Product Spotlight: Smoke Cleansing Supplies

This week in the shop we are offering our 20% off sale on all of our smoke cleansing supplies.  White sage, sweetgrass, lavender, rosemary, juniper, cedar and many more cleansing and purifying herbs are  rolled up and tied into bundles and then carefully burned in a variety of rituals. So why don’t I use the more accepted term smudging? Smudging refers to a very specific Native ritual that is closed to outsiders. Members of the Neo-pagan and New Age movements have borrowed this term for the act of smoke cleansing. In reality us non- Natives should stick to using smoke cleansing as our term as we don’t actually smudge anything. Using the word ‘smudge’ in an incorrect sense can slowly over time erase the actual culture basis and be harmful to the Native population as well.  In the same vein, White Ceremonial Sage has been harvested and over harvested to support the increasing demand from the New Age and Neo-pagan movements. I always suggest you support ethical harvesting in all of your plants, and remember that in Eastern NC you can grow white sage for a season and have enough to dry and use all year. This keeps the plant from becoming severely endangered and adds a personal element to your sage bundle.


Loose White Sage- Photo from Mountain Rose Herbs


Smoke Cleansing for those not in the know, is a way of removing any baneful energies from your space. I always say that its like energetic sweeping. It completely clears and resets a space. This is very beneficial to do! Good energetic hygiene as it were. Customers at the shop always ask if there is a special way to cleanse using these bundles. They want to know if there’s a super secret chant they must say for it to work, or a prayer to recite. Like most of my personal feelings on witchcraft and spirituality related issues, its all a matter of personal preference, tradition and doing what feels right. There’s no right way to light a hunk of herbs on fire and waft it around your home. As long as you don’t set anything on fire, I think you are doing it right.

Rule 1. There are no rules

Rule 2. You make your own rules.

Each different herb is going to have slightly different meanings and uses, they will also have different smells. White ceremonial sage is the most popular, most well known. It also has a specific odor that can be a bit much for sensitive folk. If lighting a bunch of herbs on fire and waving their smoldering remains through your house is not to your taste, we have Palo Santo wood that has a softer sweeter smell, or copal resin. We even have cleansing sprays that are smoke-free for those asthmatic Sojourners. AS always, anyone behind the counter is ready and able to help you answer any questions and we can steer you towards the herbal bundle that best fits your needs.



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