13 Days of Halloween End, Smudge Bundles, Ancestor Veneration Class

Blessed Samhain, Sojourners!

We had a fun Halloween and Samhain (Sow-wen) season, which sadly now draws to a close. Thanks to everyone who attended and helped us throw our All Hallows Bash on Nov. 1. If you still have your party flyer, don’t forget the coupon stamped on the back is valid from now through the end of the year.

We drew 13 names from our Loyalty Club cauldron, and gave out 13 Treat Bags of merchandise worth $29. Congratulations to our loyal winners, please come pick up your gifts.

13 Days of Halloween Treats

As Thanksgiving approaches, the Sojo Circle Coven is facilitating a non-perishable food drive, for donation to the food bank. You’ll find that collection area in our sitting room. We will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but offering specials on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. See below for an Ancestor veneration class on Black Friday.

We’ve restocked so many books that we don’t have enough shelf space to hold them all. Come have a look at the new titles!

New Smudge Bundle Varieties in Stock

Beautiful new flower wrapped smudge bundles are now in stock! Featuring rose and wildflowers. We also carry white ceremonial sage, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, cedar, juniper, blue sage, mugwort, yerba santa, palo santo, and sweetgrass braids! All are burned for clearing the energy of the home and self.

Ancestral Veneration class

November 29th, 12pm-2:15pm
Cost: $45

Octavia will hold a lecture on the history and protocols of Ancestral Veneration rites, building a relationship with your ancestors and ways of working with them.

Please register in advance by Calling the Sojourner at 252-758-7656

Container Magic Class with Octavia DaBoss

Friday December 6th, 1pm-3:30pm

Cost $44.

Learn the Origins of Container Spells, the science of their construction and purpose, how they can be used for prosperity, protection, love and health. Also covering how to “bust out” of a jar spell worked against you. Together you will construct a honey jar spell together, all materials provided except for the honey.

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