Shamanic Priestess offers Workshops, Intuitive Healings and Readings

Introducing Shamanic Priestess: Julie Anne!

The Sojourner is pleased to introduce Julie Anne who is new to our community, having relocated here recently from Oregon. She will be offering weekly intuitive healings and readings Wednesdays. She will also facilitate Sunday morning “Shamanic Sunday” meetings, and afternoon Goddess workshops at The Sojourner in the coming year. Stay tuned for more information about her upcoming Tarot Card Reading workshop, too!

Call us to sign up for a class, or reading! 252-758-7656 (SOJO)

All of the events below will be held at The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions
414 Evans Street, Greenville, NC 27858.

Julie Anne’s Bio:

I am a Shamanic Minister ordained through Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, a Shamanic Priestess through the Priestess Process ™, and a natural claircognizant. I have been trained in Reiki and Theta healing and I do draw on those techniques, but when I do a healing/intuitive reading session I allow myself to be guided by a spiritual force that is beyond me.

I do not proclaim to know precisely what the source is. I can say that it is exactly the same voice/presence I understood to be the Holy Spirit in the religion I was raised in. I usually refer to this force as Spirit because it is easiest and clearest term for me.  It may be a guardian angel, a spirit guide, a collective of spirits, a connection to a cosmic collection of all souls in the universe, or something I can’t possibly conceive of in this lifetime.

The specifics are not important to me; I do not need to have all the answers. What is important is that it is a benevolent source of information that guides my hand and gives me insight that I can share with others. Please let me know if you prefer a different term for this healing and intuitive source when we meet in person.

Academic credentials: I have a Master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies degree in Women Studies and Sociology and I studied feminist theology and spirituality under the tutelage of Dr. Susan Shaw (Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Oregon State University and author of “God Speaks to Us Too: Southern Baptist Women on Church, Home, and Society,” “Reflective Faith: A Theological Toolbox for Women,” “Storytelling in Religious Education,” and “Intersectional Theology” ).

Spiritually, I was attuned to Reiki II in 2006, learned Theta Healing in 2010 and 2011 and was ordained a Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising Institute for the Healing Arts and as a Shamanic Priestess through the Priestess Process ™ in 2010.

I was raised in a tradition that believes in a “Heavenly Mother,” so I have been working with the Divine feminine my entire life, but I began working with Goddess energy more intently in 2008. I began a meditation/mindfulness practice in 2006, but at times it has resembled a hobby more than a practice as I struggled to make it a part of my everyday life. I continue to practice with an eye toward mastery, and look forward to the additional focus and insights that are bound to occur as I move from “see one, do one” to “teach one.”

Intuitive Healings and Readings with Julie Anne

Wednesdays 10:30 am – 3:00pm
$40/ half-hour, $75/hour
Link to Facebook Event

What happens in a session with me varies but typically an intuitive reading includes energy healing of some kind and an energy healing always includes an intuitive reading. Very often Spirit gives homework. Don’t be surprised if you are given an assignment to help you in your journey. The Shaman’s role is to facilitate and amplify the natural processes of healing and awakening.

Also offering Personalized Ceremonies/Rituals

Julie Anne works with individuals, couples, and families to prepare a ceremony or ritual that reflects their unique beliefs and values. She can help you create a ceremony or ritual that you can facilitate yourself or she can facilitate the ceremony/ritual for you. The cost depends on the time and preparation involved.

Shamanic Sunday: A Spiritual Community Experience

10:30 am beginning March 10.
Love Donations Accepted.
Link to Facebook Event

Shamanic Sunday is a spiritual community experience. Each week we will begin with a drum circle to connect with each other and tune into our inner rhythms as we participate in creating music with a variety of percussive instruments. We will then move into a practical/experiential lesson in spiritual growth through nature, music, love/connection, and presence. This service is freely offered to the community without obligation, but love offerings to help pay for the space and to maintain and expand the instrument selection is always welcome.

Workshop: Be Present and Know that I am Goddess

Sundays at 1:00 pm, beginning March 10
$15/per class or 5 classes/$65
Link to Facebook Event

This ongoing, weekly workshop is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about the many faces of the Divine Feminine and/or mindfulness. We will use mindfulness to develop a personal relationship with the Divine Feminine, and we will use our personal relationships with the Divine Feminine to develop/enrich our mindfulness practices.

Why mindfulness?

Social science and medical research in recent years have demonstrated an impressive list of benefits to mindfulness practices. Many people know mindfulness effectively lowers stress and anxiety. We now know it is a powerful tool in managing several mental and physical health complaints, improves relationships, supports weight loss, and even increases grey matter in the brain. There are many methods to developing a mindfulness practice. This ongoing weekly workshop is designed to foster mindfulness with the help of the Divine Feminine.

Why call on the Divine Feminine for assistance in learning mindfulness? To answer that question, let’s first look at the connection between prayer/meditation and the Divine Masculine.

“Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10. Prayer/meditation has been used to draw closer to the divine masculine for millenia in many religious traditions. This practice holds masculine energy that involves mastering/conquering/controlling/dominating the mind in and turning one’s focus and attention to the divine. The primary purpose or goal is often articulated as overcoming or transcending this life and overcoming weaknesses of the flesh by learning to ignore bodily signals and to control racing thoughts by clearing the mind of all thought. These are active and thought-based practices and are often associated with masculinity and masculine deities (though not exclusively).

Mindfulness is a receptive, feeling, sensing practice. The primary purpose is to more fully appreciate the present moment, bodily sensations, and emotions. Mindfulness makes actions and sensations sacred because it is more fully appreciated. It is a feminine act and is more suited to experiencing the Divine feminine. It is also very practical. It can be done in meditation, but it is very effective when used while busy taking care of daily life. There is no need to separate one’s self from every day life to develop a mindfulness practice. You can become more mindful in the way you write a report, give a lecture, meet the needs of a client, fold laundry, or brush your teeth. In our culture, women have historically cared for the day-to-day necessities of cooking, cleaning, caring for young ones and for those who can no longer care for themselves, etc. which afforded men (primarily) the luxury of developing intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Taking care of the mudaine is ascribed a feminine quality because of this history.

Of course, mindfulness and meditation complement and support each other, as all Sacred Unions should. Meditation assists one in developing a mindfulness practice and mindfulness assists one in developing a meditation practice.
In this workshop, we will call on the Divine Feminine to teach us to turn the mundane into the sacred. Each week we will learn about a deity from the Divine Feminine Pantheon that courses through all religions around the world. We will use mindful meditation to help us train our minds in class, and we will practice mindfulness with that week’s deity throughout the week. We will meet together to share our experiences and to learn new tools to take with us into the coming week.


Q: Is this a religion?
A: No. A religion typically requires adherence to a particular set of beliefs. This is a workshop that explores practices and deities that are common to or reflected in religions across the globe and throughout time.

Q: Do I need to belong to a particular faith to benefit or be part of this workshop?
A: No. In fact diverse backgrounds and beliefs represented in the group will yield a richer experience for everyone as we share our individual experiences with the group.

Q: Is this workshop for women only?
A: ALL open minded and sincere seekers are welcome regardless of gender.

Q: What if I disagree with some of what I’ve read/heard about this workshop?

A: It is not required to agree with anything that is said in class by the facilitator or by other members; it is only required to listen and respond with respect for beliefs that may differ from your own.

Q: What is the class format?
A: We will begin each class with a brief introduction and mindfulness meditation, followed by time for participants to share their personal experiences from the previous week, or (for newcomers) to share what brought them to the group and what they hope to get out of the class. This should take about half of our time together. Then we will learn about a new female deity and talk about how we can call on her to help us throughout the coming week. Each participant will receive a handout to assist in their weekly practice that includes the attributes of the Goddess of the week and tips for incorporating mindfulness in daily practice.

Q: Do I need to commit to coming a certain number of weeks or start at a particular time?
A: No. This workshop works best when made part of a regular practice. However, drop ins are welcome and new participants can join at any time. You will receive a price break if you purchase 5 weeks at once.

Q: What is the cost?
A: $15/per class or 5 classes/$65

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