Merry Meet and Bright Blessings!

The Sojourner thanks you for sticking with us through a difficult year. We are grateful as ever for all our loyal customers. Our staff wishes you all happiness, good health, and abundance in 2021. As we finally enter the “Age of Aquarius” we wish all of humanity a turn of tide into sweeter waters. On Winter Solstice, Dec. 21, look up to find the “Solstice Star” which is really the planets Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction, as a celestial sign of hope!


  • All of the silver jewelry (pendants, chains, rings, everything) is 25% off through December 31st!
  • Elderberry syrup is also 25% off through December 31st!
  • Gift wrapping is available for a small charge.

Loyalty Club Gifts!

It’s that time of the year! Every December we take all of the loyalty stamp cards used throughout the year, place them in a big cauldron, and draw cards to win prizes! This is one way we thank you for supporting us all year, and hope that everyone has a bright holiday season. 😊 We will be contacting you via phone or messenger if we draw your name, so be on the lookout! Our phone number will show as 252-758-7656 on your caller ID. If you still have a full card to redeem, it’s never too late to enter NEXT year’s drawing.

Gift Bags and wrappings available for $1.50-$2.50

Vote for The Sojourner!

Please vote for The Sojourner in the Uptown Holiday Storefront decoration contest at the link below. Thanks!

Covid-19 Protocols:

To allow for social distancing we have a 6 person limit inside. You may be asked to wait until another customer leaves before you enter. Please practice courtesy and limit your visit to about 10-15 minutes when possible. This extends courtesy to those who may be waiting outside in cold or rainy weather, and also limits everyone’s exposure to others during this difficult time. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience, understanding, and courtesy!

Masks required for all customers age 5+. We are out of free masks – we have masks for sale starting at $1.50 up to $5.00 if needed. Your mask must cover your nose and mouth properly the entire time you are browsing our store. If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, we do offer phone orders, shipping, and curbside pick up for orders placed well ahead of time. our phone number is 252-758-7656. thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hours: 7 days a week: 12:00-6:00

252-758-SOJO (7656)

Sojo Sale! Extended Hours Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Sunday!

We’re extending weekend hours for our annual after-Thanksgiving weekend sale! Note that we are CLOSED Thanksgiving day.

New Hours:

  • Monday Nov. 23rd-Wednesday Nov. 25th: Regular hours of 12:00-6:00
  • Closed Thursday for the Thanksgiving holiday
  • Friday Nov. 27, Saturday Nov. 28, Sunday Nov. 29: Extended hours 10:00am to 7:00pm

Please note that on our sale days, we will be following our safety protocols *meticulously* to make sure that everyone can shop safely. See below for the details.


Free Gift wrapping all weekend with a purchase of $20 or more! This will include jewelry boxes in either ring, bracelet, or necklace size, and printed holiday bags with tissue paper and ribbon.

Free incense samples will be included in your bag upon checkout while supplies last! 🙂


  • All items in-store are at least 10% off! Some specific item categories are at a higher discount, and are listed below. Consignment items are the only items exempt from this sale.
  • All silver jewelry is 25% off! This sale is ongoing — it starts Friday, November 27th and lasts *until the end of the year!* This includes all silver chains, silver pendants with or without gemstones, silver rings with or without gemstones, and more. This is a great opportunity to get an amazing gift for someone special or yourself!
  • All of our deity statues are 20% off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only!

New items from Alchemy of England! 😍 High quality Gothic jewelry designs, and adorable teapot and mug/spoon sets that come in boxes for gifting. Several of these items are on display in our window — everything in the window *is* for sale, just ask whoever is behind the counter to go take it out for you.

Safety Measures:

  • Every customer age 5 and older is required to wear a mask before entering the store. Please bring your own mask.
  • No more than 6 customers in the store at one time to allow for proper social distancing inside… this means you may have to wait! If we do have a line outside, we will be implementing a time limit for browsing as a courtesy to all of customers, and to make sure that no one is spending an excessive amount of time waiting.
  • We are hoping the extended hours will help — shopping early morning (after 10:00am) is recommended!
  • We provide plastic gloves for browsing, in order to keep you safe from the small items like stones that we cannot clean.
  • Our sitting areas will be closed, with the exception of chairs we will have placed outside for those who need to rest.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and help in keeping to these precautions! We can’t wait to see everyone, and thank you so much for shopping small! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for our neighbors and ourselves.

Have a blessed holiday weekend, stay safe and we’ll see you soon!
~The Sojo Staff

Happy Halloween and Samhain blessings!

The Sojourner will be *closed* Sunday, November 1st to give ourselves a much needed Halloween/Samhain break. 🎃 Be sure to visit us before 6:00pm on Saturday, October 31st for any of your epic full blue moon, Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead, divination, and/or other witchy supplies and needs!

Thank you for shopping with us, and for wearing your masks while in the building. We look forward to seeing you this holiday season. Stay safe out there! Vote on November 3rd!

The Sojourner Staff

The Sojo Now Re-Opened 7 Days a Week

Hello Sojourners!

We are now re-opened to serve you all seven days a week from 12:00-6:00 pm, meaning that we are now opened on Sundays again! We are so grateful to our wonderful and loyal customers for your continued business, and your excellence in protecting our health during your shopping experience these last few months. Thank you! We are restocking with new and exciting merchandise, as we are able. Come see the new selection of metaphysical books, and Black Lives Matter and Pride stickers!

We remain committed to all of our safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, this health crises will not go away any time soon, and so we forge a “new normal” together. Readings and classes are canceled for as long as masks are necessary in-doors. We have a tiny, tightly packed store where social-distancing is a challenge, so we will maintain strict Covid-19 safety protocols for the long-haul. (see below)

Please note that the shop is under 24 hour security camera surveillance, we are recording every nook and cranny of the store, and we do prosecute thieves to the fullest extent of the law. Honestly, steal magickal merchandise from witches and the police will be the least of your worries. Think about it.

COVID-19 Protocols:

  • If you have fever or any Covid-19 symptoms, please do not enter the store. Curb-side delivery is available if you call us with your order in advance, and pay via credit card over the phone. 252-758-7656 (SOJO)
  • Extra sanitizing will be completed every morning prior to opening at noon. If you’re high-risk, consider visiting from 12:00-1:00.
  • We’ll serve less than 6 customers at a time in the store. You may be asked to wait outside until someone inside completes their purchase. Please be conscientious as you shop as quickly as possible.
  • Masks are required for entry, and must be worn properly over both the mouth and nose. Staff included.
  • Disposable paper masks provided as needed, but we encourage you to wear your own reusable cloth mask everywhere you go, in accordance with the NC mask ordinance.
  • Because everything in our store wants to be touched, we also provide disposable gloves and hand-sanitizer. Is this over-kill? Yup. We mean to over-kill this virus into non-existence.

Washable Cloth masks available in two styles, $1 and $4.

The Sojourner’s business mission is one of community service. We build strength through unity of marginalized people, lifestyles, and spiritual traditions, in defense against the rampant toxicity in the patriarchy. We are founded upon loving interconnection, here to empower your good health and pursuit of happiness.
Sadly, our capitalist society is rigged for injustice.  A corporation is a private legal entity able to set and enforce it’s own rules.  Sometimes that works in the favor of hateful cretins who are hell-bent on discrimination. Example: Bigot bakers refusing to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples.
In our case, this works in the favor of our loving ideals of responsibility and inclusion. On the grounds of The Sojourner Co. Inc., we insist that everyone we serve does their part to protect our staff and at-risk fellow shoppers from spreading a terrible disease. Our Sojourners are intelligent and conscientious people. If you refuse to follow our rules, are even SNIDE to our staff, you are clearly NOT a Sojourner, and so you will be asked to leave. FULL STOP.  Welcome to our matriarchy. Thank you again for being awesome, staying safe and healthy, and shopping with us this summer.

See you around the Sojo!
~Heron Michelle

Sojo Provisional Re-Opening Starts May 8th

Sojo Pride Bumper stickers free with purchase while supplies last!

Merry Meet, Sojourners!

As of Friday, May 8th, we begin a provisional reopening of our doors. For safety, we’ll serve less than three customers at a time, Wednesday-Saturday 12:00-6:00 pm. We can also take phone-in orders and still deliver them to your car when you arrive. To celebrate, free Sojo Pride bumper stickers with purchase while supplies last! The shop is loaded with beautiful new items, especially nice for Mother’s day or new graduates. We’re happy to wrap for you.

Masks covering the nose and mouth are REQUIRED. Plastic gloves and hand-sanitizer will be provided.

If you still need a washable cloth mask, we have a supply here donated by a generous local maker. They are free to those in need. (And if you are a maker of cloth masks, we’ll happily help you distribute them!)

Please maintain 6 foot distance while in the shop, and consider leaving small children at home. Children also must be masked and gloved. If they can’t be safely gloved, they must be held at all times. We all know how well that would go, so best to leave them home for a while, as possible.

Anyone appearing to have COVID-19 symptoms, or who are disrespectful of our safety requirements, will be asked to leave. Please be nice to us, we’re doing our best to serve your needs, while protecting our own health and the health of our families.

Please be considerate and responsible out there in the world. We are all in this together, keeping each other healthy.

~Sojo Team

Now Shipping Sojo Care Packages!

Introducing Sojo Care Packages!

If you’re feeling a little low lately and looking for a pick-me-up, consider asking us to pull together a bundle of small joys just for you. 😊 The colors, scents, and meanings of the items in the package will be themed around one key phrase you choose. You name it and we will craft a surprise just for you. 

  • Good vibes
  • harmony
  • positivity
  • love
  • cleansing
  • optimism
  • meditation

Each Sojo Care Package costs only $20! Comes with:

  • a carefully selected candle
  • candle holder
  • 1-2 boxes of stick or cone incense
  • incense holder
  • 1-3 crystals with information cards
  • a pouch for your crystals
  • a small surprise item (it could be anything – smudge bundle, figurine, lip balm, tea, chime, charm, stone bracelet, bath bomb, stickers – there are endless possibilities!)
  • We will also tuck a small card with instructions on how to use your items inside.

We can also ship these packages to a friend or loved one who may need a boost, with an additional shipping fee of $8.30 for a small priority flat-rate box . Please provide shipping information and payment over the phone.

Every box will be different! These will take some time to create, so please expect to pick up your order later in the day. 😊

We will be open for curbside pickup and shipping orders from 12pm to 6pm Wednesday-Saturday through May 7, so give us a call at 252-758-7656.

Starting May 8th, if and when the state eases restrictions, we will open the doors to 3 or less browsers at a time, Wednesday-Saturday 12:00-6:00. We ask that shoppers cover your nose/mouth with a mask, and we will provide hand-sanitizer or plastic gloves.

Beltane Blessings of Spring! Be well, stay safe.

April Hours for Sojo Curbside Pick-up or Shipped Orders

Hiya Sojourners!
Good news! We are now allowed to offer call-in orders for curb-side pick-up, or shipped via USPS priority mail, on reduced hours.

New Pandemic Hours through May:

Wednesday – Saturday 12:00-6:00 pm

To help with orders, Courtney put together order and price lists of some of our most frequently purchased items. For a pdf copy of that rather long list, email us at Or, you may download it from the files sections of our FB Group: The Sojourner Clubhouse. Images of the item list are also posted to both the Clubhouse and our official business page: The Sojo Greenville. We’re also happy to assist you as a personal shopper if there is anything else you’re looking for, that we have in the shop.

Curbside Pick-Up Only

  1. View our quick item price sheets and make your selections. If you have a *specific* item you are looking for that is not on our sheets, requests can be made by emailing or by calling us during operating hours.
  2. Place your order by emailing us at, or calling us during operating hours with a full list of items you would like to purchase. 252-758-7656
  3. For pick-up orders you will need to provide a name, phone number, and the make/model/color of the car that will be picking up the order.
  4. We will contact you with an order total and an estimated time when your order will be ready. Please pre-pay for your order with a debit or credit card over the phone, or we can send you an invoice to your Paypal account.
  5. When you arrive, please park in the spaces available in front of our store. Please stay in your car – Call us at 252-758-7656. A sales associate will walk your order to your car.
  6. Due to safety concerns, normally acceptable returns and exchanges will *not* be accepted or processed until after the pandemic has passed. This is an undetermined amount of time with no guarantee.

Order Shipping

If you would like your order shipped, place your order in the same manner as described above — over the phone or through our e-mail or messenger. We will contact you with the total, including your shipping cost according to what size Priority Flat Rate shipping box it will fit in. Shipping per box ranges from $8-$15.

Contact us for more details:

Our Sojourner Swag Fundraiser is still going on! Check out new and classic designs here:

Also, all previously scheduled classes and events have now been moved to dated in June or beyond. Please check the events on our FB business page for updates.

Y’all stay healthy and safe out there!

~The Sojourner Staff

Supporting The Sojourner during COVID-19 Closure

Hiya Sojourners!
The shop has been closed since March 27th, and we remain safely sheltered at home until at least April 10th. However, we still have payroll and bills to pay, so we’ve created four new ways to support us during this time, with a lot of help from our friends:

  1. Our site has a variety of promotional swag as a fundraiser. They’ll ship it directly to you. Images below!
  2. Witch on Fire-side Chats: Facebook Livestream video with Heron Michelle to discuss Witchcraft and demonstrate all kinds of tips and tricks for a magickal practice. During the month of April 2020, on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9:00-9:45 pm EST.  Accepting donations via paypal to If you’re local, it is applied to your in-store account for you to spend later.


  3. Psychic Mediumship Readings with Edward Zula. 30 minutes, $30, and half the proceeds benefit the shop.
  4. Tarot Card readings with Kayla Cole throughout April. 1 hour, with special promotional price of $20. 30% of all proceeds donated to The Sojo. Online via Zoom. Book your reading here: IG:@unconsciousblossoms


“Witch on Fire-Side Chats” with Heron Michelle during April 2020, on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday nights at 9:00 pm EST. Facebook Live:

 Witch on Fire-side Chats

In the first video on March 31,  (click here to watch video) I offered some candle charging 101 technique, and a demo of my Jewel of Power Tarot Reading. That message sought clarity on the unfolding pandemic. Spirit really wow-ed us all for how on-the-nose those cards were. Click here for a written version of that tarot message.

In the second video on April 3rd, (Click here to watch video) I demonstrated safe techniques for burning loose incense blends on charcoal, as well as the ingredients for my personal Elemental Fire blend ingredients. Also, crafty tips for creating a Book of Mirrors Journal and matching intention candle with old calendar images.

Teeshirt and Swag fundraiser for The Sojourner

As another fundraising income stream to support The Sojourner, we have a variety of designs on clothing, stickers, mugs, canvas shopping totes and other swag available. Check out our store at Teespring: The Sojourner Tees.

Namaste Away Covid-19! by The Sojourner

Sojo Pride: Taking the path less-traveled by, and making all the difference at… The Sojourner

Sojo Pride Logo

Take the path less traveled to The Sojourner! Original Design contributed in 2015 by Joey Clements

Be well, and stay safe out there. We appreciate your support!

~Heron Michelle

Sojo’s Covid-Closure, 11th Birthday and How you can help!


Hello Sojourners!

As of March 27th, The Sojo completely closed our doors to the public in compliance with the Pitt County, City of Greenville, and State of NC mandates to “Shelter in Place” so we can stop the spread of COVID-19. We will remain closed until the State or local authorities give us the all-clear to safely leave our homes again, likely not before April 30th.

As our shop would normally be celebrating our 11th birthday this week, we are instead struggling to find alternate income streams from a distance. We take the pandemic very seriously, as should you. We WILL NOT be able to offer any shipped orders, nor curb-side pickup. That would still require too much interaction. The Sojo is committed to keeping our staff well and paid through this closure. That won’t be easy, without getting creative, and asking for your financial support.

Teespring Fundraiser: Sojo Pride and Namaste Away to Covid-19!

Go to this link: to see several designs on many apparel, bag, mug and sticker options. Apparel sizes go up to 5x! They’ll print and ship directly to you.

Other Ways to Help from a Distance

We are still able to remotely apply deposits to a customer account for you to spend in-store later, after the pandemic threat is resolved. To make a deposit on your account, send money through Paypal to:

In the note’s field, mention you’re making a deposit on your customer account. Give your preferred customer name, email address, phone #, and mailing address. After we get the all-clear, I’ll mail a special promotional gift and coupon to everyone who makes a deposit during the closure. To spend your in-store credit after we open again, you need only give us your customer name at time of check out.

Thank you for being great customers, and blessings of good health to you all!
~Heron Michelle
Owner of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions
414 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858
252-758-7656 (SOJO)

Namaste Away! Original Graphic by The Sojourner

The Sojo’s Covid-19 Response: Curb-side, Personal Shoppers, Distance Support

The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions is dedicated to serving our local community in service to holistic wellness on all levels of being – physical, spiritual, emotional – especially in times of crises. We are here to build and protect the interconnected web of existence we all share. We do not currently offer any on-line sales. Nor are we currently set up to make shipments, though that may change in the coming weeks.

I’ve always been inspired by the quote from Mr. Fred Rogers who said “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers.'” Our staff remains committed to service as “helpers” of our local community, while implementing responsible safety measures, so that we all remain well throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Rogers Quote "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

To best serve our customers, the following changes to our operations begin Wednesday, March 18, 2020 and will be in effect until further notice:


Open-door hours are reduced to  12:00-6:00 pm, Tuesday through Sunday. We will close Mondays for the next few weeks, at least, in an effort to reduce over-head costs.

Social Distancing:

We will serve in the shop one customer group at a time. So, 1-3 related customers, may come in to browse quickly, with our help. We ask others to wait outside, keeping 6 ft distance. We’ll set out chairs, and take folks in order of arrival.


In addition to aggressive sanitizing, we require all customers in the shop to wear plastic gloves that we will provide. We can also offer hand sanitizer. Considering all our bins of tiny, touchable things, this will reduce risks.

Call-in Personal Shopper service, Curb-side pickup: 252-758-7656 (SOJO)

Especially if you are at risk, or feeling unwell, call-us on the phone at 252-758-7656 and place your order with our associate as a personal shopper service. We’ll pull together your order for you. You may pay by credit card over the phone, or we can send you a paypal invoice. We’ll bag up your order ready for pick-up at the front door by a friend.

If you need curb-side delivery, pull up to our back door parking lot off of Washington street, behind Winslow’s restaurant. We are across the alley from the Merchant’s Parking lot. (Our lot neighbor’s building still has a big “Iteach” sign, but our door has the green awning.) Call us back when you arrive and we’ll carry it out to you.

Classes and Readings

All scheduled classes and readings throughout March are either canceled, or moved to an on-line platform. Stay tuned for more details about distance opportunities for tarot card readings with Julie Anne. We’ll make decisions about April events in the coming week.

Gift Certificates and Store Accounts

Many have asked how you can support us at a distance, even if you don’t currently need to purchase anything.

  • Printed Gift Certificates: available for purchase for any amount. We’ll mail you the physical certificate. Use it yourself, or give it to a friend; great for gifts, and easily transferable. All we need is your mailing address!
  • Store Account Deposit: Set up a store account with us, and make a deposit. To be used by yourself anytime in the future; store accounts are not transferable unless you are physically present at time of purchase. To apply your deposit at time of purchase, all you have to do is give us your customer name. Easy peasy!

    Screen-shot of Paypal ‘Send Money’ tool.


    Two ways to purchase or deposit:

  • Call us to arrange your purchase or deposit, and pay with a credit card.
  • Send money through paypal to Include in the memo your full name, phone number, mailing address, and whether you’d like a paper gift certificate mailed, or applied to a store account deposit.

Future plans:

Should there be mandated closures of non-essential retail businesses, we will close as directed. Know that The Sojourner is committed to support our staff through these challenges, with no one left behind. We will emerge on the other side of this storm, to continue serving our Sojourner community’s spiritual and wellness needs. We are also working on additional fund-raiser ideas. Stay tuned; stay well; know you are loved and appreciated.

~Heron Michelle
President, The Sojourner Company, Inc.

414 Evans Street
Greenville, North Carolina 27858
252-758-7656 (SOJO)
Facebook Page:
Facebook Discussion Group: