Product Spotlight: Orange Calcite

During our week of 20% off stone and crystals sale, I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you all about my most cherished and favorite stone. Here at the shop we have a huge selection of all matter of beneficial mineral allies, but one in particular catches my heart. I just cant get enough of Orange Calcite and I wanted to almost proselytize the good news that is this stone.  Calcite’s of all types have the ability to unlock potentials, and are about new beginnings, new opportunities. Orange calcite is what orange marmalade and sunlight would be coalesced into a smooth, warm package. The helpful info paper we have for this entirely magickal stone says this about it:

Orange Calcite is the happiness stone. It helps heal sorrow and grief, and brings joy and peace to its bearer. It is one of the most powerful and protective stones. It is helpful in all new beginnings, including the birth process, new projects, and life changes. It is very beneficial to one’s physical energy, facilitating a state of increased vitality and strong sense of purpose.

I have over and over found this to be true. Perhaps there are stones better suited for life’s many and varied transitions, but so often this little stone nestles its way into my life when I need it most. In fact, in a time of great upheaval and difficult change I chanced upon a fairly enormous chunk of it at the local pagan pride festival. It was love and rock lust at first sight, and I often went back to the tent to hold it until I finally just bought the dang thing. The owners of the tent were most understandably pleased that I would no longer be skulking about their booth.
The gentle, kind, and often seemingly understanding energies really aided me in that moment of emotional crises and has a cherished position in my homes living room as we speak. Or, er write.
Perhaps there’s a mineral ally waiting for you. to help you in your times of fortune, both good and bad. I suggest diving head first and feeling out each stone and you should find something that matches. When I find a good stone partner I usually feel a gentle tingling up my arm and a warmth from the stone itself, kind of like an energetic hug. In any case, we have lots of lonely stones just sitting here waiting for a friend. Who knows what will call out to you?13214718_10154839019713154_246388018_o

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