The Sojo News: Past-Life Regression, Sustainble Palo Santo Products

Hello Sojourners!

Do you love the scent of Palo Santo Wood? We are pleased to carry a new source of sustainably harvested products from Third Eye Wood! You can find them on the new center wooden display in the second room of the shop.

Third Eye Wood – Palo Santo

This sacred tree is indigenous to select parts of South America. Similar to it’s botanical cousins, frankincense and myrrh, it is rich in brain-oxygenating terpenes such as a-terpinol and limonene. Translated from Spanish, Palo Santo means ‘sacred wood’ and its many uses can be traced back to the time of the ancient Incan Empire. It has long been revered by Shamans for its physical and metaphysical properties, such as:

  • Offers an uplifting aroma
  • Clears offensive odors
  • Repels unwanted insects and pests
  • Clears ‘mala energia,’ (bad energy)
  • Facilitates meditation
  • Raises vibration and spiritual awareness.


We now carry their Sticks, room sprays, soaps, and pyramid incense.

Guided Past-Life Regression Group Session with Edward Zula

This Friday, July 27th from 6-8pm Edward Zula presents a “Guided Past Life Regression” for  $15 per person! (Facebook event link here.)

Hosted by The Sojourner, 414 Evans Street, Uptown Greenville.

Learn how it might help you understand blocks, fears and inexplicable yearnings. Everyone will participate in a brief group regression and get to share their experience!
Sign up for your seat by calling 252-758-7656.

Short Bio: Now based in North Carolina, Edward Zula has been providing private readings, clarity, and comfort to his Los Angeles clients for more than thirty years. He uses psychometry (reading energy from objects and photos), clairsentience, and spirit communication to help clients with questions about relationships, career, important life decisions, and help resolve grief and loss. In his readings he uses cards, a pendulum, meditation, and any sentimental or meaningful objects the client wishes to share. He explains that he does not “see” spirits standing over anyone’s shoulder as a traditional medium might, but rather feels their presence, often hears them, and gets a sense of their physical appearance with his eyes closed.

Aura Photography, Numerology, Reiki Class with Howard Minton

A Weekend of Aura Photography, Numerology, and Reiki Instruction with Howard Minton

Please Call 252-756-7656 to book your appointment or seat in the workshop with Howard Minton, Reiki Master and Intuitive, who will be visiting us from the UK

  • Aura and Numerology Readings on Saturday 27th of October, 10am – 6pm
  • Reiki Level One Workshop on Sunday, 28th of October, 10 am – 6 pm

His Website:

Held at The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions,
414 Evans St, Greenville, NC 27858

Aura Reading $60

Receive an extraordinary & beautiful full-colour Aura Photo which reveals information about how you are functioning in your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional life. It simply aids self-awareness & gives a deeper insight into yourself. Everything from physical health to mental, emotional and spiritual states show throughout the colours of the aura.

** Price includes colour photo, 2 page printed explanation & channeled message.

Soul Contract Numerology Reading $60

Would you like to be empowered by having an accurate, in depth, channeled spiritual numerology reading that will empower you by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life that are hidden within your birth name?
Would you like to understand & work through your challenges?
Express your strengths?
Manifest your dreams?
Connect with your life purpose?
** Price includes a 30 minute Soul Contract Reading.

Usui Reiki First Degree Training

Sunday, October 28th, 10 am – 6 pm

$140, Call 252-758-7656 to register in advance. Seating is limited.

Join Howard on this very special & sacred day as he teaches this First Degree Level of Usui Reiki healer training. Reiki is a very powerful form of healing that helps promote physical, mental, emotional & spiritual healing & well-being. This accelerates & supports your own personal & spiritual development. Reiki healing is extremely useful healing tool that aids & promotes the healing of a great many health problems & conditions.

The Reiki First Degree teaches you how to self-heal as well as how to help heal your family, friends, animals & even plants.
The course is held over one day & includes the following :

  • History & Origins of Reiki , Reiki Attunements
  • Self-healing & how to give full body Reiki treatments to others
  • The many & varied uses of Reiki Chakras & Colors
  • Energy field protection & much more!
  • Relaxing guided meditations are also included allowing you to fully relax & integrate the wonderful Reiki healing energy throughout the day.

On completion of this Reiki First Degree course, you will receive a beautiful & personalized certificate to commemorate your achievement.

This course is suitable for beginners & no previous Reiki experience is necessary to attend this course. This full day course costs $140

Howard Minton Short Bio:

Howard has been a qualified UK pharmacist for over forty years. He opened his first metaphysical centre in October 1997 & his second in Spain in 2007. Howard has practised aura photography in his spiritual practices since 1997. Over the last ten years he has attended a great number of mind, body, spirit exhibitions , psychic fairs & metaphysical centres in the UK, Europe & the US facilitating aura photography, Soul Contract Numerology readings, Reiki teaching & healing & channeling messages.

His Winaura aura photographic system produces a beautiful color photograph of the clients’ aura as well as a two-page explanatory report. Howard gives his own in-depth interpretation of the aura photo & channels a beautiful deeply inspirational & uplifting message for the client. Howard also practices Soul Contract Numerology Readings, which is based on the clients’ birth certificate name. Howard is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Healer. He is also certificated in Angelic Reiki, Hopi Ear Candling & Indian Head Massage.

The Best Sojo Summer Yet!

Thank you, Sojourners!

Thanks to your AMAZING patronage this year, the shop’s business is booming like never before! This means that we can fill her to the rafters with exotic new treasures. Our only problems now is figuring out where to put it all! Save us from our plight, by giving these beautiful things a new home with you!

Large Citrine, Celestite, Amethyst Specimens

Trade Show Adventures

In June we went on an epic shopping adventure to the International New Age Trade Show in Denver, Colorado. There I found many new vendors and artists from all over the world. Those goods are now arriving!  There were so many that I scheduled shipments now through October.

We already have in stock:

  • Sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood, incense pyramids, room sprays and soaps.
  • Himalayan jewelry with Buddhist and Hindu themes
  • Sterling Silver and Stone rings, pendants and earrings, especially Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite and Indian Turquoise
  • Singing bowls, Tingsha and brass Deity Statues from Nepal
  • Stainless Steel chains and water-proof chambered pendants to carry spells, prayers or ashes.
  • Stone, sacred wood and Rudraksha malas.
  • Exotic Feather, crystal and horn-handled fans made in Kentucky
  • Magnetic I-ching divination tools
  • Turkish Tapestries in many colorful and ethereal designs, perfect to hang on the wall of a dorm room or sacred space.
  • Etched selenite palm stones and slabs from Fractalista (See video below)

In the coming weeks, we expect to arrive:

  • Hundreds of new esoteric books from three new publishers
  • SO MANY new tarot decks and divination systems
  • aromatherapy sprays that smell amazing
  • leather journals in new designs, sizes and colors
  • Hand carved and painted Retablos, saint and angel icons, by ECU art grad Lynn Garlick
  • Hand-crafted jewelry with bind runes, Celtic, astrology and chakra symbols
  • Deity Shrine images, cards and prints from renowned witch, author and artist Laura Tempest Zakroff.

Malachite, Fluorite and Coque Feather fan on quartz handle

New Stones and Crystals

Especially exciting are all the new stones and crystals.  These are just a few of the varieties we’ve never carried before. We invite you to come in to enjoy the air conditioning, aromas and energies of all these new crystal friends.

Come see for yourself! We are open Monday through Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

~Heron Michelle