Sojo Vends at the Profound Sound Festival in Tarboro, Oct. 19-21

Profound Sound Festival and Retreat

The Sojourner will be vending at this excellent event! Join us there. See ticket links and discount codes below.

Buy Ticket at this sales page . Discount Code 090318 for a 10% discount through September.
Saint Anne’s Web site-
FaceBook Event page Profound Sound Festival/Retreat.

Enjoy relaxing, stress-reducing sensory experiences Oct. 19-21, 2018 during the Profound Sound Festival/Retreat at Saint Anne’s Chapel in Tarboro.

You will enjoy the charismatic Pranavam Das (Lipbone Redding) as he brings his musical talents to the creation of “Sonic Prana.” In the physical body, prana is the vital breath that sustains life and manifests as thought, bodily function, and physical action. In the cosmos, prana is the sum total of all primal energy that manifests as motion, gravitation, magnetism, etc. Redding, a North Carolina native, is an accomplished musician, recording artist and entertainer. He tours the country blessing audiences with vocal and musical skills.

Festival participants will also enjoy the bucolic setting of Saint Anne’s Chapel, nestled away in a quiet grove, far from the distractions of our daily lives. Music will also be provided by the stars of Saint Anne’s sacred music: John Westmoreland, Gabriel Pelli, Will Ridenour, Raven Wolf, Daran Wallman, Greg Whitt and more. There will be sound baths, drum circles, kirtan, Native American flute, sonic prana, singing bowls, didgeridoos, chanting, breathwork, tuning forks, ecstatic dance and more cowbell!

There will also be energy healers of many different modalities available for one on one sessions, artist of esoteric art, vendors of alternative wares and workshops on many areas of healing, sound and sustainability. We will be offering Yoga, Tai Chi, Poi, juggling and a ongoing meditation space to help quiet the mind.

While at the event you can bathe in the woods while walking the nature trail or the labyrinth. Overnight tent camping is available and a bonfire on Friday and Saturday night. Food trucks with emphasis on vegetarian and vegan food.

Built in 1920 as an Episcopal mission church, Saint Anne’s today serves as a beacon of community and connection. No longer host to weekly services, the Chapel is available for rental throughout the year. The Chapel has been the venue of choice for countless weddings, parties, reunions, and retreats.

Nestled in Tarboro, North Carolina, Saint Anne’s is an hour east of Raleigh and 35 minutes north of Greenville. Situated half-way between the beach and the Triangle, Saint Anne’s is the perfect location for your special event!

Go to website and click on Profound Sound Festival.

No Pets Please. Bring a yoga mat and a folding lawn chair.

Interested in vending? Message them!

See you there,

~The Sojourner

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