FLASH SALE: All herbs 40% OFF! Bring a jar!

Attention, Sojourners!


Our shelves are brimming with a colorful, fragrant array of dried plants of all types after our recent restock, and we want the community to benefit from the abundance!

We are have a 40% off FLASH SALE on all of our dried herbs, roots, leaves, flowers, resins, and spices that are sold by the ounce in our bulk jars. This sale lasts through the end of the month of May, so you have until closing on May 31st to take advantage of this sale!

Want to buy herbs, but not sure what to *do* with them when you have them? You’re in luck! Check back later today for a full calendar listing of upcoming classes on herbalism, including basic medicinal herbalism and special topics on the use of herbs! They will last at least a year in an airtight jar out of the sunlight, so there is plenty of time to experiment!


As always, we highly appreciate if you bring your own containers to take home your herbs! Mason/canning jars are *perfect* for this, as they can be used in a variety of ways even after your herbs are gone, and are cheap, airtight, sterilizable, and last forever and a day if you take care of them! We encourage the use and re-use of containers to cut down on waste for us, and the the waste that harms the environment in general. We will package herbs in any clean, dry container, including but not limited to:

:: Canning/mason jars. (Just had to say it again 😉 )

:: Fancy, witchy, corked glass jars.

:: Recycled food jars (Glass sauce jars are perfect! Baby food jars and spice jars tend to be too small for the full ounce that is our minimum sale, but multiple jars may work!) that have been thoroughly washed and dried. The dishwasher is perfect for sterilizing jars to be recycled!

:: Paper bags that can be sealed in some way (We can seal with tape or staples if you are okay with it.)

:: Tin cans with lids.

:: Ziploc bags.

:: Drawstring muslin/cloth bags.

:: Be creative with your recycling! As long as it is clean and dry, it counts!

As always, if you have any questions pertaining to herbalism or the use of herbs, don’t hestitate to e-mail me at Courtney@thesojo.com, or stop by when I am here in the morning for a chat! ❤ See you soon!

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