The Sojo News! Ancestral Veneration, and Shamanic Sundays!

Happy Spring, Sojourners!

Exciting events are afoot at the Sojourner this season. This Saturday, April 27th,  join Auset Ashay’t for her Ancestral Veneration workshop. See the information below, and call to register in advance, as space is filling up!  Then, remember that we are now open 10-6:00  on Sundays. Join Julie Anne for a Shamanic Sunday drum circle at 10:30 am.

Julie Anne is also available to see clients for Intuitive Healings and Readings on Wednesdays from 12:30-3:30. Email her at

Jupiter is available for Astrology Readings by appointment. Email him at to arrange a time.

Brandon will be at the shop most Saturdays offering palm readings (Excluding May 4th).  You may also contact him with any questions

Stone Selections

We have so much beautiful new merchandise that we’ve had to expand and change our displays. The Apothecary is expanding, as will our stone selections. We ask that as you select from our tumbled and raw stones, that you tear off, and bring to the register one of the printed SKU tags that you’ll find clipped to the bin (see photo above.) This will help with an accurate and quick check out! We also have small shopping baskets available for carrying your selections while browsing.

Ancestral Veneration Workshop and Ritual
with Haitian Vodoun Priestess, Auset Ashay’t!

Saturday April 27, 2019
Cost: $30
Limit 13, so please register in advance to reserve your seat, by calling The Sojourner at 252-758-7656.

In this class we will discuss:
* Who are the “Ancestors” and their role.
* Ancestral altar set-up.
* Offerings.
* How to properly summon them.
* Ancestral healing ritual.
* Ancestral elevation ritual.

Here’s a li’l info about me:
Greetings with rays of light & love! I’m Auset Ahmosé Ashay’t (Ah-shay-eet) also known as Octavia DaBoss. Mother of two daughters and also a grandmother. I’ve been studying different magic systems and root working for over 25yrs. Through the years I’ve received initiations as High Priestess in Kemet and Luciferian. Priestess in Haitian Vodoun and Egüngün.

Find Auset on Facebook: Eye Am Earth LLC

The Sojourner

Celebrating The Sojo’s 10th Anniversary: Tarot Costume Party

Happy 10th Anniversary, Sojourners!

The 10 Tarot Major Arcana Card is the Wheel of Fortune, and is associated with the planet Jupiter! Join us March 30th at 7:00 pm as we spin the wheel of fortune to celebrate a decade of success, and to bring in more miracles, creative growth and expansion!

Tarot Themed Costume Party: March 30th, 7:00pm

The Sojourner is throwing a Tarot Card themed costume party to celebrate our 10th anniversary in Uptown Greenville.  You’re invited! Bring the kids and your hand-drum! Dress up as your favorite Tarot Card image, and come celebrate with us! (Costumes encouraged, but not required!)

We’ll be open all day as usual 10:00-6:00 while Howard Minton teaches his Reiki Level 1 class (seats are still open, call to register!) then we’ll shift into party mode at 7:00 pm.

Drum Circle

Join in our Drum Circle! Trish and Kevin Wilson of Saint Anne’s Chapel and Retreat Center in Tarboro will be there, and we welcome Stephen Brand to lead the beats! Stephen lives in Greenville, where he and his wife, Erin, own Love Joy Music. Their small business incorporates Music Together early childhood music education classes, music therapy with Erin, the Love Joy Steel Pan Band, and Love Joy Drumming.
Stephen is a veteran drum circle facilitator who brings a unique spin on the traditional drum circle experience. He is also a Health Rhythms trained member of the Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild! If you can, bring some cash to throw into their donation basket in thanks for their bringing extra percussion instruments for everyone to join in!

Psychic Readings

Get a reading with a tarot or oracle card reader, and Brandon Loucks Palmistry offering palm readings! Make sure to bring some cash for tips! Otherwise, standard rates apply.

Catered Food

Appetizers will be catered by our friend Kimberly Jones of Creative Gifts. We’ll have plenty of non-alcoholic Sojo Punch, but BYOAlcohol, if you’d like to contribute something.

Party Games and Door Prizes!

We’ll have door prizes! And a special Loyalty Club drawing!  All you occult-nerds out there, put your brain full of mystical trivia to good use and compete in our goofy party games for swag bags.

Costume Competition!

Come dressed as your favorite Tarot image from any deck, and enter our costume competition! Winner gets a $25 Gift Certificate to The Sojo and a prize bag!

See you there!

Sojourning on Sundays! Tarot Card Classes Begin March 17

Sojourning on Sundays!

Starting March 10th, 2019, The shop will be open on Sundays again, 10:00-6:00pm!

This is so that we may host a day full of events with Julie Anne, who is a Shamanic Priestess and intuitive with extensive training and expertise, newly relocated to Greenville from Oregon. We are so excited about all that she’s offering to our community!  Beginning March 10th, join us at 10:00 am Shamanic Sundays: A Spiritual Community Experience,  then 1:00 pm Be Present and Know that I am Goddess Workshops.

Beginning March 17th, stay for Intro to Tarot Card Reading at 2:30 and Intermediate Tarot at 4:00 pm. (Click links for the Facebook event pages.) Please call to register for all events at 252-758-7656 (SOJO).

Introduction to Tarot Card Reading with Julie Anne

Sundays 2:30 – 3:30 Beginning March 17, 2019 – April 21th

Cost: 6 classes, $90 for intro only, or combine it with the Intermediate Tarot class (held immediately following intro classes at 4:00, see information below) for $160 total.

This workshop is for anyone who is curious about tarot and/or would like to learn how to begin using tarot as a tool for spiritual guidance.

March 17, Class #1 – Overview
The first class will focus on the history of tarot, the basic structure of a tarot deck, choosing a tarot deck, charging and caring for a tarot deck, and a few basic tarot spreads. I recommend holding off on choosing a deck (if you have not already found one) until after this class.

March 24, Class #2 – The Major Arcana
This week we will focus on the major arcana and the journey of the fool. You will begin to make connections between the cards, people you know, and personal life experiences.

March 31, Class #3 – Swords
This week we will focus on the basic symbolism of the suit of swords.

April 7, Class #4 – Wands
This week we will focus on the basic symbolism of the suit of wands.

April 14, Class #5 – Cups
This week we will focus on the basic symbolism of the suit of cups.

April 21, Class #7 – Discs
This week we will focus on the basic symbolism of the suit of discs.

Intermediate Tarot: Sundays beginning March 17

4:00pm – 5:00pm Beginning March 17 – April 21
Cost: $15/per class, or 6 classes/$80

Can be taken simultaneously with Intro to Tarot

This workshop is for people who are currently using tarot and would like take their practice to the next level. Each week we will focus on one card and look at how it is represented in several different decks. Then we will practice reading tarot with each other. This is an ongoing class that can be experienced on a drop in basis.

Happy Samhain, Closing @ 2:00 Saturday

CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay

Happy Samhain, Sojourners!

Samhain (pronounced Sow-Wen) is the pagan holiday of high-autumn, that is most closely related to Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. It is at this time that we prepare for the coming rest of winter.  We remember our beloved ancestors at a special feast, and release fears and attachments that are holding us back. This way we can keep evolving and improving ourselves. Check out this link more information.

The precise moment of Samhain, according to astrological timing, is when the sun reaches 15 degrees of Scorpio. This year, that date falls on Nov. 7th. However, modern pagans celebrate those energetic tides anywhere from Oct. 31 through the first weeks of November.

So that our staff may celebrate this holiest day of our year, the Sojourner will close at 2:00 tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018.) We hope you will understand!

We have much exciting new merchandise in the shop, including new leather journals and a restock of herbs, essential oils and natural soaps this week. Come see us soon!

Samhain Blessings,


Reserve your Energy Healing Session at The Sojourner!

Sojourner Healing and Wellness Fair

Join us this Saturday, September 8th from 10-6:00 at The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions in Greenville, NC for a day-long healing event! Call today to reserve your private appointment with one of our healers: $30/half-hour sessions. $60/hour-long sessions.

These are limited in number, and once they are filled, that’s it! Appointments can be made in-person or over the phone at 252-758-7656, but they must be prepaid at the time of reservation.


Private alternative healing services!

  • Reiki energy healing
  • Crystal healing
  • Individual guided meditation
  • Energy clearing
  • Demonstrations and information on in-store goods all day long
  • Quick sage smudging outside for donations!
  • Samples of Courtney’s Elderberry Syrup and Herbal Teas available.


10:00 – 11:00: Private Reiki Healing Sessions
12:00 – 2:00: Private Reiki Healing Sessions – Private Crystal Healing Sessions – Individual Guided Meditation Sessions
2:00 – 4:00: Private Reiki Healing Sessions – Private Crystal Healing Sessions – more to be announced!
4:00 – 6:00: Private Reiki Healing Sessions – Private Spiritual Cleansing Sessions


= Smudging and cleansing sessions on the sidewalk in front of our shop, for donations! We will have a selection of nine different smudging herbs to use, and experienced instructors on hand to guide you.

= Homemade healing herbal teas and herbal syrup samples for you to try! We will also have recipes for the samples, and an herbalist on hand to answer any questions you may have about our 100+ selection of bulk organic herbs! Bring a mason jar or reusable container for 30% off your herb purchase.

= We will have staff on hand throughout the day to answer any questions you may have about energy healing, crystals, spirit animals, meditation, chakras, aromatherapy, and more modalities toward achieving wellness!

Reserve your session by calling 252-758-7656

Sojourner’s 9th Birthday Party: 30% OFF Sales!

Party Time, Sojourners!

We opened the doors of The Sojourner 9 years ago this week… and these last 6 months we’ve enjoyed great success, thanks to you! Let’s celebrate!

You are invited to Lady Sojo’s 9th birthday party to enjoy music with DJ Lipbone Redding. Bring the family, tell all your friends! We’ll have food and drink, and you are welcome to contribute anything to the spread, pot-luck style.

Jupiter will have his tarot cards to offer readings – walkin’s welcome. $40 for the 10 card spread.

Door prizes will be drawn at 9:30! Must be present to win!

To say thank you for your excellent patronage, come check out our SALES the rest of March, starting TODAY! Every few days we’ll discount more things. Friday and Saturday, March 30-31, THE WHOLE store will be 30% OFF! Which is handy because we currently have so much new merchandise we don’t know where to put it all. 🙂

New Merchandise:

  • SO MUCH INCENSE! Stick, cone, rope, loose…
  • Incense holders and burners of all styles; candle holders of all kinds.
  • Stones and Crystals in tumbled, raw, specimens, spheres, wands, chakra sets…
  • Special new stone varieties just in from Brazil: Tangerine quartz, tri-color kyanite, super 7, lepidolite slices, amethyst, morganite, hiddenite, andalusite, amblygonite, alexandrite, imperial topaz, blue topaz and Aquamarine
  • Gemstone mala-style bracelets in 50 different stones, offering 4 mm and 8 mm sizes
  • Twice as much pewter, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry than we’ve ever had before: pendants, rings, dangly and stud earrings!
  • Chakra EVERYTHING. Seriously, if it can be made in rainbow colors with Chakra mandalas, we now carry it. lol
  • Dream Catchers like crazy.
  • Altar goods for ceremonies in many styles.
  • Tarot Cards, rune sets, spirit boards and pendulums for days.
  • wind chimes, strings of bells…

The Sojourner Spring Arbor 2018

Come see us!

~Heron Michelle, Courtney, Jupiter

The Sojo News: Spring/Summer Hours, New Inventory, Farewell!

Hello Sojourners!

Springtime is a season of growth and change, and what changes are on the horizon for us!

First of all, starting this upcoming Easter sunday, we will be adopting new hours for the spring and summer seasons as listed below. We will be closing on Sunday, and closing at 6:00pm on Fridays unless there is an announced special event such as First Friday Artwalk.

Monday: 10:00 – 6:00
Tuesday: 10:00 – 6:00
Wednesday: 10:00 – 6:00
Thursday: 10:00 – 6:00
Friday: 10:00 – 6:00*
*During First Friday Artwalk and other special events, we are open until 9:00pm!
Saturday: 10:00 – 6:00


Secondly, it is time for us to bid a fond farewell to Liz Merritt, our coworker and friend who will be leaving us this week to pursue greater adventures! We will miss you Liz, and we thank you for being with us for the past three years. Much blessings on your journey!


We are so appreciative of the business we have had the good fortune to receive over the past few weeks! We are slowly but surely receiving more inventory restocks over time, so be sure to check regularly if there is an item you are waiting for. Recent restocks include:

  • Loose smudge bundles in our basket display, including white sage, juniper, blue sage, yerba santa, and lavender! We have just recently placed an order for even more bundles, expanding into mugwort (black sage) and large cedar bundles!
  • Tapestries! We have more of our full-color cotton tapestries in stock, and have expanded into a few new designs! Stop by to check out the blue peacock feather mandala, natural tan ohm symbol, rainbow chakra symbol, and giant crystal grid/flower of life print tapestries!
  • Crystal prisms! Small hanging prisms reflect beautiful rainbow light on your walls and windows when hung in a sunny location.
  • Pendulums! We have recently received a few NEW pendulum necklaces, and have many beautiful stone pendulums currently in stock.
  • ON IT’S WAY: Natural, handmade soaps have just been ordered, and are on their way! This includes extra stock of the most popular scents, including Sandalwood, Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli/Sweet Orange, and Chlorophyll/Charcoal.

We hope to see you in soon, and wish you the best for Passover, the upcoming Easter holiday, and spring break week. ❤

The Sojo News: Stones, Tarot, Reiki, Astrology, Mediumship

Hello Sojourners!

Happy early spring! Our windows and arbors are redressed for the season, and so much new merchandise is now restocked! Many new raw and tumbled stones, including large specimens, books (new and used), silver jewelry, and incense!

We also have new hematite rings, mixed stone bands, and midnight lace obsidian bands. There is more arriving every day, and many upcoming classes and meditations to check out. Our readers and healers are available for private appointments, too. Call us for an appointment at 252-758-7656. Come see us!
~Heron Michelle

Spring Arbor 2017

Spring Arbor 2017

Upcoming Events:

Friday 6:00 Meditation with Heron to explore the Realms of Water and Earth, $10

Tarot 101 Series: Learning to Read the Cards with Liz Merritt

This series in beginner friendly, and also covers some intermediate topics, so not matter the skill level, all will be welcome! Handouts are included, participants may wish to bring note-taking materials and favorite tarot decks. We will go through each card starting with the ace and ending with the Court cards. This class will also include an introduction to the Court cards, both as a concept and how they differ from the rest of the suit. We will discuss Hermetics, astrology and symbolism as they pertain to card interpretation.

Class will be $30 per person, Seating is limited, please register in advance by phone (252-758-7656), or in person.

February 11 – The Fools Journey and the Grand Trumps.

February 25 – Cups and the Element of Water

March 11 – Wands and the element of Fire

March 25 – Disks and the Element of Earth

April 8th – Swords and the Element of Air

April 22 – Spreads and Interpretations: This class will bring together the concepts learned in the previous classes for practical use in reading and interpreting spreads for yourself and others. We will go over the traditional Celtic Cross Spread as well as simpler, more versatile spreads. This class will also touch on tips on how to become better acquainted with your deck and the ethics involved when reading for other people.

Liz Merritt has been studying and practicing Tarot Cartomancy for more than 6 years. She’s an initiate of The Sojo Circle Coven, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Hedgewitch wandering the wilds of Eastern NC. Often you can find her behind the counter of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions.

Crystal Grid on a Flower of Life mat - celestite, blue calcite, peacock ore and quartz

Crystal Grid on a Flower of Life mat – celestite, blue calcite, peacock ore and quartz

Reiki 2 Class and Attunement with Angelica

March 4 11:00-6:00

Reiki is an energy healing modality that is helpful for energy clearing and aligning the chakras. It helps to broaden and strengthen intuition. It is given through attunement by a Teacher and Master. The prerequisite for Reiki Level 2 is Reiki Level 1, and students who have been instructed by other teachers are required to present proof that Level 1 was attained in order to participate and be attuned.

At Level 2, the Reiki connection is strengthened to Spirit, and emotional healing transpires. The practitioner expands the ability to heal the self and others through techniques utilizing the adding of 3 Reiki symbols, distance healing techniques for the self and others and reveals that which has been hidden.

Natal Astrology Classes with Jupiter Melchizedek
March 5th from 1:30Pm – 4:30Pm. The first class will focus on planets and aspects, the second class will focus on signs and houses, and the third and final class will focus on transits & electional astrology.”

Zodiac signs? planets? houses? What does all this astrology lingo mean, and how can you put it to good use? Learn to interpret your own birth chart with the science of western astrology, as a road map to your life, personality, strengths, challenges, and purpose. Please register in advance and provide your name, birth date, time and location. $30, open to the public. Seating is limited, please register in advance by phone (252-758-7656), or in person.

Knock, Knock – Spirit Communication Workshop with Edward Zula

March 12, 2:00-4:00 pm

In this two hour presentation/workshop, Edward Zula talks with participants about the different ways spirits of our loved ones communicate with us from the other side. “Sometimes they knock, play with lights, surprise us with familiar scent, come to us in dreams, and even hide or move objects,” says Edward Zula. “But no matter what it is, we are let wondering if it is spirit and ‘what did it mean ?'” Our desire to understand these messages and find meaning in them is what inspired Edwards to offer this healing workshop. “We want to know if our loved one is just saying hello when they knock a picture off the wall, or if there’s some other meaning. It can leave us frustrated, confused, and worried, which is not very helpful if we are still processing from our grief.”

Edward has many examples to share, and all participants will learn more about the nature of spirit communication which will be helpful to themselves, their family, and their friends. This is the perfect opportunity to explore your own experiences, hear the stories of others, and take away some peace and understanding.

Edward recently retired from his busy psychotherapy practice to focus on a different type of healing. He is clairsentient, clairvoyant, and uses psychometry and spirit communication in his private readings. More information can be found at

Entry is 10$ per person. Please call 252-758-7656 to reserve your spot today. Must pay in advance. Limit 20 participants

The Sojo News: Upcoming Events and Winter Closings

Hello Sojourners,

Happy New Year! Thank you all so much for an abundant holiday sales season. We are grateful for your patronage, and now set our sights to creating an even more prosperous new year for us all.

We are open until 9:00 Friday (tonight) – its First Friday Artwalk, and as long as the weather holds, we are hosting a drum circle, and Tarot card readings are available with Heron 5:00-9:00.

Ok, ok…no need to freak out. However, we do hope that you all stay safe and warm during this winter weather. Note that we will close the shop this weekend if winter weather makes the roads unsafe. Check our FaceBook page for updates for daily closing information. Tarot Readings with Heron on Saturday are canceled, but Jan 14th is another chance to make an appointment.

WE ARE CLOSED MONDAY AND TUESDAY to complete our year-end inventory. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal by Wednesday next week. Cheers! ~Heron

We now have an Instagram where Courtney shares pics from the shop. Follow us!

Our Modern Witchcraft series of classes is still open on Thursday nights for new seekers to join us for an introduction to Neo-paganism and the thealogy, principles, world-view and celebrations of this earth-centered spirituality.

GOOD NEWS! If Thursdays aren’t good for you, we have a second opportunity opening up on Saturday afternoons to attend these workshops. Dates and times are still flexible, so if you’d like a no-obligation, safe way to dip your toes into our magickal world and see what the fuss is all about, call us. 252-758-7656 Three workshops, 4 hours each, $30 each. We must have 3 students to proceed…

Upcoming Events:
All appointments and registrations must be taken in advance, by phone or stopping by. 252-758-7656

New Year’s Forecast Readings
Saturday Jan 14th, 2017 12:00-5:00, $40
Come see Heron Michelle for a Tarot Card reading to clarify a situation or seek guidance for the upcoming year.
Heron offers several special readings ideal for this New Year’s transition:
The 5 card Pyramid of Power spread that seeks guidance for the next Great Work of personal evolution you should explore–ideal for magicakal practitioners and witches, especially. (Takes about 30 minutes, $40)
The 12 card Zodiac wheel of the Year spread for a forecast of the lessons that may be presented throughout the next year. (Takes about an hour, $75)
The traditional, 10 card spread for guidance on your current situation is always available. (Takes about 30 minutes, $40)
With each reading, the affirmations and spiritual guidance for ways to put this information to work for you will be provided.

1865215E-5452-4951-BDFF-AAF34538718FSpiritual Mediumship Group Sessions
Sunday, Jan 22, TWO OPPORTUNITIES! 1:00-2:30 and 3:30-5:00

Join Edward Zula, spiritual medium and psychometrist, for an exploration of spirit communication; questions and answers; participants getting validation of their own experiences; demonstration of mediumship. Bring a photo or an item belonging to a deceased loved one. Everyone will get a brief reading.

A 90 minute group demonstration, must have 6 participants, so bring a friend! $15 per person.


Tarot 101: The Fools Journey with Liz Merritt

This is the first in a six part series taught by Liz Merritt, focusing on The Rider Waite Tarot deck. We will explore the history of the Tarot, as well as general Tarot trivia and concepts. We will then jump into the Fools Journey; the story in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. This series will be beginner friendly and include intermediate level information, participants of all skill levels will learn something new. We will discuss symbolism, Hermetics, and astrology as they pertain to each of the 78 cards. Handouts will be provided, but participants will want to bring note-taking materials and favorite tarot decks.

Class will be $30 per person, registration taken in advance

Liz Merritt has been studying and practicing Tarot Cartomancy for more than 6 years. She’s an initiate of The Sojo Circle Coven, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Hedgewitch wandering the wilds of Eastern NC. Often you can find her behind the counter of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions.

Our calendar of events can be found online on our website:

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday: 10:00-6:00
Friday: 10:00-9:00 Psychic Readings available 5:00-9:00
Saturday: 10-6:00 Psychic Readings and Classes often available.
Sunday: 1:00-6:00
Inclement Weather closing policy often follows the Pitt County Schools closings. Check our Facebook Page for daily updates.

The Sojo News: Events at the Sojo this Holiday Season

Hello Sojourners!
We have some new silver and stone jewelry in stock now, including a few new men’s rings. A new order has been placed for herbs and spices, and should be here soon, so consider shopping with us for your Thanksgiving feast needs.  We will be closed Thanksgiving day, but open Black Friday and all weekend to kick off your shopping with sales!


We have some exciting classes coming up this weekend. Please remember that all of our events are held and scheduled based on your calls to register in advance. We can schedule your session with our intuitive readers and healers, and for classes we need to know that as least three people are coming to hold the class. However, in some cases we max out the seating capacity, and only those who’ve registered in advance are guaranteed a seat. We really hate to turn people away, so please call 252-758-7656 (SOJO) to let us know you can be there, by at least Wednesday before our weekend classes.

Also, save the date! Saturday, Dec. 10th, 5-10 pm. Our annual Yule “Tacky Sweater” Party will be more of an “open-house” where we welcome you to stop in for some warm, mulled cider and refreshments, and sharing in the Holiday cheer at The Sojo while you are down here for the parade.

Held in conjunction with the Greenville Jaycees Christmas parade.
December 10th, 2 pm – 8 pm at the Five Points Plaza.
Annual Parade begins at 5 pm, Food, Music, Crafts, and Fun for Kids and Adults!

carolheadshotReiki 1 Class and Attunement with Angelica
Saturday, November 19, 2016 from 11:30-6:00. $75
Please Register in advance as space is limited.

What is Reiki? It is a Japanese term, “Rei” meaning spirit and “Ki” meaning energy, which translates into “Spirit Energy,” or the Universal life force.
This Level One Reiki class gives a history of Reiki, describes what Reiki is and how it differs from other healing modalities, the ethics, hand positions and an attunment to the first degree. Level one focuses on physical healing and self-healing. Students at this level are in training to become highly aware of their intuition, instincts and guidance from Spirit.
We will break half-way through the class, so please bring a snack and a drink.

Angelica is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Angels Oracle Card Reader who offers her services through Energy Worx: Energy Balancing and Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring. You may contact her for more information at


Natal Astrology Workshop with Jupiter Melchizedek
Sunday, Nov. 20, 1:30-5:30, $30, open to the public.

Zodiac signs? planets? houses? What does all this astrology lingo mean, and how can you put it to good use? Learn to interpret your own birth chart with the science of western astrology, as a road map to your life, personality, strengths, challenges, and purpose. Charts will be provided. Please register in advance and provide your name, birth date, time and location.  Seating is limited, so register as soon as possible.

From Jupiter: Hi all! I am a self taught astrologer specializing mainly in Hellenistic and Medieval astrology. At this event I will be teaching the basics of chart interpretation, such as how to interpret planets, signs, houses and aspects. I will also be teaching the basics of understanding planetary transits and electional astrology (the art of timing).

Modern Witchcraft Training Program – Seekers Meeting – Free
December Wednesday, December 7

6 PM – 8 PM

This seeker meeting is for any adults over the age of 18 who are interested in pursuing training in Modern Witchcraft through The Sojourner Tradition of Witchcraft. We invite you to this free and open event to meet us, learn about the program, and receive all the registration materials for the first Session that will meet on 5 Thursday nights from December 29th-Jan. 26th. Registration fees are due at time of enrollment; $90 for the 5 weeks of classes and is non-refundable. Seating is limited and is a first-come-first-serve basis, so please enroll in advance.
Please note that this first session is the ONLY open enrollment time–afterwards, it will be closed to new students for the remainder of the year. After the first 5 classes of the session, there is an individual interview to determine if continued training is in the best interest of the student. Those supported to continue, will be invited to our Imbolc Sabbat celebration on Thursday, February 2 at 6:00, off-site, for the ritual of dedication to that year’s studies and involvement with the coven.
We expect 4 main guidelines of behavior and interaction to be respected while enrolled with us. They will be explained in detail at the meeting:
1) Do not burn the Witch.
2) Do not be the Asshole.
3.) Do not be the Weak Link.
4.) Must be present to win.
We prefer new seekers to be present for both the seeker meeting and every class, as they build upon each other, and we take rule 4 very seriously in considering who we invite to join us for dedication.

What is a “seeker?”

Good question. A seeker is a person pursuing training in Modern Witchcraft, and trying out different traditions, styles, groups, and teachers, before settling on one particular program within which you would “dedicate” to a full year’s training. After dedicating to train within our coven at Imbolc, you are then considered a “dedicant.”

Seekers can be any sex, gender identity, or sexual preference; of any race, from any heritage, creed, nation, anything… However, we will ask that our students be at least 18 years of age (for legal reasons) and physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially stable enough to beneficially use the information and skills that we teach, and able to participate and contribute in a fair and equitable way to the over-all success of our group.

In short, paganism is for everyone. A Witch can look like, be, and come from anywhere, but Modern Witchcraft as a praxis and job-description is a demanding path not suitable for everyone. It’s demands of radical personal sovereignty, self-reliance, sacrifice and responsibility will best serve a relatively small subset of pagans, and that is absolutely OK. You’ll never know if this path is correct for you until you give it a try, and we are here to help you discover the answers to these questions.

So, are you a legal adult with the resources you need to survive, thrive and contribute fairly? Can you manage your life and current responsibilities reasonably well? Do you have the extra time, mobility and energy to commit to this program, including showing up for class, reading the required texts, and working independently on your spiritual practice? Are you ready to level up in your personal empowerment? After that, all you really need is an open and curious mind, and an open heart.

Thank you! See you soon!

~Heron Michelle
High Priestess, The Sojo Circle Coven


For more information in advance, visit: