The Sojourner Presents: A Witches’ Carnival

Hello Sojourners!

sWe are back and mostly recovered from our trip to Pagan Pride last weekend in Raleigh. It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new faces. We love it every year and this year was no exception.We brought a few things home with us like our statuary. We’ve got statuary from Norse, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu and Other pantheons. Come give them a good home! We also have flower crowns, hagstones, and other new inventory additions that help support the local community. Sales of our flower crowns go directly to the Sojo Circle Coven Education Fund. This helps us bring in visiting authors like Jason Mankey and Christopher Penczak, as well as send some of our members for certification in Priest and Priestesshood. Soon we hope to have legal clergy among our members. All of this directly benefits the community and helps us help others!


Baldur from the Norse Tradition


Speaking of community, this year we are throwing a public Halloween bash! Welcome to the Witches’ Carnival, a place of macabre whimsy and forbidden magic. The Carnival will be here for one night only, no encores, and then will go dark. As this will be a night of debauchery and wicked fun we ask that all attendees be over the age of 21. Wristbands will be given at the door, and Ids will be checked. We will have Priceless Objects up for raffle, Traditional Games ( with prizes!), Fortune Tellers, and more. Like in Halloween events past we will have a costume competition, this year with a twist.  Our Categories include:

  • Burlesque and Exotic Attractions
  • Freakshow
  • Step Right Up! Side Show Curiosities
  • Menagerie Imaginarium
  • Fortune Tellers and Forbidden Magic

Please bring your own devilish spirits to consume as none will be provided for you. Wrap yourself in wonder as you prepare to face the marvels that await you! Leave all caution at the door to be retrieved on the way home. Join us the 29th of October, from 7pm- until the last stroke of Midnight.


Want in on the Act?

We are in need of volunteers to bring this magnificent vision to life and unlife. We need Carnival snacks, beverages, people to run games and do readings as well as donations for raffling. We will happily promote any business who would like to donate a prize basket or item. Proceeds go to The Sojo Circle Coven’s Education Fund.

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