How to: Tarot Card Divination Part 3

Hello lovely readers, I apologize for the absence of this post last week.

Lets talk about reading for others, reading for clients and the ins and outs of having access to other peoples personal information.

Little Rituals

Many readers have specific and special steps they follow when reading the cards. Some have fancy fabric they lay down, a candle they’ve marked especially for insight, words they chant, smells they burn, or gestures they make. These small rituals open themselves up to the infinite possibility, help guide them to clearly see, and reminds them of what they are about to do.  As always, these actions are personal, and have meaning only to the ones performing them. You are not required to follow any direction when setting out your cards. Maybe there is something in your tradition thats speaks to you, maybe theres something thats composed entirely of yourself that you want to use. Thats fine. Its all you and theres no wrong way.


Well there is one wrong way. This is a thing I see so commonly, not only with tarot card readers, but also with other psychics, mediums, new age hippies, and all manner of flotsam and jetsam. This thing really makes me frustrated and angry and I dont stand for it.

Lets Talk Ethics

When you have access to someones personal information, if you have a line onto what strangers do with their life, who they are, what things and forces will affect them, how their personal relationships will evolve and change them or any other little detail…KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF.

I cannot tell you how many times some stranger has come into the shop and started describing things about my energy, my future, my relationships, etc… This is rude and also how dare you. Consent is important sweeties, in all things. And if I agree to a reading by someone I expect them to keep their mouth shut about what they have discerned. I dont gossip about my clients and its a courtesy that is generally assumed in the community.

Remember Spiderman; with great power comes great responsibility.

Now go out an enjoy your enriching journey with tarot in an ethical and decent way.


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