The Sojo News: Herb Sale, Drum Circle, Angels!

Hello Sojourners!
Today starts our summer sale of 20% off of our bulk ingredients in the apothecary jars! Herbs, spices, teas, resins, woods, salts, clays, etc. If it is in a jar, it is on sale! If you bring with you a container for us to fill, we’ll take off an additional 10%. Sale runs through Friday night, June 3.


New Website, New Shopping Possibilities

This week we updated our website and began the process of developing an on-line shopping experience for our Sojourners out of town. Very soon, we’ll be offering a special selection of our merchandise on-line with shipping to your doorstep! Stay tuned!

Monday, May 29th, we will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday.

First Friday Artwalk is June 3rd, and we invite you to come drum with us and hang out from 6:00-9:00. Bring your drums, the kids, your friends, snacks (if you’d like) and join us for a party! Liz will be available for Tarot Card Readings! $30/10 card reading.

Angels 101: Ten Phyla of Angels and Correspondences
with Angelica
June 4, 2016 2:00-5:00 pm
Join Angelica for an introductory class on angels!

“Angels have been written about, have appeared in different art forms and been much talked about over millennia. This course attempts to prove that angels do not belong to any one religious group, how many types of angels there are, often called phyla, their correspondences, and how they communicate with us. Sharing of angelic experiences is welcome.  The class culminates in a guided meditation meeting your guardian angel(s).” $25. Please call in advance to let us know you will be coming! 252-758-7656

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