The Sojo News: Jewelry Sale, Holiday Closings, Papyrus!

Hello Sojourners!
This week’s Summer Sale includes 20% off all of our regular Jewelry, including all the silver and stone pieces (but excluding consignment items.) The sale runs through Friday night during our  Drum circle and party. Come hang out with Liz and Heron, make some joyful noise, get your tarot cards read, or be beautified with some henna body art from 6:00-9:00. Pot-luck snacks and drinks are welcome

Happy Independence Day! In order to slim down our overhead expenses, this weekend we will be closed for the holiday on Sunday, July 3rd and Monday, July 4th. I do hope you all have a fun and safe holiday and will stop by on Saturday to stock up!

This week, we are excited to add to our consignment inventory some beautiful Egyptian Papyrus paintings with various scenes of their Gods and mythology. Large $75, Small $10. Scroll to the bottom of this email to see more images.


Our Summer Survival T-shirt campaign is on-going through July 8th. You can order a regular T-shirt in short and long sleeves, hoodies, women’s T’s and tanks in both forest green and black. We are hoping to sell 100! Aim high, and let the Universe surprise us, yes? The profits go to help us get our new web-shop up and running! We appreciate your support!

Crystal Magick 101 with Heron Michelle
Saturday July 9, 12:00-2:00
$20, registered in advance
Learn the basics of incorporating stones and crystals into energy work and spells to create beneficial change in your life. This is a hands-on introduction to a variety of stones, their metaphysical properties, how to utilize their powers through the seven levels of consciousness and health via the Chakra energy system of the human body/spirit connection. Please register by Thursday July 7.

Incense Making Workshop: Kyphi Incense with Courtney Varnadoe
July 16, 12:00-2:00 pm
$25 per person, register in advance.
Learn a bit of history and how to create a modern approximation of Egyptian kyphi incense. Come prepared to use your hands and get messy, and leave with a good amount of your own recipe for kyphi incense pellets. All materials included in class fee.


The Sojo News: Summer Survival Fundraiser

Take the path less traveled to The Sojourner, and it will make all the difference. Original Design contributed by Mandy Clements

Take the path less traveled to The Sojourner, and it will make all the difference. Original Design contributed by Mandy Clements

Hello Sojourners,
Heron Michelle here…. On Monday we entered the sign of Cancer, and the sun reached his heights on the longest day of the year, opening the front door to the season of summer. Add to that the amazing convergence in the force that is a FULL BLUE MOON! Big mama moon was at her greatest, too! These are potent times that we need to tap to survive these slow months at the shop.

This makes the 8th summer we’ve been open here on Evans Street. Since 2009, our customer base of loyal Sojourners has grown exponentially, and we now have a thriving, knowledgeable and “well-equipped” community of like-minded kindred. We now can offer well more than just merchandise, but also trust-worthy guidance and education, energy healing, divination of many kinds, and safe haven to all the folks in need of compassion and acceptance. Our Sojourners represent every make, model, and colorful stripe of the rainbow!

According to our accountant, we even turned a tiny little profit for the second year in a row! That money was used to expand our crystal and candle selection, and replace all our technology, equipment and software so that we can expand into the world of On-Line commerce in 2016. The future looks bright; however, the present moment is a challenge.

Sojo Green Hoodie front

Hoodie in Forest Green or Black

Summers in Uptown have never been easy to survive. Once the schools let out and everyone leaves town on vacation, our business drops dramatically.  The difference in sales between a great month in the fall and the scary month of June was as much as 56% less in 2015. In short, during the summer, our income cannot hope to cover our basic monthly bills. We tighten our belts, hold our breath, stop repairing or restocking anything, and the rest is made up for with favors, magick and personal sacrifice.

This June has the dubious distinction of being the most desperately over-leveraged, maxed out in debt, and underfunded we’ve ever been. Smarter business people than I am advise me to close and just operate a website out of my house, but that is not how I want to spend this life. To be honest, the last thing this witch wants to figure out is the mundane intricacies of an Ecommerce platform and social media integration. <shrug>

Neither is being a retailer my sacred mission; selling things is only the means to the end. My END GOAL is to maintain a temple in a safe, brightly-shining, easily-found, proudly-out-of-all-closets, public location that is open to seekers every day…oh, and to eat.  Us Sojo staff and our families like eating regular meals and sleeping indoors. (I kid…not really…) My sacred mission is to serve as a priestess, offering to everyone the safe space to teach, learn, heal, and commune with each other and the Divine, and yeah…equip us with the “stuff” we all need to continue that spiritual work throughout the region, while we all thrive. This mission comes with a high price tag.

So here is the skinny:

Standard T in black or green.

Standard T in Black or Forest Green

I’ve trimmed all possible fat, cashed in every favor, and made

every personal investment I can manage; yet, we couldn’t be any further out on this limb.  As of Monday, we were still in a deficit by over $7000 and started the week with -$86 in the checking account.  I swallowed my pride, and applied for an extension to the credit line so that we can meet our needs for 2 more weeks.

To that end, we have a few fundraising efforts underway and I hope that you will be inspired to invest in this dream along with us. If all goes according to my (brilliant and daring) plans, this is the last skinny summer we’ll have to survive–and The Sojo will begin to THRIVE!

“Now is the time for all good Sojourners to come to the aid of their Metaphysical Shop!”

Sojourner T-shirt Summer Survival Fundraiser

One of our fine customers is graphic designer Mandy Clements, and she’s created this fantastic original T-shirt design for us! Follow the Sojo Sign down the “path less traveled” and it will make all the difference! Click the link to see all the options and order yours through our TeeSpring campaign that runs for 2 weeks, then they will print and ship them directly to you! I predict that all the most fabulous people will be wearing these this season.

There are regular T’s in short and long sleeves, women’s T’s and Tanks, and a hoodie to choose from in forest green,

Tank Midnight

Women’s tank in “Midnight” or Black

black (and “midnight” in the Tanks.) Sizes run from S-5X.

The Sojo Club Membership

Many of you have expressed over the years that while you don’t often need much “stuff” and you may live too far away to attend many events, that it is still important to you that this safe haven remains open and available.  Thus, The Sojo Club Membership was born! (Kinda like the B&N, or Sam’s Club membership.)

With membership, comes these benefits! With a yearly contribution of $35 we will extend to you 10% off of your purchases all year, as well as special offers and promotions September-April. The trick here is that we need you to contribute to that membership NOW, so that we can pay the bills May-August.

Call us or stop in the shop to join The Sojo Club! (Soon we will have it available to purchase on-line, thanks to the generous contributions of time and expertise offered by web developer Eric MacAfee, who is helping us build our webshop!)

Events this Weekend:
This weekend we have on the calendar a guided meditation and elemental balancing with me, Heron, on Friday night 6:00-7:00, $10. Followed by private sessions for Tarot Card readings. $30.

Saturday at 12:00 for $20, I’m offering a beginners Candle Magick Class. Check out the calendar for details, then make sure to call to register in advance. Right now we don’t have anyone signed up and I need 3 people confirmed to hold the class.

Thank you to everyone for reading this far, your on-going patronage, and for all that you do to brighten Greenville and our lives, simply by being your beautiful selves.  You really do make a difference. 🙂
Litha Blessings,
~Heron Michelle

Book Sale!: Top Three Summer Picks

We’ve hit one of my favorite weeks of the summer sale: Books! Glorious, crisp, brand-spanking-new books, discounted without the mega-corporate stench of big retailers. The Sojourner will be giving 20% off all books and calendars through Friday night, making this a great opportunity to stock up for summer reading and crafting (Of all sorts!)


We have a large and varied selection of specialty books, on topics such as paganism, wicca, druidism, asatru, herbalism, shamanism, tarot, runes, meditation, crystals, and many more! Definitely the largest selection of occult books in Greenville, NC!

Summer, to me, screams “Plant! Create! Prepare!” The Earth is overflowing with an abundance of plant life in our backyards, parks, forest paths, and wild places, providing so that we may thrive now and prepare for the barrenness of the winter months to come. There is no better time to brush up on herb craft while you are harvesting, drying, and daydreaming of fully stocked apothecary shelves! I also like to think ahead to the coming late-summer and autumnal sabbats and festivals, giving myself time to create and prepare meaningful celebrations and activities for friends and family.

So, prepare yourselves: Here are my top three user-friendly summer reading picks! (If I had the time it’d be top thirty!)

#1: Llewellyn’s 2016 Herbal Almanac: Herbs for Growing & Gathering, Cooking & Crafts, Health & Beauty, History, Myth & Lore



Llewellyn has a wide and varied array of yearly almanacs, for topics ranging from astrology to magic to sabbats, and my favorite: Herbs! This almanac is full-t0-the-brim with crafts, activities, information, and articles perfectly relevant to this abundant time of year. It is organized into thirty short, interesting articles that are great for readers who prefer occasional reading. The instructions for the crafts are clear and concise, and often written by notable, published authors in the pagan community. It is priced at $11.99, and is a must for anyone looking to fit herbalism into their summer schedule!

#2: The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, & Brews by Scott Cunningham



Scott Cunningham is widely regarded as one of the most accessible authors in the pagan community. This book is a classic for those looking to create their own incenses, anointing oils, bath salts, inks, sachets, ointments, and more, all with a spiritual purpose and meaning. This book is a compendium of recipes, making it a great expansion for those who may already own the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs or Magical Aromatherapy by Cunningham as well. Be prepared to put those plants to use when you crack this one open! Cunningham’s books are also well-known for being well-priced, and when you apply our sale to the cover price of $16.95, it’s hard to pass up!

#3: Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials Series: Lughnasadh: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Lammas



Llewellyn has recently created a line of adorable, pocket-sized reference books for each sabbat, and I find them invaluable for quick information when needed! Lughnasadh, or Lammas, is the next sabbat approaching us, and this little book is packed with history, references, ideas, and suggestions to flesh out your celebration! For those who like to procrastinate, it also contains a couple of pre-written ritual celebrations for those practicing alone or with a group, including written invocations and prayers. For those going the less formal route, recipes, crafts, and activities are also detailed to make the day special without a bunch of fuss! I really cannot recommend this little series enough, especially for pagan parents seeking to explain and celebrate the sabbats with children who need a basic introduction. At $11.99, it’s worth a look!

The summer is our slowest time of year, so please consider stopping by and checking out what we have to offer. Comfy chairs and good smells free of charge. 😉

Happy reading!


How to: Tarot Card Divination Part 3

Hello lovely readers, I apologize for the absence of this post last week.

Lets talk about reading for others, reading for clients and the ins and outs of having access to other peoples personal information.

Little Rituals

Many readers have specific and special steps they follow when reading the cards. Some have fancy fabric they lay down, a candle they’ve marked especially for insight, words they chant, smells they burn, or gestures they make. These small rituals open themselves up to the infinite possibility, help guide them to clearly see, and reminds them of what they are about to do.  As always, these actions are personal, and have meaning only to the ones performing them. You are not required to follow any direction when setting out your cards. Maybe there is something in your tradition thats speaks to you, maybe theres something thats composed entirely of yourself that you want to use. Thats fine. Its all you and theres no wrong way.


Well there is one wrong way. This is a thing I see so commonly, not only with tarot card readers, but also with other psychics, mediums, new age hippies, and all manner of flotsam and jetsam. This thing really makes me frustrated and angry and I dont stand for it.

Lets Talk Ethics

When you have access to someones personal information, if you have a line onto what strangers do with their life, who they are, what things and forces will affect them, how their personal relationships will evolve and change them or any other little detail…KEEP THAT TO YOURSELF.

I cannot tell you how many times some stranger has come into the shop and started describing things about my energy, my future, my relationships, etc… This is rude and also how dare you. Consent is important sweeties, in all things. And if I agree to a reading by someone I expect them to keep their mouth shut about what they have discerned. I dont gossip about my clients and its a courtesy that is generally assumed in the community.

Remember Spiderman; with great power comes great responsibility.

Now go out an enjoy your enriching journey with tarot in an ethical and decent way.


The Sojo News: Vigil for Peace, Incense, Tarot, Henna!

Hello Sojourners,
This week our people experienced tragedy when the GLBTQ community was targeted in an Orlando nightclub. Regardless of where these hate-crimes happen, its hard not to take a massacre personally. Once you are awakened to the interconnection of Spirit, everyone becomes your neighbor, your family, yourself.  We are all “just down the street” from each other.

For the queer community, a nightclub is a haven, a meeting place on common ground that provides safety and asylum. It is a temple, of sorts. A metaphysical shop like The Sojourner serves in a similar way. Since our inception, we’ve sought to be a safe haven to all the beautiful people of our town who refuse to be defined by repressive or hateful ideals prevalent in the conservative society in which we find ourselves here in North Carolina.

Sojourners take the path less-traveled, and 580211_10151603578899044_1871488614_nwhen we band together we have safety and strength in numbers; a lonely journey becomes a fun parade! Our parade is spectacular and is led by a rainbow flag flown proudly. Our rainbows do not discriminate; we welcome folks of every stripe, color, flavor, and variety–including allies. Us colorful birds of like feather stick together, so if you need a place of peace to mourn, relax, or just be you in safety, come see us and enjoy the free WI-FI and air conditioning. The Sojo aroma is complimentary, too!
~Heron Michelle

I’ve set up a place of vigil at work for victims of violence, the collection of such people that seems to grow every day. Peace is possible in our world, possible in every human being, if we can only take a moment to choose it. Compassion over ignorance and selfishness. Acceptance over hate. Coexistence over rejection. The one thing in life that truly matters more than all else is our ability to show love to others, no matter who they are, how they live, what they believe, or where they come from. I really hope that one day we can live in a world where everyone understands the importance of that.” ~Courtney Varnadoe



“We hold vigil for the victims of needless violence in the world. We stand with the women shown injustice, harm and violation by men who would deny them sovereignty. We stand with the innocent, taken from their lives for another’s selfishness. We stand with those who refuse to hide who you are, as is your right, and we remember those who suffered or died exercising and defending that right. You are whole. You are loved. You are the healers of this world and any worlds that come after. Please feel free to light a stick of incense, contemplate, offer writing or pray here. Peace is possible if we choose it.”

Friday night: Tarot Card Readings with Liz from 6:00-9:00

Saturday: June 18, 2016, 12:00-2:00 pm 
Incense Making Workshop: Rolled Sticks and Cones with Courtney Varnadoe
$25 per person, register in advance. WE STILL HAVE SPACES AVAILABLE!
Learn how to create your own rolled stick and cone incense from natural plant materials. Come prepared to use your hands and leave with your own handmade incense, including the instructions for continuing to make your own at home. All materials are included in the class fee. We must have three registrations in advance to hold this class.

Saturday from 12:00-3:30, Heron Henna Tattoos. Make an appointment, or come by for some temporary, all-natural body art by Heron Michelle

Summer Weekly Sales that run from Saturday morning through Friday Night:

Beginning June 11, and ending Friday night at 9:00: Tapestries, bags and clothing
Saturday, June 18, Books and Calendars
June 25, Jewelry
July 2, Tarot and oracle decks
July 9, Statuary and home decor
July 16, Bath and body product supplies
July 23, Candles
July 30, Smudging supplies, bundles, shells, feathers.
August 6, Essential oils and Pure oils
August 13, Crystals and Stones
August 20, Bulk herbs and botanicals
August 27, Incense sticks, cones, and loose mixed incense

Product Review: Shoyeido Daily Incense Series

There are few sensual treasures in this world as great as incense. The gentle wafting of smoke in the air, the lingering aroma, the feeling of presence in a space otherwise unoccupied… Incense has been around as long as humans have been torching their surroundings, and (Fortunately.) greatly refined over time.

The product of that refinement can be found in many commercially available incenses on the market today; But if you are looking for a high quality, low smoke, masterfully blended olfactory symphony, you will eventually find yourself staring down a box of Shoyeido.


Shoyeido is a Japanese koh incense company that has been around for centuries, passing their techniques and recipes down over time. Their processes and scents have truly been refined into an art form. With respect for the environment, Shoyeido uses only natural materials in their incense. With respect for culture, they encourage the world to contemplate the Ten Virtues of Koh*. Incense ascends past a simple consumer “fragrance” product, into the realm of true spiritual and sensory experience.

Shoyeido offers many incense lines, but today I will be breaking down and reviewing their most popular series: Shoyeido Daily Incense.


The daily incense line consists of eight uniquely blended incenses crafted from high-quality natural materials. Each scent has a Japanese name and English interpretation of the name printed on the front of a beautifully colored box. If you examine the ingredients listed on each, you will find that many of these scents are composed of five or so similar ingredients: Sandalwood. Cinnamon. Clove. Camphor. Patchouli. Yet each variety, only enhanced with few extra spices, is remarkably distinctive in it’s scent and presentation.

Daigen-koh: Great Origin

“Sandalwood and cinnamon combine to promote comfort and insight.”

30 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are sandalwood, cinnamon, camphor, and spices. The stick itself upon first lighting is more reminiscent of campfire than the other blends; Very woodsy, without a strong presence of other scents. It almost seems to be a smoky cedar, but as it burns the sandalwood comes through more strongly in the background. This incense is clearly suited to those who enjoy the smell of a wood burn more than sweet sandalwoods or florals. As a result, this scent does not have a strong presence in a room much longer than the burning time.

Hoyei-koh: Eternal Treasure

“One of Shoyeido’s oldest recipes, to nurture abundance and fortune.”

40 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are sandalwood, clove, cinnamon, and spices. This is what I would consider your basic incense. It’s smoke is balanced with a strong presence of cinnamon and sandalwood, counterbalancing each other to create that unique smell which I associate and name purely as “incense.” As it burns, the cinnamon really comes through as the strongest note, without that “mom’s making snickerdoodles” feeling. It strikes me as a great incense for housework, a true companion in solitude lending our daily work a subtle layer of significance and meaning.

Nokiba: Moss Garden

“Sandalwood, patchouli, and benzoin mix to create a light hearted mood.”

35 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are sandalwood, benzoin, patchouli, and spices. This is, by far, our best-selling Shoyeido blend. And why not? It’s scent is utterly enchanting, not unlike what I imagine an enchanted forest filled with night blooms might smell of at night. It’s scent is sweet without the sickly feeling of synthetic incenses; A great replacement for the blue-box nag champa addict. The scent is indescribable based on it’s contents, though it is closest to a musky, sweet sandalwood (Due almost certainly to the presence of patchouli.) with some hint of a mysterious floral in the background. If you try no other scent in this series, you must try Nokiba if for nothing but to wonder how they created such a stick without sneaking in any less-than-natural ingredients. It has a great presence in the room, and a long hang-time; My house often smells of Nokiba twelve to twenty-four hours later!

Kyo-nishiki: Autumn Leaves

“Created to inspire one’s inner spirit, a blend of sandalwood and cinnamon.”

35 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli, benzoin, and spices. This stick is a straight-up physical manifestation of fall. We’re talking hot chai lattes, decomposing leaves, and light sweaters. The spice aspect of this stick really comes through the sandalwood base, with a vanilla undertone that is so completely reminiscent of the last few months of the year. It smells almost like baking, if you’re looking for the “mom’s making snickerdoodles” feeling mentioned before. It is a great stick to burn for company, as it lends an air of sneaky warmth and coziness to a space that will encourage guests to an at-home comfort. It’s smell slowly tapers throughout the day, with evidence lingering in corners and small spaces a delightful amount of time.

Kin-kaku: Golden Pavilion

“A recipe of patchouli and cinnamon, to create a positive atmosphere.”

35 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are cinnamon, sandalwood, clove, patchouli, and spices. I would consider this incense to be a more elevated version of the Hoyei-koh incense. The presence of cinnamon is in the front, with a little bit of the enchanted sweetness behind Nokiba bringing up the background. It is truly a noble, zen-inducing incense, well suited for temples and sacred spaces. It invokes a feeling of harmony and serenity unmatched in the previous blends. This incense lives up to the seventh virtue of koh: When it is plentiful, one never tires of it. Daily use cannot diminish the presence of this incense, which we burn near-daily in The Sojourner.

Kyo-zakura: Cherry Blossoms

“Rhubarb, clove, and cinnamon merge to inspire awareness and regeneration.”

35 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are sandalwood, cinnamon, benzoin, clove, and spices, but you would swear there was cherry tree hiding somewhere in this box! There is a sweet, fruity and floral tone to this stick that is quite unlike it’s predecessors, and reminiscent of a tree in bloom. The wood in this stick is only a base, setting the stage for the other notes to intermingle. There is a truly resinous quality to this also, thanks to the benzoin, which has thus far been indistinguishable in the other blends. If you are looking for the smell of a cherry slush, you thankfully will not find it here. What you will find is the sweetness that scent memories are composed of, respectfully hearkening to a scent that truly exists only in it’s natural form.

Gozan: Five Hills

“A blend of clove and sandalwood promotes an air of calm and contemplation.”

35 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are sandalwood, patchouli, clove, and spices. The clove and benzoin really come through in this blend, whose presence during it’s burn time is really quite strong. As it burns, the sharpness of the resin dissipates into a sort of crisp herbiness, not unlike cardamom. This blend is serene like a rainy day, yet more internally energizing than the others in my point of view; As it hangs in the air, it seems to remind you of what you needed to do that day, and why you needed to do it. It is one of the more expensive in the series, reflecting the higher quality of ingredients contained in each stick.

Haku-un: White Cloud

“An earthy-sweet scent to help bring a moment of peace and solitude.”

35 sticks per bundle.


The listed ingredients are benzoin, sandalwood, clove, camphor, and spices. This incense is the most expensive in the series, and rightfully so. The blend is so masterful that it is truly difficult to pinpoint one major scent. It is truly it’s own being. There is something very chai-like about how it hits your brain, the complementary nature of the clove and spices really coming through. Honestly, lighting up a stick of this incense is an event for me. It seems to change the longer you “listen” to it, the longer you experience it, and this continues even after a stick is long past burned. It is a true balance of wood, resin, and spice, and I cannot recommend it enough for someone who is truly interested in experiencing incense as an entity itself, rather as a background to other tasks. Meditation and contemplation are fine companions to this unique stick.

I’ve been enjoying incense for over seventeen years so take my word as you will, but there is no comparison to experiencing these scents for yourself. Every person, and every memory and experience unique to that person, will change the response to and enjoyment of every stick of incense. I hope you will come to know and enjoy Shoyeido and all of their fine products as much as I do!

Best smells and wishes,


*”The Ten Virtues of Koh (As written in Japan thereabout the 16th century:)

It brings communication with the transcendent.

It refreshes mind and body.

It removes impurity.

It brings alertness.

It is a companion in solitude.

In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace.

When it is plentiful, one never tires of it.

When there is little, still one is satisfied.

Age does not change it’s efficacy.

Used everyday, it does no harm.





How To: Tarot Card Divination Part 2

Hello Sojourners! Its Liz and I am back again to continue the series on Tarot Cards and Cartomancy that I began last week. In this portion of the series Id like to focus on creating and maintaining bonds with particular decks, as well as different ways to cultivate you own personal meanings to the cards. Lets get to it!

The LWB is Not The Only Valid Interpretation

Almost all decks come with Little White Booklets, sometimes even larger bound copies of the similar, by rote meanings associated with the Rider-Waite Decks. These booklets are helpful to the beginner, and by all means should not be discounted. I more often than not tend to toss mine in the trash however. Having the artists input on what they envisioned is fascinating, but shouldn’t be where you base all of your interpretations from. Every person has a unique, individual way that they interact with and view the world around them. These experiences will color everything you see and do, and symbols are generally very personal. I am a trained artist so a lot of my interpretations has a distinctive art history kick to meanings of flora, fauna and colors. These interpretations are further changed by the fact that I am white woman in the south. The point I am trying to get at, is that if you have a strong association with the color green and it disagrees with what the LWB says, then you do not have to disregard your meaning for the booklets. There is no hard, solid, absolute truth in tarot card readings. What we do have is the traditional way things have been done, or the way that the majority of people do things, but might does not make right. And honestly the tarot has been fiddled with for so long that even the ‘traditional’ way could have been modified like a bunch of 4 year olds playing ‘Telephone’.

At this point in my cartomancy journey, I tend to have taglines for most of my cards. These taglines are quick, easy ways to remember the more deep and usually tangled interpretations. I had to pare down the word vomit when I started reading for others, and make it even more precise when I started charging for those readings.  It does mean that sometimes I have to temper and adjust my words for my clients. Code-switching is the fancy word for it , but really what it means is that if you are a close and trusted friend I have no problem calling the 9 of cups “The Masturbation Card’, or The Tower as ‘The Oh Shit Moment’. I tend to be a little less candid for strangers, preferring to try to maintain some mystery. The point of all of this is that no one has the authority from the Grand High Tarot Poobah to say that the way you read the cards is wrong. Conversely this also means that you cant tell someone else they are doing it wrong just because their method is different than yours. We always forget that the rules apply to everyone, including ourselves in this community of ours.

Well that’s great and all, Liz, but how do we cultivate these personal associations?

I’m so glad you asked! There’s a million and one ways to sort out the tarot for yourself, and just as many books written on the subject. Ill give you examples of some things that worked for me and leave it at that. I have no desire to rehash tired concepts from thousands of books.

  1. Tarot Journal: This method is a good way to organize your impressions when you look at a card. When you pull a card to Journal refrain from looking at any outside source for meaning and instead look at the parts of the card that stand out to you. I usually do it in a bullet format because I hate journaling. After youve exhausted your inner depths, then look up possible meanings for the individual symbols that you noted. Like on my Judgement card I noticed the field of poppies. Poppies are a flower used in art history to symbolize death and/or addiction. I then incorporated it into my meaning for the card.
  2. Pulling a Card per day: Everyday pull a card and then reflect on it and its meaning through the day. This is a tried and true method of figuring out a meaning of a card might be nuanced or can change from what the stark black and white meaning a LWB will give it.
  3. Talking to the Cards: You will look and sound like a lunatic, yes. I find talking to something makes me more likely to bound with that person, place, or thing. Talking at my cards made it easier for me to get a feel for their energy and makes it easier for me to see clearly when I use them. I talk things out with them and usually can divine some unusual possibilities from the stream of consciousness that falls out of my mouth. This is an alone, at home kind of activity, obviously.

The last one doesnt even need a number its so simple. Repetition. You only get good at something if you practice at it. Familiarity is essential with almost any skill, and tarot card reading is no different. Be patient, and dont try to be an amazing reader right off the bat. Things worth doing or getting often take time.

Well that is it for this part kiddos. Next time Ill talk about spreads, putting all this talk into action and we may even get to the most important part of all: Ethics. Ethics are essential my friends.


The Sojo News: Drum Circle, Readings, Classes

Hello Sojourners!


This weekend we have some exciting events on our calendar. Until Friday night, we

continue our 20% summer sale on bulk apothecary herbs, and during our Uptown Artwalk and Drum Circle, Liz Merritt will be here offering Reiki and Tarot card Readings from 6:00-9:00. $30/half hour.

If you drum, please bring your drum and come make some noise! We have a few shop drums for borrowing, too. Snacks and drinks are a welcome addition, if you would like to contribute to the party.

On Saturday, Angelica is in the shop from 2:00-5:00 offering part 1 of a two part course: Angels 101: Ten Phyla of Angels and Correspondences $25.
Please register in advance.

Beginning Saturday, June 4th and running through June 10th



20% Summer Sale on all INCENSE! Stick, cone, and loose varieties.

We have jars of prepared loose incense made in-house according to the energies of the Sabbat holidays on the Pagan wheel of the year.