STEP RIGHT UP to The Witches’ Carnival!

THIS SATURDAY! Step right UP Ladies and Gents to the greatest Halloween spectacle The Sojo has ever held!


Music, Dancing, Games, Prizes, Raffles, Fortune telling!

The Witches’ Carnival: A Halloween Costume Party!
Hosted by The Sojo Circle Coven

Saturday, October 29th from 7:00-12:00 pm
Inviting Costumed Adults over 21, please bring ID.
(As in, don’t be that guy that doesn’t even try to play along…booooooring <snore>)

Parking will be at a premium as some of the streets will be blocked off for events in uptown that night, don’t forget to check the parking garage at 4th and Cotanche, and street parking and lots off of Washington street. We recommend carpooling!

Note that the shop will be closed for business Saturday at 2:00 so we can finish decorating for the party, and will not be doing retail business during the party.

Do you want to play a game?
October 24-November 6
Spend at least $10 for a chance to draw from Lady Sojo’s treat cauldron.
ONE paper has a trick – 1% off your purchase. 🎃
Thirteen papers have a treat – 13% off your purchase! 🎃
And ONE paper is the golden Full Size Candy Bar ticket, worth 31% off your whole purchase! 🎃 

Tickets go back into the cauldron so everyone has a chance at the good stuff.

Let’s all run off and “Join the Carnival!”

The first 50 people through the door get a “Treat Bag!” And we are accepting donated treats, coupons, and promotions from our partners to include in those bags!

This is a “crowd-sourced” event; meaning that we are all in this together to contribute to its success.
Entry “Fee” is a minimum donation of $5 in Raffle and Game tickets, but the real deal can be had for $20. So bring your cash or credit cards!  Pretty please with sugar on top?

Proceeds go to The Sojo Circle Coven’s Education Fund, helping witches get a good education and clergy credentials, so that they can serve our communities responsibly.  We think that is a good cause, and good parties don’t just throw themselves.  We are very grateful for your contributions!

5 tix for $5,
15 tix for $10
30 tix for $20!


Music and Dancing!
Are y’all ready to shake yo’ tail feather? We have the intrepid musician Lipbone Redding as our DJ! He’s taking requests in advance of the party. There is a comment thread on the event on facebook where you can make requests.

Have you been dying to try that adorably creepy recipe you saw on Pinterest? Now is your chance! If you can contribute a carnival concession or Halloween themed appetizer, snack or beverage, please let us know on the discussion thread on the FB event page. 

Alcohol is allowed, as this is a “private” party for our Sojourning adults over 21, but it is BYOB–if you plan to drink, please plan to contribute, and have a Designated Driver arranged. We’ll have coolers of ice behind the counter. THANKS!

There will at least be “Pumpkin Fluff with Ginger Snaps.” Oh yes…

All night long, spend 5-10 tickets for a visit into our Fortune Telling Booth! There you will receive a brief psychic reading by a talented Witch.  It may be a 3 tarot Card spread, Rune draw, a toss of the Mercury Dimes, or ask questions of the mystical Pendulum!

At 9:45 the show begins! In the center ring, Costume Competitions!
Enter by category. Take your moment in the spotlight to strut your stuff, tell us about your costume and woo the voting crowds. Voting will be done by secret ballot. Extra points for any exhibition or performance aspect to your costume.

Costume Category “Acts!”
Burlesque and Exotic Entertainment!
Shimmy, and shake, glitz and glamour! Sing a little song, do a little dance? What exotic exhibitions will tantalize us?

Bearded Ladies, Tattooed wonders? Two-headed dudes? Siamese twins? Wolfman, Alligator boy? Is it an Alien? What weird aberrations will astonish us?

Step Right Up! Side show attractions!
Will there be Juggling, sword swallowing? Feats of strength or valor? Slight of hand?

Menagerie Imaginarium!
Come gawk at animals from all dimensions! What fantastic beasts will be tamed in our zoo? Goblins, dancing bears, prancing unicorns? parading elephants? musical monkeys?

Fortune Tellers and Forbidden Magic!
Mystical mind-readers, Card tricks, Smoke and mirrors? Exotic magi from the Orient and beyond? Will there be a lovely assistant sawed in half? There is no telling who will show up to amaze and astound us!

Winners will be announced at 11:00 and receive serious bragging rights and Sojo street cred, and a prize basket with lots of magickal swag, gift certificates, and a psychic reading. We are still taking contributions for those prizes if you’d like to sweeten the pot. Just drop them off by Friday afternoon. Thanks!

Some of our raffle items

Some of our raffle items

Raffle items!
Drawn at 11:00! MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN

  • Donations so far are:
  • Seated Odin Statue by Dryad Designs
  • A historic reproduction Aphrodite and Pan statue
  • Original Fire Dancer painting by Heron Michelle
  • A Set of Oujja Board place mats
  • An Owl Feather Quill and a pot of purple Ink, with Hedwig pin and Sirius Black photo frame: Official memorabilia from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.
  • Set of 7 Original US edition Harry Potter books in hardback
  • A Fan basket of Lipbone Redding CD and SWAG
  • Smudging kit with Sage Bundle, turkey feather and abalone shell
  • Eight Sabbats Incense kit with charcoal, metal tongs and spoon, sand, and Sojo Blend incense for all 8 Witches’ Sabbats.
  • Original Goddess painting by Brendan Loucks

Want to get in on the act?
We’ll promote any business who donates items or services to our prizes and raffle. There are sign-up lists and discussions on the FB event.

Calling all Carnies!
Care to organize a fun game or spectacle to enjoy at the party? We need carnies to organize and run games: A ring toss, rubber-band target-shooting game? Let’s get creative! If you’ve got the idea, we probably have the stuff to pull it off. We have prizes! GO!

Carnival Decorating Crew!  Saturday 10:00-2:00, all hands welcomed to raise the big top!
Got a flare for spooky Halloween spectacle? Want to turn our hallway to the restroom into a haunted fun-house? I’m looking to delegate the decorating of that space to just the right crew of twisted Sojourners. Are you game? You can take all week during business hours to trick out the hallway.


This 278mm diameter, 55 pound scrying sphere is also on a separate raffle, that will be drawn on "Black Friday." You will not have to be present to win. Each chance to win costs $5 and every dime goes to help a Sojourner friend in need who is trying to re-home this "Spectacular Oracular Vernacular", for which he originally paid $1500. This baby once lit a tablecloth on fire with a sunbeam!

This 278mm diameter, 55 pound scrying sphere is also on a separate raffle, that will be drawn on “Black Friday.” You will not have to be present to win. Each chance to win costs $5 and every dime goes to help a Sojourner friend in need who is trying to re-home this “Spectacular Oracular Vernacular”, for which he originally paid $1500. This baby once lit a tablecloth on fire with a sunbeam!


See you there!

~Heron, Ring Mistress

Heron, Ring Mistress

Heron, Ring Mistress

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