The Sojo News: Memorial Day Weekend

Hello Sojourners!
Memorial Day weekend is upon us! Its like walking through the front door of the summer season, and I am almost more excited than my kids that school is almost over for the year! We are open all weekend as normal, but will be closed on Monday for the holiday.

Our Summer Sale of 20% OFF of our large stone and crystal selection is ongoing through Friday night when we close at 9:00 pm.

Saturday May 28 through Friday June 3
20% off bulk herbs, spices, teas, resins, wood powders, clays, and salts!

Next week, if it is in an apothecary jar, it is 20% OFF and if you bring your own container we’ll take an additional 10% off.

Uptown Umbrella Market on Wednesday nights this Summer

The Uptown Umbrella Market is now in full effect on Wednesday nights this summer season in the 5 points parking lot at the corner of Evans and 5th street. They get started around 5:00 and usually run until 8:00. We will try to stay open a little later when we can, but I do hope you will choose to stop in and say hello and do your SOJO shopping before our regular closing time at 6:00 pm.


New in the shop!

  • Used books at 50% off the cover price.
  • New summery soy votive candles: 10 new scents and intentions, including: Intuition, well-being, forgiveness, illumination, happiness, renewal, freedom, vitality, energy and wisdom.
  • Restock of 7-day candles in sanctuary jars and 50-hour jars both for specific intentions like attraction, protection, money, win in court, fast-luck and reversing,

    and in solid colors, ready for your spell workings.

  • New Beeswax candles:  100% pure beeswax

    Citrolnella Candle

    citronella candles in glass jars, made with essential oils; No synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals!

  • Restocked plain beeswax glass sanctuary jar candles, small beeswax tapers, black and white beeswax 12″ taper pairs, beeswax tealights, and beeswax votives! 

Thank you for shopping at the Sojo. We’ll see you soon!
~Heron Michelle

Summer Book Drive! We are gratefully accepting as donations any of your gently used books that you don’t need anymore. These can be fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, children’s books, or any other book that holds resale value and would be interesting to Sojourner’s customers. Just drop them off anytime during business hours! Thanks in advance.

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