The Sojo News: Upcoming Events and Winter Closings

Hello Sojourners,

Happy New Year! Thank you all so much for an abundant holiday sales season. We are grateful for your patronage, and now set our sights to creating an even more prosperous new year for us all.

We are open until 9:00 Friday (tonight) – its First Friday Artwalk, and as long as the weather holds, we are hosting a drum circle, and Tarot card readings are available with Heron 5:00-9:00.

Ok, ok…no need to freak out. However, we do hope that you all stay safe and warm during this winter weather. Note that we will close the shop this weekend if winter weather makes the roads unsafe. Check our FaceBook page for updates for daily closing information. Tarot Readings with Heron on Saturday are canceled, but Jan 14th is another chance to make an appointment.

WE ARE CLOSED MONDAY AND TUESDAY to complete our year-end inventory. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal by Wednesday next week. Cheers! ~Heron

We now have an Instagram where Courtney shares pics from the shop. Follow us!

Our Modern Witchcraft series of classes is still open on Thursday nights for new seekers to join us for an introduction to Neo-paganism and the thealogy, principles, world-view and celebrations of this earth-centered spirituality.

GOOD NEWS! If Thursdays aren’t good for you, we have a second opportunity opening up on Saturday afternoons to attend these workshops. Dates and times are still flexible, so if you’d like a no-obligation, safe way to dip your toes into our magickal world and see what the fuss is all about, call us. 252-758-7656 Three workshops, 4 hours each, $30 each. We must have 3 students to proceed…

Upcoming Events:
All appointments and registrations must be taken in advance, by phone or stopping by. 252-758-7656

New Year’s Forecast Readings
Saturday Jan 14th, 2017 12:00-5:00, $40
Come see Heron Michelle for a Tarot Card reading to clarify a situation or seek guidance for the upcoming year.
Heron offers several special readings ideal for this New Year’s transition:
The 5 card Pyramid of Power spread that seeks guidance for the next Great Work of personal evolution you should explore–ideal for magicakal practitioners and witches, especially. (Takes about 30 minutes, $40)
The 12 card Zodiac wheel of the Year spread for a forecast of the lessons that may be presented throughout the next year. (Takes about an hour, $75)
The traditional, 10 card spread for guidance on your current situation is always available. (Takes about 30 minutes, $40)
With each reading, the affirmations and spiritual guidance for ways to put this information to work for you will be provided.

1865215E-5452-4951-BDFF-AAF34538718FSpiritual Mediumship Group Sessions
Sunday, Jan 22, TWO OPPORTUNITIES! 1:00-2:30 and 3:30-5:00

Join Edward Zula, spiritual medium and psychometrist, for an exploration of spirit communication; questions and answers; participants getting validation of their own experiences; demonstration of mediumship. Bring a photo or an item belonging to a deceased loved one. Everyone will get a brief reading.

A 90 minute group demonstration, must have 6 participants, so bring a friend! $15 per person.


Tarot 101: The Fools Journey with Liz Merritt

This is the first in a six part series taught by Liz Merritt, focusing on The Rider Waite Tarot deck. We will explore the history of the Tarot, as well as general Tarot trivia and concepts. We will then jump into the Fools Journey; the story in the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. This series will be beginner friendly and include intermediate level information, participants of all skill levels will learn something new. We will discuss symbolism, Hermetics, and astrology as they pertain to each of the 78 cards. Handouts will be provided, but participants will want to bring note-taking materials and favorite tarot decks.

Class will be $30 per person, registration taken in advance

Liz Merritt has been studying and practicing Tarot Cartomancy for more than 6 years. She’s an initiate of The Sojo Circle Coven, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a Hedgewitch wandering the wilds of Eastern NC. Often you can find her behind the counter of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions.

Our calendar of events can be found online on our website:

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday: 10:00-6:00
Friday: 10:00-9:00 Psychic Readings available 5:00-9:00
Saturday: 10-6:00 Psychic Readings and Classes often available.
Sunday: 1:00-6:00
Inclement Weather closing policy often follows the Pitt County Schools closings. Check our Facebook Page for daily updates.

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