The Sojo News: Tarot TONIGHT! New Merch! Witches’ Carnival in 8 days!

Hello Sojourners,
Tonight at the shop, from 6:00-9:00 Liz Merritt is in the shop offering Tarot card readings for $40. If you had to miss out on the Psychic fair fun last weekend, now’s your chance to gain some insights with a skilled intuitive reader. Call for an appointment or walk-in!


New merchandise:

  • Sage smudge bundles out the wazoo, many varieties, sizes and blends
  • The entire line of Motor City HooDoo Spell Candles
  • Restock of Sun’s Eye Pure Oils
  • Restock of all-natural, locally-made, therapeutic soaps, plus a whole new display of dragon’s blood soap.
  • Many new ceremonial knives, athame and bolines
  • New altar cloths and pendulum mats
  • Restock of 7-day jarred intention candles
  • Shoyeido Japanese Incense sticks and gift sets

Come one, come all!🎪 In a mere 8 DAYS we will be debuting the spectacle of the season: The Witches’ Carnival! Is your costume ready yet? We invite the dazzling and the damned, the grotesque and the glorious, the furry and the fantastic to participate in our sideshow costume competition! There’s a category for everyone; “Burlesque and Exotic Attractions” for the sensual and alluring; “Freakshow” for the amazingly obscene; “Side Show Curiosities” for fantastic faire folks; “Menagerie Imaginarium” for magnificent beasts; and “Fortune Tellers and Forbidden Magic” for the mystical among us. Prizes! Bragging Rights! Admission is only $5 for the night! See you there!

The first 50 souls in the door gets a trick or treat bag filled with all sorts of goodies. We are still looking for the brave and the generous for volunteering/donating. It takes all sorts of work to put up the Big Top, community involvement is encouraged!  We need prizes for the costume contest winners, food, and a special decorating project for those who are creatively inclined. Please call the shop if you have any of these to give!



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