Sojo Halloween Bash this Friday! Reiki and Intuitive Development Sunday

The Sojo’s Halloween Bash!

Friday, November 1, 2019
7:00-11:00 pm

Party with the Witches of Greenville this All Hallows Night!
Dance to tunes served up by DJ Lipbone Redding! Costumes encouraged, but not required. The register will be open for sales that night, but there will be limited access to the merchandise. (We have to make room for all these shenanigans.) We’ll close the doors at 6:00, and reopen for the party at 7:00. Did you pick up a printed Sojo Halloween Bash flyer with the coupon on the back? Bring it back between Halloween and New Years Eve for a 20% discount!

Where? @ The Sojourner
414 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858

This is a family friendly party! All ages of Sojourners are welcome to join in the fun. The $5 cash entry fee is for adults over 18 at the door, and goes to tip our entertainment for the evening. Please present ID at the door for your wristband.

Costume Competitions for prizes!

  • Best Kid Costume (13 and Under)
  • First Place Best Costume (14 and up)
  • Second Place Costume (14 and up)
  • Third Place Costume (14 and up)

Psychic Readings offered on the sidewalk by the Witches of The Sojo Circle for cash: $5, $10, $20, $25 as a fund raiser.  Tarot Cards, Runes, Palmistry (Cash Payments Only). You can have a reading, and not have to enter the party!

We’ll have non-alcoholic beverages and nibbles, but if you’re able to BYOAlcohol or finger-food to share, we welcome those contributions!

Heron is serving up a cauldron of “Persephone’s Poison.” <cackle> A Red Wine Sangria with Pomegranate and Black Cherry.

Treats on the Menu!
Hummus dip with Pita chips
GF Tortilla Chips with Salsa.
“Chicken Crack” Buffalo Dip and crackers
Assorted Veggie Tray with Vegan Lemon Tahini Dip
Pumpkin Fluff and Ginger Snaps
Assorted Charcuterie (sliced meats, cheeses, pickles, olives, nuts, fruits and crackers…)

Sunday Reiki Share with Julie Anne

Please join us for a Reiki share, every Sunday.  Call the shop in advance, as times may vary slightly. 252-758-7656. You must be a Reiki Practitioner, and space is limited to 6 people at this time. Please RSVP and change your RSVP if you are unable to attend so that another can take your place.

Monthly Intuitive Development Circle with Dr. Elizabeth Foley

We need to hear from anyone planning to attend by Thursday, Oct. 31 at 6:00 with a paid registration. We need a minimum of 6 attendees in order for our Out-of-Town speaker to make the trip. So, if you and a couple of friends can commit to be there, please call us with a CC payment today: 252-758-7656

Monthly Intuitive Development Circle (1-3pm) $25
With Elizabeth Foley PH.D.
Call the Sojourner to Register in Advance

This development circle will meet once a month, from 1-3 pm. The day switched to Sunday for the next three months. See the individual dates. This circle is geared to those who are still in the beginning stages of exploring their abilities. During this monthly development circle, you will have the opportunity to awaken and develop your own intuitive abilities, have some fun and practice conducting readings. Your inner guidance and intuition can take on many different forms such as images, visual impressions or mental pictures, a knowingness, gut feelings or hearing your own inner voice.

Bio: Elizabeth J. Foley, Ph.D., is an international Spiritual Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor and Teacher, Angelologist, and Author. Elizabeth is an Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, and holds Master Degrees in Counseling and Public Health from Boston University, and completed her doctoral program in Metaphysics at the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 2014.

She has presented at the 2005 Berkshire Paranormal Conference in North Adams, MA and has appeared on various radio and television shows. Elizabeth conducts private reading sessions and facilitates unique spiritual and psychic development workshops throughout the US and Canada. She now makes her home in Morrisville, NC.



Happy Samhain, Closing @ 2:00 Saturday

CC0 Creative Commons – Pixabay

Happy Samhain, Sojourners!

Samhain (pronounced Sow-Wen) is the pagan holiday of high-autumn, that is most closely related to Halloween or Dia de los Muertos. It is at this time that we prepare for the coming rest of winter.  We remember our beloved ancestors at a special feast, and release fears and attachments that are holding us back. This way we can keep evolving and improving ourselves. Check out this link more information.

The precise moment of Samhain, according to astrological timing, is when the sun reaches 15 degrees of Scorpio. This year, that date falls on Nov. 7th. However, modern pagans celebrate those energetic tides anywhere from Oct. 31 through the first weeks of November.

So that our staff may celebrate this holiest day of our year, the Sojourner will close at 2:00 tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018.) We hope you will understand!

We have much exciting new merchandise in the shop, including new leather journals and a restock of herbs, essential oils and natural soaps this week. Come see us soon!

Samhain Blessings,


The Sojo News: Upcoming Classes

Hello Sojourners!
We’ve had a very blessed Samhain weekend, and hope you have as well.

Last time I wrote you with a plea for financial help so that we could pay our rent on time and boy, oh boy, did you answer that call! Thank you to all of you beautiful angels who’ve come to shop since then and bought gift certificates, made donations and investments in future events and services here. You are amazing! Miracles happened and the Universe answered the plea through the generous actions of so many of you.

The rent and back utility bills have been paid, as has the payroll, and I’ve just given Courtney the long-awaited green light to place a restocking order for herbs, spices and teas in time for Thanksgiving. Should you have a special request for that special holiday recipe or medicinal preparation, email her at as soon as possible.

I know that the recent election may have brought distress to some, including me, you can read my blog post here.) It may appear that the outside world is in upheaval right now, which is to be expected during any Whitehouse transition, but inside the Sojourner we still have the same safe haven of acceptance, progressive ideals, and loving support of all our beautiful diversity. As long as we Sojourners stick together, and keep “being the change we wish to see in the world,” all our dreams remain possible. Take heart, dear ones. We are here for you, so make sure to call on us should the need ever arise.
~Heron Michelle

Upcoming Classes and Events

LizMerritHeadshotLiz Merritt, Reiki Master, Witch and Diviner is offering her services at the shop on Friday, November 11, 2016, from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Gain clarity and insights during this transitional time.

$40 half-hour Tarot Card Readings and $75 Hour-long Reiki Energy healing sessions, by appointment: 252-758-7656

1865215E-5452-4951-BDFF-AAF34538718FSpiritual Mediumship Group Demonstration and Reading
Sunday, Nov. 13th, 4:00-5:30 [ONE SEAT AVAILABLE]

Join Edward Zula, spiritual medium and psychometrist, for an exploration of spirit communication; questions and answers; participants getting validation of their own experiences; demonstration of mediumship. Bring a photo or an item belonging to a deceased loved one. Everyone will get a brief reading. A 90 minute group demonstration, must have 6 participants, so bring a friend! $15 per person.

carolheadshotReiki 1 Class and Attunement with Angelica
Saturday, November 19, 2016 from 11:30-6:00. $75
Please Register in advance as space is limited.

What is Reiki? It is a Japanese term, “Rei” meaning spirit and “Ki” meaning energy, which translates into “Spirit Energy,” or the Universal life force.
This Level One Reiki class gives a history of Reiki, describes what Reiki is and how it differs from other healing modalities, the ethics, hand positions and an attunment to the first degree. Level one focuses on physical healing and self-healing. Students at this level are in training to become highly aware of their intuition, instincts and guidance from Spirit.
We will break half-way through the class, so please bring a snack and a drink.

Angelica is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Angels Oracle Card Reader who offers her services through Energy Worx: Energy Balancing and Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring. You may contact her for more information at


Natal Astrology Workshop with Jupiter Melchizedek
Sunday, Nov. 20, 1:30-5:30, $30, open to the public.

Zodiac signs? planets? houses? What does all this astrology lingo mean, and how can you put it to good use? Learn to interpret your own birth chart with the science of western astrology, as a road map to your life, personality, strengths, challenges, and purpose. Charts will be provided. Please register in advance and provide your name, birth date, time and location.  Seating is limited, so register as soon as possible.

From Jupiter: Hi all! I am a self taught astrologer specializing mainly in Hellenistic and Medieval astrology. At this event I will be teaching the basics of chart interpretation, such as how to interpret planets, signs, houses and aspects. I will also be teaching the basics of understanding planetary transits and electional astrology (the art of timing).

Modern Witchcraft Training Program – Seekers Meeting – Free
December Wednesday, December 7

6 PM – 8 PM

All adults over the age of 18 who are interested in pursing training in Modern Witchcraft through The Sojourner Tradition of Witchcraft taught by Heron Michelle and the ministers of The Sojo Circle Coven are invited to the free and open event to meet us, learn about the program, receive all the registration materials for the Imbolc Session that will meet on 6 Thursday nights from December 29th-February 2.

For more information in advance, visit: