Ancestor Veneration and Container Spell Classes with Octavia DaBoss

Happy Thanksgiving, Sojourners!

We are very grateful for all our amazing customers, and for the great 10th year of business we’ve had so far! Note that the shop will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but offering specials on Black Friday Nov.  29 and Small Business Saturday Nov. 30. Read on below about our new merchandise, and classes with Octavia on Ancestor Veneration and Container spells.

Instead of shopping at big box stores this weekend, come see what all of Uptown has to offer! Shop at the the unique and locally-owned retail stores, grab some lunch at one of the amazing Uptown restaurants, grab a coffee, and walk around some more! We will be announcing sales on our Facebook event throughout the next few days, so stay tuned.

It *really does* make a difference to shop local! Expect sales from us on unique and symbolic silver jewelry, stones and crystals, herbs and teas, tarot decks, books and more! Plus, free gift wrapping this weekend only. Stay tuned!

Tapestries in the Hallway

Merchandise Expansion!

We’re making changes! We’ve expanded our retail display area into the sitting room, so that more new books may be displayed. Take a seat on the couch, and peruse all the amazing books we’re getting in comfort.

We’ve also moved the tapestries, banners, prayer flags and fabric wall-hangings into the hallway. To make room, we’ve down-sized our used book section to include only non-fiction titles pertaining to spirituality, religion and other metaphysical topics that support our merchandise. We will continue to accept donations for those types of books, but are discontinuing our consignment program. If you have books on consignment with us, we’ve pulled them aside and emailed you about pick-up and donation options.

Sun’s Eye Pure Oils Collection Expanded!

We’ve completely reorganized our existing oil displays, fully-restocked, and added 72 additional scents! We’re ready for all your olfactory needs! Deities from around the world, including the African Orishas, Zodiac signs, mystic intentions, folk magick intentions, and all manner of herbs, trees, roots, resins, fruits, flowers, musks, and many delightful perfume blends! All of these may be used in oil diffusers, or to anoint candles, mojo bags and other magickal objects. All are $11/bottle.

So much new Merchandise!

We have so much new merchandise arriving daily we can barely keep up. First in were these new sterling silver and high quality gemstone rings in sizes up to 13!  Labradorite and rainbow moonstone, raw orange and green kyanite, amazing natural SouthWest turquoise and polished Persian turquoise with pyrite, green raw diopside, raw black tourmaline, Ethiopian opal and many more rare varieties.

Ancestral Veneration Class on Black Friday

Please call and register in advance by 6:00 Wednesday Nov. 27th. 252-758-7656

November 29th, 12pm-2:15pm
Cost: $45

Octavia will hold a lecture on the history and protocols of Ancestral Veneration rites, building a relationship with your ancestors and ways of working with them.

Please register in advance by Calling the Sojourner at 252-758-7656

Container Magic Class with Octavia DaBoss

Please call and register in advance by 6:00 Wednesday Dec. 4th. 252-758-7656

Friday December 6th, 1pm-3:30pm

Cost $44.

Learn the Origins of Container Spells, the science of their construction and purpose, how they can be used for prosperity, protection, love and health. Also covering how to “bust out” of a jar spell worked against you. Together you will construct a honey jar spell together, all materials provided except for the honey.

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