The Sojo News: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday!

Hello, Sojourners!

It is beginning to feel a lot like the holidays around the shop, as we deck our halls and arbor with gold, red, and classy, traditional cheer that hearkens back to the romantic times of the past.


Keep in mind that we will be CLOSED Thursday, November 24th, so that we may be home with our families. We wish everyone safe travels, and smooth sailing amongst your kin. As Sojourners, we come in all flavors: Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, lesbian, black, white, native, asian, latino, pagan, christian, muslim, atheist, buddhist, and all varieties of every type of cultural, racial, gender, and religious rainbow. As a result, our families may not always be that of our birth, which can make these holidays hard; But whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are, or whatever you choose to believe, know that you have a family of bright, shiny, fabulous, diverse and understanding people within and around you in your community,  and with us, every day. We are grateful that you exist, and thankful for the diversity of our nation and the world around us.

It also only a few days away from the “traditional” start of the holiday shopping season: Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! We will be having sales, a drawing for our GIANT crystal ball, and gift wrapping all weekend. Check out the specifics below!


BLACK FRIDAY: November 25th

Want the “Black Friday” consumer experience, but without the threat to your livelihood?

  • Grab a coffee from down the street and line up with friendly folks in front of our (beautifully decorated) door on Friday morning. Be one of the FIRST THIRTEEN PEOPLE in the store when we open at 10:00am, and receive a special coupon for 40% off ANY one item with a purchase over $20!
  • 20% off all other merchandise in the store, all day long!
  • Enjoy $1.00 gift wrapping with your purchase!

We will also be drawing the ticket for our gigantic crystal ball raffle at the close of business that day! Raffle tickets are still five dollars, but if you win that’s roughly 99.4% OFF the $800 retail price tag, which is quite possibly the greatest Black Friday deal of them all.


SHOP SMALL! Diatribe aside, we would really appreciate if you would consider shopping from small, locally owned businesses this year. Uptown in particular has put a lot of effort into revitalizing this area, and new neighbors are moving in regularly!

  • All day long, bring us a receipt from any purchase made that day at our Uptown retail or restaurant neighbors for 30% off any item over $10!
  • 20% off all other merchandise in the store, all day long!
  • Enjoy $1.00 gift wrapping with your purchase!

    We’ll also have some super-special sales on specific items both days that we won’t announce until the day of; You will HAVE to show up to see! A free kitten with every purchase? Will we make it rain incense sticks on the half-hour?! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

As usual, these sales exclude consignment items, as they aren’t ours to discount!


We hope to see you this weekend! – ❤ C.

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