of the moon to empower their magick.

Guided Meditation with Heron
Spirit Animal Journey
Friday August 26, 6:00-7:00, $10

Witchcraft 103: The Witches Creed, Celebrating the Sun through the Wheel of the Year with Heron Michelle
August 27, 2016, 12:00-2:00
$20 per person, register in advance.
An introduction to the traditional Wiccan liturgy by Doreen Valiente known as The Witch’s Creed, the modern Wheel of the Year calendar of sabbats that celebrate the solar cycles, its mythology of the cycles of nature, the eternal Goddess as maiden, mother and crone, and her lover the Horned God as Oak King and Holly King.

Witchcraft 104: The Witch’s Rune, Elemental Magick and the Witches Tools
September 3, 2016 12:00-2:00
$20 per person, register in advance.
An introduction to the traditional Wiccan liturgy by Doreen Valiente known as the Witch’s Rune, and working with the elemental powers of air, fire, water and earth through the tools of wand, athame, chalice and patten for personal balance and empowerment within nature.

Reiki Level 2 with Angelica
Saturday, September 10, 2016 11:30-6:00.
$100 Please Register in advance as space is limited.
What is Reiki? It is a Japanese term, “Rei” meaning spirit and “Ki” meaning energy, which translates into “Spirit Energy,” or the Universal life force. This level two Reiki class furthers the skills of the Reiki practitioner with additional symbols, distance healing techniques and attention to emotional healing. We will break half-way through the class, so please bring a snack and a drink.

Guided Meditation with Heron
Universal Connection
Friday September 23, 6:00-7:00, $10