The Sojo News: Crystal Ball Raffle to be Drawn on Black Friday

Merry Meet, Sojourners!
Have you yet seen this amazing Crystal Ball we have on raffle at the shop? We borrowed it for a divination class a few weeks ago, and took this picture of it in glorious action. It helped to create a powerful experience for our students, and it could be yours! Each chance to win costs only $5.


This Leaded Crystal Scrying Sphere is a whopping 278mm diameter, and weighs in at 55 pounds!  It comes with a wooden, rotating stand. This baby once lit a tablecloth on fire with a sunbeam, so be careful where you display it!  We have never seen its like, and we’ve done a lot of looking…

The purpose of this raffle is to help out a Sojourner friend who has fallen on hard times and was looking for a buyer for this Spectacular Oracular device for which he originally paid $1500. Sadly, there aren’t many folks we know who could fairly compensate him at that price outright. BUT TOGETHER, through the generosity of many, we hope to raise enough funds to  make a difference in his life.  Every penny raised will go to our friend…

TO THAT END, I’ve moved the drawing date back to Black Friday, November 25th. Just in time for holiday gift giving.

Again, for every $5 donation, we’ll enter another chance for you to win. You DO NOT have to be present on Black Friday to win. If you can’t get to the shop, call us at 252-758-7656, and we’ll process payment over the phone, and fill out your raffle tickets for you.

During this time of Thanksgiving, we thank you for your generosity and wish you the best of luck in the raffle!

Thanksgiving blessings,
Heron Michelle


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