The Sojo News: Psychic Readings, Drum Circle, New Merchandise!

Hello Sojourners!

I’m keeping a close eye on the weather this weekend, and it looks like the worst of this Hermine Tropical Storm business won’t kick in until midnight Friday through Saturday morning. So at this point we are a GO with our events, but check on our Facebook page for updates should things change. LABOR DAY MONDAY WE ARE CLOSED.14117882_10157294299880123_1925167264822237751_n

In 5-points plaza on Friday night the Freeboot Friday party is on, and throughout Uptown, join us for First Friday Artwalk. At the Sojourner, we will host a drum-circle and party with special guest, Edward Zula, here to introduce himself, and take private client appointments for Psychometry and Spirit Communication. He currently only has an 8:00 time-slot available, so call ahead to claim it.


New Merchandise in the Shop:

  • Tarot and Oracle card decks
  • Leather journals and Day of the Dead skull boxes
  • Llewellyn Books – Huge shipment of new titles and restocked favorites
  • Three singing bowls made in Nepal.
  • Sterling silver and stone rings in a wide range of sizes, including many 5’s! Including many new poison rings, and some pendants with pentacles and other religious symbols.
  • Nature Nature incense is restocked (all incense is on sale 20% off through Friday night.)


Edward Zula Appointment Times Available:
FRIDAY, September 2, 8:00pm
SATURDAY, September 3, 12:00-4:00
$30 per half hour. (See below for details.)

Typically Edward meets with clients for 60-90 minutes.  However it’s easy for him to focus on one area of concern during a shorter reading. Edward’s goal is for clients to experience some relief, affirmation, and reassurance after meeting with him.

1865215E-5452-4951-BDFF-AAF34538718FEdward Zula has been providing private readings, clarity, and comfort to his Los Angeles clients for more than thirty years.  He uses psychometry (reading energy from objects and photos), clairsentience, and spirit communication to help clients with questions about relationships, career, important life decisions, and help resolve grief and loss. In his readings he uses cards, a pendulum, meditation, and any sentimental or meaningful objects the client wishes to share. He explains that he does not “see” spirits standing over anyone’s shoulder as a traditional medium might, but rather feels their presence, often hears them, and gets a sense of their physical appearance with his eyes closed.

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