Elderberry Syrup for Anti-viral and Immune System Support

Hello Sojourners!

This time of year everyone is on guard regarding their health – and for a good reason! In addition to common sense measures like washing your hands thoroughly and often, and responsibly isolating yourself when you are sick, there are many complementary actions you can take to increase your wellness.

One of those is an herbal staple in our neck of the woods – Elderberry! The following information comes from an article on the Coronavirus and Elderberry on this website: https://scienceandartofherbalism.com/coronavirus-elderberry/

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

  • Boosts our immune system
  • Reduces the intensity and duration of the cold and flu by ½ to ⅓
  • Contains a large amount of Vitamin C
  • Chemical constituents in Elderberry inhibit the early stages of infection by blocking key viral proteins responsible for attaching and penetrating our cells.  They also reduce the replication, therefore, reducing the intensity and duration!
  • The US National Library of Medicine did a study of Elderberry & chickens who had been infected with this strain of the coronavirus showing Elderberry was able to inhibit the coronavirus in chickens.
  • How does this translate to humans?  The US National Library of Medicine felt that S.nigra (Elderberry) has proven to inhibit the virus and this warranted that future studies should be done.

The Sojourner carries dried organic elderberries for $3.25 per ounce, and prepared syrups, extracts, and gummies from Norm’s Farms for those of us who prefer something high quality and premade. 

The Sojourner also carries a wide range of natural soaps, body care products, and essential oils to aid in the hygienic washing of hands to prevent the spread of disease. Come see us!

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