The Sojo News: Vigil for Peace, Incense, Tarot, Henna!

Hello Sojourners,
This week our people experienced tragedy when the GLBTQ community was targeted in an Orlando nightclub. Regardless of where these hate-crimes happen, its hard not to take a massacre personally. Once you are awakened to the interconnection of Spirit, everyone becomes your neighbor, your family, yourself.  We are all “just down the street” from each other.

For the queer community, a nightclub is a haven, a meeting place on common ground that provides safety and asylum. It is a temple, of sorts. A metaphysical shop like The Sojourner serves in a similar way. Since our inception, we’ve sought to be a safe haven to all the beautiful people of our town who refuse to be defined by repressive or hateful ideals prevalent in the conservative society in which we find ourselves here in North Carolina.

Sojourners take the path less-traveled, and 580211_10151603578899044_1871488614_nwhen we band together we have safety and strength in numbers; a lonely journey becomes a fun parade! Our parade is spectacular and is led by a rainbow flag flown proudly. Our rainbows do not discriminate; we welcome folks of every stripe, color, flavor, and variety–including allies. Us colorful birds of like feather stick together, so if you need a place of peace to mourn, relax, or just be you in safety, come see us and enjoy the free WI-FI and air conditioning. The Sojo aroma is complimentary, too!
~Heron Michelle

I’ve set up a place of vigil at work for victims of violence, the collection of such people that seems to grow every day. Peace is possible in our world, possible in every human being, if we can only take a moment to choose it. Compassion over ignorance and selfishness. Acceptance over hate. Coexistence over rejection. The one thing in life that truly matters more than all else is our ability to show love to others, no matter who they are, how they live, what they believe, or where they come from. I really hope that one day we can live in a world where everyone understands the importance of that.” ~Courtney Varnadoe



“We hold vigil for the victims of needless violence in the world. We stand with the women shown injustice, harm and violation by men who would deny them sovereignty. We stand with the innocent, taken from their lives for another’s selfishness. We stand with those who refuse to hide who you are, as is your right, and we remember those who suffered or died exercising and defending that right. You are whole. You are loved. You are the healers of this world and any worlds that come after. Please feel free to light a stick of incense, contemplate, offer writing or pray here. Peace is possible if we choose it.”

Friday night: Tarot Card Readings with Liz from 6:00-9:00

Saturday: June 18, 2016, 12:00-2:00 pm 
Incense Making Workshop: Rolled Sticks and Cones with Courtney Varnadoe
$25 per person, register in advance. WE STILL HAVE SPACES AVAILABLE!
Learn how to create your own rolled stick and cone incense from natural plant materials. Come prepared to use your hands and leave with your own handmade incense, including the instructions for continuing to make your own at home. All materials are included in the class fee. We must have three registrations in advance to hold this class.

Saturday from 12:00-3:30, Heron Henna Tattoos. Make an appointment, or come by for some temporary, all-natural body art by Heron Michelle

Summer Weekly Sales that run from Saturday morning through Friday Night:

Beginning June 11, and ending Friday night at 9:00: Tapestries, bags and clothing
Saturday, June 18, Books and Calendars
June 25, Jewelry
July 2, Tarot and oracle decks
July 9, Statuary and home decor
July 16, Bath and body product supplies
July 23, Candles
July 30, Smudging supplies, bundles, shells, feathers.
August 6, Essential oils and Pure oils
August 13, Crystals and Stones
August 20, Bulk herbs and botanicals
August 27, Incense sticks, cones, and loose mixed incense

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