The Sojo News: Stones, Tarot, Reiki, Astrology, Mediumship

Hello Sojourners!

Happy early spring! Our windows and arbors are redressed for the season, and so much new merchandise is now restocked! Many new raw and tumbled stones, including large specimens, books (new and used), silver jewelry, and incense!

We also have new hematite rings, mixed stone bands, and midnight lace obsidian bands. There is more arriving every day, and many upcoming classes and meditations to check out. Our readers and healers are available for private appointments, too. Call us for an appointment at 252-758-7656. Come see us!
~Heron Michelle

Spring Arbor 2017

Spring Arbor 2017

Upcoming Events:

Friday 6:00 Meditation with Heron to explore the Realms of Water and Earth, $10

Tarot 101 Series: Learning to Read the Cards with Liz Merritt

This series in beginner friendly, and also covers some intermediate topics, so not matter the skill level, all will be welcome! Handouts are included, participants may wish to bring note-taking materials and favorite tarot decks. We will go through each card starting with the ace and ending with the Court cards. This class will also include an introduction to the Court cards, both as a concept and how they differ from the rest of the suit. We will discuss Hermetics, astrology and symbolism as they pertain to card interpretation.

Class will be $30 per person, Seating is limited, please register in advance by phone (252-758-7656), or in person.

February 11 – The Fools Journey and the Grand Trumps.

February 25 – Cups and the Element of Water

March 11 – Wands and the element of Fire

March 25 – Disks and the Element of Earth

April 8th – Swords and the Element of Air

April 22 – Spreads and Interpretations: This class will bring together the concepts learned in the previous classes for practical use in reading and interpreting spreads for yourself and others. We will go over the traditional Celtic Cross Spread as well as simpler, more versatile spreads. This class will also touch on tips on how to become better acquainted with your deck and the ethics involved when reading for other people.

Liz Merritt has been studying and practicing Tarot Cartomancy for more than 6 years. She’s an initiate of The Sojo Circle Coven, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Hedgewitch wandering the wilds of Eastern NC. Often you can find her behind the counter of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions.

Crystal Grid on a Flower of Life mat - celestite, blue calcite, peacock ore and quartz

Crystal Grid on a Flower of Life mat – celestite, blue calcite, peacock ore and quartz

Reiki 2 Class and Attunement with Angelica

March 4 11:00-6:00

Reiki is an energy healing modality that is helpful for energy clearing and aligning the chakras. It helps to broaden and strengthen intuition. It is given through attunement by a Teacher and Master. The prerequisite for Reiki Level 2 is Reiki Level 1, and students who have been instructed by other teachers are required to present proof that Level 1 was attained in order to participate and be attuned.

At Level 2, the Reiki connection is strengthened to Spirit, and emotional healing transpires. The practitioner expands the ability to heal the self and others through techniques utilizing the adding of 3 Reiki symbols, distance healing techniques for the self and others and reveals that which has been hidden.

Natal Astrology Classes with Jupiter Melchizedek
March 5th from 1:30Pm – 4:30Pm. The first class will focus on planets and aspects, the second class will focus on signs and houses, and the third and final class will focus on transits & electional astrology.”

Zodiac signs? planets? houses? What does all this astrology lingo mean, and how can you put it to good use? Learn to interpret your own birth chart with the science of western astrology, as a road map to your life, personality, strengths, challenges, and purpose. Please register in advance and provide your name, birth date, time and location. $30, open to the public. Seating is limited, please register in advance by phone (252-758-7656), or in person.

Knock, Knock – Spirit Communication Workshop with Edward Zula

March 12, 2:00-4:00 pm

In this two hour presentation/workshop, Edward Zula talks with participants about the different ways spirits of our loved ones communicate with us from the other side. “Sometimes they knock, play with lights, surprise us with familiar scent, come to us in dreams, and even hide or move objects,” says Edward Zula. “But no matter what it is, we are let wondering if it is spirit and ‘what did it mean ?'” Our desire to understand these messages and find meaning in them is what inspired Edwards to offer this healing workshop. “We want to know if our loved one is just saying hello when they knock a picture off the wall, or if there’s some other meaning. It can leave us frustrated, confused, and worried, which is not very helpful if we are still processing from our grief.”

Edward has many examples to share, and all participants will learn more about the nature of spirit communication which will be helpful to themselves, their family, and their friends. This is the perfect opportunity to explore your own experiences, hear the stories of others, and take away some peace and understanding.

Edward recently retired from his busy psychotherapy practice to focus on a different type of healing. He is clairsentient, clairvoyant, and uses psychometry and spirit communication in his private readings. More information can be found at

Entry is 10$ per person. Please call 252-758-7656 to reserve your spot today. Must pay in advance. Limit 20 participants

The Sojo 12 Days of Yuletide Sale! Tacky Sweater party TONIGHT!

Happy Holidays, Sojourners!
Tonight! The Jaycee holiday parade lights up Uptown Greenville starting at 5:00, while the Sojo opens her doors until 9:00 for all to come get a great view of the parade, warm up with a cup of complimentary mulled apple cider and sweet treats.
Wear your Santa Hat, or tinsel tacky holiday sweater and come spend some time with us! Pot-luck snacks and beverages welcome. Bring your drum if you’d like to stir up a drum circle. Do your holiday gift shopping and Heron will wrap them up in our beautiful gift bags for $1.50.
Our Yuletide sale began today!
12 Days of Yuletide—sing along with us!
Dec. 10 On the first day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “A tapestry of the world tree.” = All cloaks and tapestries 25% off.
Dec. 11 On the second day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Two turtle totems.” = Stone spirit animals, buy one get one half off.
Dec. 12 On the third day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Three smudge sticks.” = All smudging items 25% off.
Dec. 13 On the fourth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Four bags of herbs.” = All bulk herbs 50% off.
Dec. 14 On the fifth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Five shiny rocks.” = All crystals buy one get one half off.
Dec. 15 On the sixth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Six burning candles.” = All candles 25% off.
Dec. 16 On the seventh day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Seven smells a-wafting.” = All incense 25% off.
Dec. 17 On the eighth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Eight bumper stickers.” = All bumper stickers, buy one get one half off.
Dec. 18 On the ninth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Nine books for reading.” = All books and journals 25% off.
Dec. 19 On the tenth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Ten silver pendants.” = All jewelry 25% off.
Dec. 20 On the eleventh day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Eleven cards all laid out.” = All divination tools 25% off.
Dec. 21 On the twelfth day of Yuletide, the Sojo sold to me… “Twelve… ” = All items in store 30% off.

Hurricane Matthew

Hello Sojourners!

We’ve been monitoring the weather closely and have decided to close at 3 pm today, October 8th. We will also be closed all day tomorrow, October 9th. Please stay tuned for news about this coming monday, but if Pitt County Schools close, then we will as well.

Hurricane safety is no joke, and we would like everyone to weather the storm out as safely as they can! We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events: The Psychic Reading and Healing Fair, and our Witches Carnival!

– Liz

The Sojourner Presents: A Witches’ Carnival

Hello Sojourners!

sWe are back and mostly recovered from our trip to Pagan Pride last weekend in Raleigh. It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new faces. We love it every year and this year was no exception.We brought a few things home with us like our statuary. We’ve got statuary from Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu and Other pantheons. Come give them a good home! We also have flower crowns, hagstones, and other new inventory additions that help support the local community. Sales of our flower crowns go directly to the Sojo Circle Coven Education Fund. This helps us bring in visiting authors like Jason Mankey and Christopher Penczak, as well as send some of our members for certification in Priest and Priestesshood. Soon we hope to have legal clergy among our members. All of this directly benefits the community and helps us help others!


Baldur from the Norse Tradition


Speaking of community, this year we are throwing a public Halloween bash! Welcome to the Witches’ Carnival, a place of macabre whimsy and forbidden magic. The Carnival will be here for one night only, no encores, and then will go dark. As this will be a night of debauchery and wicked fun we ask that all attendees be over the age of 21. Wristbands will be given at the door, and Ids will be checked. We will have Priceless Objects up for raffle, Traditional Games ( with prizes!), Fortune Tellers, and more. Like in Halloween events past we will have a costume competition, this year with a twist.  Our Categories include:

  • Burlesque and Exotic Attractions
  • Freakshow
  • Step Right Up! Side Show Curiosities
  • Menagerie Imaginarium
  • Fortune Tellers and Forbidden Magic

Please bring your own devilish spirits to consume as none will be provided for you. Wrap yourself in wonder as you prepare to face the marvels that await you! Leave all caution at the door to be retrieved on the way home. Join us the 29th of October, from 7pm- until the last stroke of Midnight.


Want in on the Act?

We are in need of volunteers to bring this magnificent vision to life and unlife. We need Carnival snacks, beverages, people to run games and do readings as well as donations for raffling. We will happily promote any business who would like to donate a prize basket or item. Proceeds go to The Sojo Circle Coven’s Education Fund.

The Sojo News: Henna, Witchcraft, Herbs!

 Welcome Back, Sojourners!

We are so very glad to all your shiny faces back in Greenville and browsing the shop after this long, hot summer. Come and see us this week through Friday night for 20% off all Stones and Crystals.

Come in to see what the new semester holds with a Tarot Card reading!
Friday, August 12, 6:00-9:00 pm
Reiki Energy Healing and Tarot Readings with Liz Merritt
By appointment or walk-in, $30/half hour.


If its in a jar, it is 20% off August 20-26!

Saturday, August 20, 2016,
We switch to 20% off all our bulk herbs.

11:00-3:00 Heron will be outside offering complimentary Henna Body Art to ECU students, as part of the Greek Life Welcome Back events sponsored by the University.

3:15-5:00:  Witchcraft 102: Charge of the Goddess, Celebrating the Moon
$20 per person, register in advance.
An Introduction to the traditional Wiccan liturgy by Doreen Valiente, known as the Charge of the Goddess, it’s history, thealogy and how Witches work with the cycles of the moon to empower their magick.

We’ve begun our restocking frenzy for the Fall semester and many books, stones and crystals, tapestries and incense sticks are already on their way. Check back over the next weeks to see what new wonders we have found.

See you soon!
~Heron Michelle

Upcoming Events:

Guided Meditation with Heron
Spirit Animal Journey
Friday August 26, 6:00-7:00, $10

Witchcraft 103: The Witches Creed, Celebrating the Sun through the Wheel of the Year with Heron Michelle
August 27, 2016, 12:00-2:00
$20 per person, register in advance.
An introduction to the traditional Wiccan liturgy by Doreen Valiente known as The Witch’s Creed, the modern Wheel of the Year calendar of sabbats that celebrate the solar cycles, its mythology of the cycles of nature, the eternal Goddess as maiden, mother and crone, and her lover the Horned God as Oak King and Holly King.

First Friday of every month, 6:00-9:00, Sept 2.
Bring your drums, the kids, your friends, snacks (if you’d like) and join us for a party! Drumming, Henna Body Art by Heron Michelle, and divination services available.

Reiki Level 2 with Angellica
Saturday, September 10, 2016
$100 Please Register in advance as space is limited.
This level two Reiki class furthers the skills of the Reiki practitioner with additional symbols, distance healing techniques and attention to emotional healing. Angelica is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Angels Oracle Card Reader who offers her services through Energy Worx: Energy Balancing and Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring. You may contact her for more information at

Sept. 17-18, Pagan Pride Festival in Raleigh.

September 23, 6:00-7:00 pm Guided Meditation with Heron, $10
Exploring our Universal interconnection through Divine Love.

Witchcraft 104: The Witch’s Rune, Elemental Magick and the Witches Tools
[Date change!] October 1, 2016 2016 12:00-2:00
$20 per person, register in advance.
An introduction to the traditional Wiccan liturgy by Doreen Valiente known as the Witch’s Rune, and working with the elemental powers of air, fire, water and earth through the tools of wand, athame, chalice and paten for personal balance and empowerment within nature.

Psychic Reading and Healing Fair
October 14-16

Monday-Thursday 10:00-6:00
Friday 10:00-9:00
Saturday 10:00-6:00
Sunday 1:00-6:00

Full calendar of events on our webpage; follow our blog and receive newsletters by email. Follow us on our Facebook page and Twitter @thesojourner1
For updates you’ll actually see on Facebook, join our group “The Sojourner Clubhouse

Product Spotlight: Smoke Cleansing Supplies

This week in the shop we are offering our 20% off sale on all of our smoke cleansing supplies.  White sage, sweetgrass, lavender, rosemary, juniper, cedar and many more cleansing and purifying herbs are  rolled up and tied into bundles and then carefully burned in a variety of rituals. So why don’t I use the more accepted term smudging? Smudging refers to a very specific Native ritual that is closed to outsiders. Members of the Neo-pagan and New Age movements have borrowed this term for the act of smoke cleansing. In reality us non- Natives should stick to using smoke cleansing as our term as we don’t actually smudge anything. Using the word ‘smudge’ in an incorrect sense can slowly over time erase the actual culture basis and be harmful to the Native population as well.  In the same vein, White Ceremonial Sage has been harvested and over harvested to support the increasing demand from the New Age and Neo-pagan movements. I always suggest you support ethical harvesting in all of your plants, and remember that in Eastern NC you can grow white sage for a season and have enough to dry and use all year. This keeps the plant from becoming severely endangered and adds a personal element to your sage bundle.


Loose White Sage- Photo from Mountain Rose Herbs


Smoke Cleansing for those not in the know, is a way of removing any baneful energies from your space. I always say that its like energetic sweeping. It completely clears and resets a space. This is very beneficial to do! Good energetic hygiene as it were. Customers at the shop always ask if there is a special way to cleanse using these bundles. They want to know if there’s a super secret chant they must say for it to work, or a prayer to recite. Like most of my personal feelings on witchcraft and spirituality related issues, its all a matter of personal preference, tradition and doing what feels right. There’s no right way to light a hunk of herbs on fire and waft it around your home. As long as you don’t set anything on fire, I think you are doing it right.

Rule 1. There are no rules

Rule 2. You make your own rules.

Each different herb is going to have slightly different meanings and uses, they will also have different smells. White ceremonial sage is the most popular, most well known. It also has a specific odor that can be a bit much for sensitive folk. If lighting a bunch of herbs on fire and waving their smoldering remains through your house is not to your taste, we have Palo Santo wood that has a softer sweeter smell, or copal resin. We even have cleansing sprays that are smoke-free for those asthmatic Sojourners. AS always, anyone behind the counter is ready and able to help you answer any questions and we can steer you towards the herbal bundle that best fits your needs.



How to: Tarot Card Divination Part 3

Hello lovely readers, I apologize for the absence of this post last week.

Lets talk about reading for others, reading for clients and the ins and outs of having access to other peoples personal information.

Little Rituals

Many readers have specific and special steps they follow when reading the cards. Some have fancy fabric they lay down, a candle they’ve marked especially for insight, words they chant, smells they burn, or gestures they make. These small rituals open themselves up to the infinite possibility, help guide them to clearly see, and reminds them of what they are about to do.  As always, these actions are personal, and have meaning only to the ones performing them. You are not required to follow any direction when setting out your cards. Maybe there is something in your tradition thats speaks to you, maybe theres something thats composed entirely of yourself that you want to use. Thats fine. Its all you and theres no wrong way.


Well there is one wrong way. This is a thing I see so commonly, not only with tarot card readers, but also with other psychics, mediums, new age hippies, and all manner of flotsam and jetsam. This thing really makes me frustrated and angry and I dont stand for it.

Lets Talk Ethics

When you have access to someones personal information, if you have a line onto what strangers do with their life, who they are, what things and forces will affect them, how their personal relationships will evolve and change them or any other little detail…KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF.

I cannot tell you how many times some stranger has come into the shop and started describing things about my energy, my future, my relationships, etc… This is rude and also how dare you. Consent is important sweeties, in all things. And if I agree to a reading by someone I expect them to keep their mouth shut about what they have discerned. I dont gossip about my clients and its a courtesy that is generally assumed in the community.

Remember Spiderman; with great power comes great responsibility.

Now go out an enjoy your enriching journey with tarot in an ethical and decent way.


How To: Tarot Card Divination Part 2

Hello Sojourners! Its Liz and I am back again to continue the series on Tarot Cards and Cartomancy that I began last week. In this portion of the series Id like to focus on creating and maintaining bonds with particular decks, as well as different ways to cultivate you own personal meanings to the cards. Lets get to it!

The LWB is Not The Only Valid Interpretation

Almost all decks come with Little White Booklets, sometimes even larger bound copies of the similar, by rote meanings associated with the Rider-Waite Decks. These booklets are helpful to the beginner, and by all means should not be discounted. I more often than not tend to toss mine in the trash however. Having the artists input on what they envisioned is fascinating, but shouldn’t be where you base all of your interpretations from. Every person has a unique, individual way that they interact with and view the world around them. These experiences will color everything you see and do, and symbols are generally very personal. I am a trained artist so a lot of my interpretations has a distinctive art history kick to meanings of flora, fauna and colors. These interpretations are further changed by the fact that I am white woman in the south. The point I am trying to get at, is that if you have a strong association with the color green and it disagrees with what the LWB says, then you do not have to disregard your meaning for the booklets. There is no hard, solid, absolute truth in tarot card readings. What we do have is the traditional way things have been done, or the way that the majority of people do things, but might does not make right. And honestly the tarot has been fiddled with for so long that even the ‘traditional’ way could have been modified like a bunch of 4 year olds playing ‘Telephone’.

At this point in my cartomancy journey, I tend to have taglines for most of my cards. These taglines are quick, easy ways to remember the more deep and usually tangled interpretations. I had to pare down the word vomit when I started reading for others, and make it even more precise when I started charging for those readings.  It does mean that sometimes I have to temper and adjust my words for my clients. Code-switching is the fancy word for it , but really what it means is that if you are a close and trusted friend I have no problem calling the 9 of cups “The Masturbation Card’, or The Tower as ‘The Oh Shit Moment’. I tend to be a little less candid for strangers, preferring to try to maintain some mystery. The point of all of this is that no one has the authority from the Grand High Tarot Poobah to say that the way you read the cards is wrong. Conversely this also means that you cant tell someone else they are doing it wrong just because their method is different than yours. We always forget that the rules apply to everyone, including ourselves in this community of ours.

Well that’s great and all, Liz, but how do we cultivate these personal associations?

I’m so glad you asked! There’s a million and one ways to sort out the tarot for yourself, and just as many books written on the subject. Ill give you examples of some things that worked for me and leave it at that. I have no desire to rehash tired concepts from thousands of books.

  1. Tarot Journal: This method is a good way to organize your impressions when you look at a card. When you pull a card to Journal refrain from looking at any outside source for meaning and instead look at the parts of the card that stand out to you. I usually do it in a bullet format because I hate journaling. After youve exhausted your inner depths, then look up possible meanings for the individual symbols that you noted. Like on my Judgement card I noticed the field of poppies. Poppies are a flower used in art history to symbolize death and/or addiction. I then incorporated it into my meaning for the card.
  2. Pulling a Card per day: Everyday pull a card and then reflect on it and its meaning through the day. This is a tried and true method of figuring out a meaning of a card might be nuanced or can change from what the stark black and white meaning a LWB will give it.
  3. Talking to the Cards: You will look and sound like a lunatic, yes. I find talking to something makes me more likely to bound with that person, place, or thing. Talking at my cards made it easier for me to get a feel for their energy and makes it easier for me to see clearly when I use them. I talk things out with them and usually can divine some unusual possibilities from the stream of consciousness that falls out of my mouth. This is an alone, at home kind of activity, obviously.

The last one doesnt even need a number its so simple. Repetition. You only get good at something if you practice at it. Familiarity is essential with almost any skill, and tarot card reading is no different. Be patient, and dont try to be an amazing reader right off the bat. Things worth doing or getting often take time.

Well that is it for this part kiddos. Next time Ill talk about spreads, putting all this talk into action and we may even get to the most important part of all: Ethics. Ethics are essential my friends.


How To: Tarot Card Divination Part 1

Hey Lovelies! Liz/Ivy here and for the next upcoming weeks I’m going to talk about one of my skill sets: divination through the Tarot.  All of my amassed experience and knowledge in one post would be enormous, so I am going to break it off into more easily digestible chunks starting with this one. Expect new parts on Sundays.



What exactly is Tarot: A brief historical overview

And when I say brief, I do mean brief.

So the actual-facts first beginning of the use of Tarot as a divination source is murky and nebulous, like many things we modern-day pagans accept and use often. One of my very favorite and well-worn Tarot books: Rachel Pollacks’ Tarot Wisdom gives a much more detailed and meticulously researched history. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book for readers of any skill level. Continuing education can only further hone and enhance the knowledge base we have.

Disclaimer: History usually isn’t my favorite subject, and it is difficult for me to stay focused when I do come across it. Consequentially I usually work harder at remembering it, and usually its the first bit of knowledge to slip through the cracks in my memory, but I will do my best to give you an accurate retelling. If I mess anything up, I apologize and Id love for you guys to correct me gently in the comments below.

Tarot started out as a card game and eventually was used by occultists as a means of divination, with individual card meanings and names fluidly changing with every iteration. Each deck maker placed their own personality, belief system and meanings in their cards creating a rich tapestry of contradicting experiences and individual flavor. This just further proves my theory that there is no wrong way to read or interpret, since the people who made the different iterations couldn’t even agree.  But more on that later. The tarot went through many of histories greats, like Lévi, before eventually landing at the feet of the well known A.E White, a member of The Golden Dawn (which for those of you unaware is a  Big Deal occult order). He paid artist Pamela Colman Smith to render the images of his deck. She was also a member of The Golden Dawn, and had a history of painting while in trance. The deck has many influences from the Marseilles deck,  and pulls from other contemporaries of his time. I wont go into Crowley’s Thoth Deck, as its like a foreign language to me, but for anyone seeking that information our owner, Heron Michelle has used that deck for some time and would be able to help.

Whats with all of these different types of decks?

The Rider-Waite deck may be iconic but I absolutely hate the imagery. No offense, Pamela, but the stiff figures and bold colors do nothing for me. Many artists have since put their stamp on the imagery of this deck. Now-a-days you can find pretty much any kind of themed deck ranging from fairies to gothic decks, to renaissance art decks to every imaginable deck in between. There have been a few solely around cats that I have seen.
My personal preferred deck is the Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Her whimsical, impeccably detail approach really speaks to my aesthetic. I usually find that this deck is a bit softer in its messages as well, so it easily lends itself to readings for clients.


The Death Card from the Shadowscapes

So How Do You Use This Mode of Divination?

What an excellent question, dear reader!
That’s what this series is gonna be about, hopefully. Ill walk you through my process, give tips about building your own relationship with the cards, and write a couple of anecdotes that I have gathered in several years of reading. I hope you will join me on this journey and retelling. Until Next time, Blessed Be!



Product Spotlight: Orange Calcite

During our week of 20% off stone and crystals sale, I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you all about my most cherished and favorite stone. Here at the shop we have a huge selection of all matter of beneficial mineral allies, but one in particular catches my heart. I just cant get enough of Orange Calcite and I wanted to almost proselytize the good news that is this stone.  Calcite’s of all types have the ability to unlock potentials, and are about new beginnings, new opportunities. Orange calcite is what orange marmalade and sunlight would be coalesced into a smooth, warm package. The helpful info paper we have for this entirely magickal stone says this about it:

Orange Calcite is the happiness stone. It helps heal sorrow and grief, and brings joy and peace to its bearer. It is one of the most powerful and protective stones. It is helpful in all new beginnings, including the birth process, new projects, and life changes. It is very beneficial to one’s physical energy, facilitating a state of increased vitality and strong sense of purpose.

I have over and over found this to be true. Perhaps there are stones better suited for life’s many and varied transitions, but so often this little stone nestles its way into my life when I need it most. In fact, in a time of great upheaval and difficult change I chanced upon a fairly enormous chunk of it at the local pagan pride festival. It was love and rock lust at first sight, and I often went back to the tent to hold it until I finally just bought the dang thing. The owners of the tent were most understandably pleased that I would no longer be skulking about their booth.
The gentle, kind, and often seemingly understanding energies really aided me in that moment of emotional crises and has a cherished position in my homes living room as we speak. Or, er write.
Perhaps there’s a mineral ally waiting for you. to help you in your times of fortune, both good and bad. I suggest diving head first and feeling out each stone and you should find something that matches. When I find a good stone partner I usually feel a gentle tingling up my arm and a warmth from the stone itself, kind of like an energetic hug. In any case, we have lots of lonely stones just sitting here waiting for a friend. Who knows what will call out to you?13214718_10154839019713154_246388018_o