A Halloween Plea…

Happy Halloween, Sojourners!
Many blessings of the witching season to you all! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Witches’ Carnival on Saturday. You looked great, were great fun, brought great food, and were very generous to the Sojo Circle Education fund through your donations and raffle ticket purchases. THANK YOU!


Witches’ Carnival 2016!

And now a plea for help…
“Charity Fatigue” is a real thing, which is why I am loathe to post this… However, I’ve promised several of our fine customers that I will speak up and ask for help when the need the great. The need has never been greater. We need emergency help this week to pay our November rent.

Since Hurricane Matthew blew through, we’ve been operating at a deficit. Meaning, our shoestring budget just couldn’t handle the lull in sales while the students were away and everyone was flooded at home. I’ve invested my last dime, literally, in order to keep the doors open over the last pay-period. The bank has now frozen our credit lines.
I know we are all flat-busted-broke from the expense of that disaster and Halloween shenanigans, but the November rent check must be sent today in order to arrive at our Landlord’s by the end of our grace period, and as it stands we are at least $1500 shy of our bare minimum costs to operate this week. We sincerely need your help.
Trick or Treat Sale
Our Trick-or-Treat sale is still on-going through Nov. 6 of up to 31% off your whole purchase, and it would be a GREAT time to stock up.
Gift Certificate Investment – Instant 10% Increase!
Purchase some of our slick new gift certificates for the holidays, or future birthdays? If you are unable to make it to the shop, but would like to invest from the comfort of home, we will accept paypal payments at orders@thesojo.com for the amount of your gift certificate, but will gladly add 10% to the amount, as a return of investment. They’ll be prepared and ready for pick up at the shop when you are able to stop by (or we can mail them to you.) Just include your name, address and instructions on the paypal “send money” form.
I have faith that with a little help, we can make it through to our lucrative holiday season that begins after Thanksgiving.  As always, thank you for all you do to support our community so that her “clubhouse doors” remain open.
Samhain Blessings,
~Heron Michelle

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