New Year and Inventory Closings, Astrology with Jupiter

Happy New Year, Sojourners!
2019 was a great year of business for us.  With your loyal patronage we’ve been able to greatly expanded our merchandise selection. Our building barely contains it all! So, we’ve moved many of our book shelves into the sitting room. There are now three rooms full of wonders, as well as the hallway of tapestries, banners and used books. Come browse all our enchanting titles, have a comfy seat, and enjoy the wi-fi.

The 2020’s look very bright for our little haven of love and spirit in Eastern North Carolina! In the coming days we’ll be upgrading our lighting, security systems, and sound systems!

We are open until 6:00 on New Year’s eve (tonight), then will be closed on January 1! We will also be closed during our year-end inventory on Monday-Tuesday of January 6 and 7th. We hate to turn away disappointed visitors when we close for this torturous task…but alas, it is necessary.

You’ll now find us open until 7:00 pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

Astrology Readings

January 2, 2020.
2:00-6:00 by Appointment

Hello! My name is Jupiter & I’m your friendly neighborhood astrologer! Readings are $75 & are an hour long. I explain your natal chart, & give advice on the past, present, & what to expect in the future. For aspiring astrologers the hour may be used as an astrology lesson if preferred. Readings are held in a private one on one setting at the Sojourner. Must be able to provide birth date, location, & time. Readings must be booked at least 24 hours prior. Send an email to or call the Sojourner @ (252)758-7656 to schedule! 🧙🏾‍♂️🔭

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