The Best Sojo Summer Yet!

Thank you, Sojourners!

Thanks to your AMAZING patronage this year, the shop’s business is booming like never before! This means that we can fill her to the rafters with exotic new treasures. Our only problems now is figuring out where to put it all! Save us from our plight, by giving these beautiful things a new home with you!

Large Citrine, Celestite, Amethyst Specimens

Trade Show Adventures

In June we went on an epic shopping adventure to the International New Age Trade Show in Denver, Colorado. There I found many new vendors and artists from all over the world. Those goods are now arriving!  There were so many that I scheduled shipments now through October.

We already have in stock:

  • Sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood, incense pyramids, room sprays and soaps.
  • Himalayan jewelry with Buddhist and Hindu themes
  • Sterling Silver and Stone rings, pendants and earrings, especially Rainbow Moonstone, Labradorite and Indian Turquoise
  • Singing bowls, Tingsha and brass Deity Statues from Nepal
  • Stainless Steel chains and water-proof chambered pendants to carry spells, prayers or ashes.
  • Stone, sacred wood and Rudraksha malas.
  • Exotic Feather, crystal and horn-handled fans made in Kentucky
  • Magnetic I-ching divination tools
  • Turkish Tapestries in many colorful and ethereal designs, perfect to hang on the wall of a dorm room or sacred space.
  • Etched selenite palm stones and slabs from Fractalista (See video below)

In the coming weeks, we expect to arrive:

  • Hundreds of new esoteric books from three new publishers
  • SO MANY new tarot decks and divination systems
  • aromatherapy sprays that smell amazing
  • leather journals in new designs, sizes and colors
  • Hand carved and painted Retablos, saint and angel icons, by ECU art grad Lynn Garlick
  • Hand-crafted jewelry with bind runes, Celtic, astrology and chakra symbols
  • Deity Shrine images, cards and prints from renowned witch, author and artist Laura Tempest Zakroff.

Malachite, Fluorite and Coque Feather fan on quartz handle

New Stones and Crystals

Especially exciting are all the new stones and crystals.  These are just a few of the varieties we’ve never carried before. We invite you to come in to enjoy the air conditioning, aromas and energies of all these new crystal friends.

Come see for yourself! We are open Monday through Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

~Heron Michelle


Free Herbalism Class at The Sojourner!

Free Herbalism Class!

Intro to Herbalism – Teas – Infusions

Saturday, June 16 at 12 PM – 1 PM
Open to the Public

Hosted by: The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions
414 Evans St, Greenville, North Carolina 27858

252-758-7656 (SOJO)

Free Herbalism class at The Sojourner with Courtney Varnadoe

Join local herbalist Courtney Varnadoe for a FREE community herbalism class! Reclaim the people’s knowledge and practice of gentle healing with the earth.

During this talk I will be discussing basic at-home herbalism, and demonstrating the preparation of teas, infusions, and decoctions. Be prepared to take notes; I may have instructional take-home booklets for sale (to cover the cost of printing) after class, but it’s not a guarantee!

A message from Courtney:
I spend a lot of time thinking about purpose, values, career, and how I’m supposed to align all of those major things into one life. I’ve felt for a long time that humanity needs a revolution that inspires us to connect with the world around us, and protect it from people who would do it harm.

Getting to know plants, how we can use them to help us, and how we can help them is, to me, an integral part of that process. I’ve been holding classes on how to use herbs for many years now, but recently I’ve come to a realization: If I’m truly going to spread this message around, and possibly help people take control of their health and lives within their means (in a healthcare and cultural system that makes it unreasonably expensive to live a healthy life) I’m going to have to make it accessible to absolutely everyone.

So here we are. Starting now, I’m teaching these classes for free to anyone who shows up. No, I’m not a doctor, physician, or healthcare provider of any sort (And I have no interest in becoming one) but I do seek to remind people that there is an entire spectrum of healing. And partnership with the Earth and it’s bounty is a part of that.


Tips/donations are appreciated to further my work, but **not required!**

The Sojo News: First Friday Drum Circles, Closed Memorial Day

Happy Summer, Sojourners!

Happy Memorial Day! The shop will be closed in observance of the holiday on Monday, May 28th. We also wish Jupiter Melchizedek a very happy upcoming birthday!

Starting Friday, June 1st during the First Friday Art Walk, (6:30-until) we welcome Love Joy Drumming in partnership to host a drumming circle, free to all. When the weather is nice, find them across from the Sojourner in the grassy lot on Evans street (where the hammocks are located.) Alternate rain location is inside the Sojourner. We will be open until 9:00 during First Fridays throughout the summer.

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap in liquid and bars – 6 scents

We are packed to the rafters in beautiful new merchandise to kick off the summer. Natural locally-made soaps, bug repellents, and bite soother spray is a must have around these parts. We’ve expanded our apothecary to include 6 scents of Dr. Bronner’s Castile soaps in both liquid and bar form.

Natural Bug repellents at The Sojourner

While you are enjoying the outdoors, remember that burning Ceremonial White sage is a deterrent to uninvited guests at the cook-out, namely the mosquitoes, and we have plenty!

Ceremonial White Sage bundles to repel banefulness of all sorts – especially mosquitoes!

Books and decks are fully stocked, and we have an abundance of beautiful statuary, including most of the Greek Gods of Olympus, and many Norse, Celtic, Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian Deities.

Egyptian Statuary at The Sojourner

Prisms, dream catchers, light catchers and wind chimes are a lovely addition to the windows and patios this season.  Lanterns, bamboo wind chimes, crystal prisms and strands of bells adorn every arbor of the shop this season!

Dream, Light and Wind Catchers at The Sojourner

Shoyeido all-natural Japanese incense is now back in stock! We have restocked favorites from their daily incense line (Including Nokiba/Moss Garden, the most popular) Kyoto Moon, Zen incense, and Jewel series, along with incense ash, bamboo charcoal, and ceramic incense bowls. We also have a new boxed incense to try, Madoka, which is formulated to produce less smoke than other incenses. This brand is truly high quality and my absolute favorite, and I have been proud to watch our selection grow over the years! You have to come try it out if you haven’t!

Shoyeido Incense restocked at The Sojourner

A note: Yes, these incenses are around $5-$6 for a standard box. They contain no synthetic ingredients or smelly charcoal/saltpeter. However: They contain 35 or more sticks per box! In comparison to our $2.00 eight count boxes of nag champa, they are the higher quality *and* the better deal! 🙂 Something to consider when making your next purchase.

Shipments expected this week:

  • New stones in tumbled, raw and flats of specimens
  • 4mm and 8mm stone bracelets in many new varieties
  • Back-flow incense cones and new burners

Come see us soon!

Sojourner’s 9th Birthday Party: 30% OFF Sales!

Party Time, Sojourners!

We opened the doors of The Sojourner 9 years ago this week… and these last 6 months we’ve enjoyed great success, thanks to you! Let’s celebrate!

You are invited to Lady Sojo’s 9th birthday party to enjoy music with DJ Lipbone Redding. Bring the family, tell all your friends! We’ll have food and drink, and you are welcome to contribute anything to the spread, pot-luck style.

Jupiter will have his tarot cards to offer readings – walkin’s welcome. $40 for the 10 card spread.

Door prizes will be drawn at 9:30! Must be present to win!

To say thank you for your excellent patronage, come check out our SALES the rest of March, starting TODAY! Every few days we’ll discount more things. Friday and Saturday, March 30-31, THE WHOLE store will be 30% OFF! Which is handy because we currently have so much new merchandise we don’t know where to put it all. 🙂

New Merchandise:

  • SO MUCH INCENSE! Stick, cone, rope, loose…
  • Incense holders and burners of all styles; candle holders of all kinds.
  • Stones and Crystals in tumbled, raw, specimens, spheres, wands, chakra sets…
  • Special new stone varieties just in from Brazil: Tangerine quartz, tri-color kyanite, super 7, lepidolite slices, amethyst, morganite, hiddenite, andalusite, amblygonite, alexandrite, imperial topaz, blue topaz and Aquamarine
  • Gemstone mala-style bracelets in 50 different stones, offering 4 mm and 8 mm sizes
  • Twice as much pewter, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry than we’ve ever had before: pendants, rings, dangly and stud earrings!
  • Chakra EVERYTHING. Seriously, if it can be made in rainbow colors with Chakra mandalas, we now carry it. lol
  • Dream Catchers like crazy.
  • Altar goods for ceremonies in many styles.
  • Tarot Cards, rune sets, spirit boards and pendulums for days.
  • wind chimes, strings of bells…

The Sojourner Spring Arbor 2018

Come see us!

~Heron Michelle, Courtney, Jupiter

The Sojo News: Modern Witchcraft Classes begin tonight!

MWC366 Banner
Introduction to Modern Witchcraft Classes
Your year of personal evolution begins tonight!

Call 252-758-7656 to save your seat!

Join us for a 6 week introduction, offered to students over 18,
Primarily taught by Webweaver, Jupiter and Heron Michelle.
Thursday nights from 6:00-9:00 pm.
Registration in advance is preferred. $90 for 6 week session; $20 individually.
10% discount on textbooks and materials with paid registration.

Dress comfortably, bring a notebook and pen. No previous experience necessary. Please arrive before 6:00. The front doors will be locked to the public at 6:05, so if you arrive late, please knock loudly until someone comes to let you in.

This session we’ll cover the foundations of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism. Studying the paradigm, history, thealogy, principles, ethics, sacred poetry, and concepts about the afterlife that introduce this nature-based spirituality. We’ll also take many guided meditations. Following this session, students may be invited to join the coven in our Solar celebration of Imbolc – the Sabbat of High Winter.

What is Modern Witchcraft?

Modern Witchcraft, as it is taught at The Sojourner, is a path towards Personal Sovereignty based on wisdom, empowerment and responsibility. It stands proudly on the historical and religious foundations of our ancestors; yet, we look to the future and strive to create a healthy way of life in a modern world. We blend scientific knowledge with ancient mysticism to evolve beyond superstition into a spirituality that brings healing, peace, and balance to the seeker. The path of the witch is a dance to the rhythm of nature. This dance transforms and strengthens us, while giving us a framework for processing the lessons of this life with grace. To seek the path of the Witch is to seek enlightenment.

More information on-line:

Hindu deities, bells and singing bowls

New Merchandise!

  • Hindu Deity statues
  • Tibetan singing bowls, bells, dhorje
  • CBD Oils in 4 natural flavors, Gelcaps, Capsules, gummies, honey sticks fully restocked.
  • Milk Street natural soaps and body butters from Ocracoke Island.
  • Yoni Egg sets in Obsidian, Rose Quartz and Jade
  • Smudging bundles in White Sage, Cedar, Yerba Santa, Lavender, Juniper, Mugwort
  • Large stone specimens in citrine and sodalite
  • Natural Body care products: shaving cream, deodorant, lotions, soaps
  • Stone Mala bracelets
  • Beeswax Candles


New Year’s Closings

We will be closed Sunday Dec 31 (as normal) but will remain closed Monday for New Year’s day, and for our yearly inventory count on January 2-3, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Happy New Year, and thank you for a great year and holiday season.

~Heron Michelle

SALE: 30% off EVERYTHING for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday!


Hello, Sojourners!

Join us next weekend in Uptown Greenville, North Carolina for our biggest sale of the year! Skip the big box stores and support small and local business!

  • We will be open extended hours, 10:00am – 7:00pm on “Black Friday,” November 24th, and 10:00am – 7:00pm “Small Business Saturday,” November 25th.
  • We are offering a discount of 30% OFF EVERYTHING in our store, in addition to offering free gift wrapping with purchases over $25.
  • We have recycled and eco-friendly gift wrapping in the form of boxes and a few styles of holiday bags.

We are also hosting an Instagram contest for the social-media-savvy among us! Stop by the store on either of these days, and take your best Sojo Instagram picture in-store. Mention us @thesojogreenville in your post to enter, and Monday morning we will randomly select an entrant from the tagged pictures to win a basket of goodies, on us!


Uptown is the place to be on one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, as we can boast NO ridiculous lines, NO capitalism-induced-riots or fighting, NO Hatchimals/fidget spinners/hoverboards/what-have-you, and TONS of unique, handmade, and local items that do not put a single dollar in Walmart’s oversized pocket. 🙂 PLUS, you can make a day of it with breakfast and coffee at one of the Uptown cafes, lunch at one of the fabulous small restaurants, a walk through the art gallery or just around the block to see some of the storefront decorations, and maybe even a drink at one of our local breweries. With all of the recent development down here, there is so much to do! It’s a great time, and we love to see the support for our neighbors!

See you soon!

– ❤ C.

NEW: Loose Leaf Teas and Supplies! (full list)

Greetings, Sojourners!


Very exciting times in the shop as we work toward expanding our apothecary. Just this past week, we have stocked 28 new loose leaf teas! These teas are sold by the ounce, and represent a wide range of tastes: Black teas, green teas, white teas, fruit teas, and herbal teas represent the bulk of what we have, but see below for a full listing with prices per ounce. All of our teas are either certified organic, fair-trade certified, or both!


To complement, we have also stocked tea tins. These tins are small, fit up to one ounce of tea, and most importantly they are reusable! When you buy a tea tin or reuse it for more tea in the future, we will take 10% off the price of your tea! 🙂 Tea kept tightly packed in a tin stays fresh and fragrant for much longer than other storage containers.

We also have stainless steel tea ball infusers, tea infusers with celestial teapot and owl charms, and stainless steel tea scoops.

Tea List:

Assam Black Tea $2.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Chai Herbal Tea $2.50 (Organic)
Chicory Root Roasted Herbal Tea $2.00 (Organic)
China Green Tea $2.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Darjeeling Black Tea $3.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Earl Grey Black Tea $2.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
English Breakfast Black Tea $2.00 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Forever Fruit Tea $2.50 (Organic)
Gunpowder Green Tea $2.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Genmaicha Green Tea $3.00 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Guardian Spirit Herbal Tea $3.00 (Organic)
Honeybush Herbal Tea $2.00 (Organic)
Indian White Tea $5.00 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Irish Breakfast Black Tea $2.00 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Jasmine Green Tea $3.00 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Kukicha Twig Tea $3.50 (Organic)
Lapsang Souchong Oolong Tea $2.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Lemon-Ginger Herbal Tea $3.00 (Organic)
Luscious Licorice Herbal Tea $3.00 (Organic)
Nigiri Black Tea $2.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Orange Spice Black Tea $3.00 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Relaxing Herbal Tea $3.00 (Organic)
Rooibos Herbal Tea $1.50 (Fair Trade – Organic)
Sencha Green Tea $3.00 (Organic)
Tangerine White Tea $4.00 (Organic)
Very Berry Herbal Tea $3.00 (Organic)
Warming Crimson Berry Herbal Tea $3.00 (Organic)
White Peony Tea $3.50 (Organic)

You might say our apothecary is looking rather… boun-TEA-ful. 😀

See you soon!

– ❤ C.


CBD Event & Psychic Readings this weekend!

Hello Sojourners!

Its a big weekend around the sojo. Friday night join us for our CBD informational event and Saturday from 10:00-5:00 make an appointment for a psychic reading. Jupiter is offering Tarot and Astrology readings in the morning, and Heron will be doing tarot card readings in the afternoon. 252-758-7656 to schedule.

CBD Supplements

CBD Nutritional Supplements now available!

Products Currently in stock at The Sojourner:

  • Hemp Seed Massage Oil, 2 Oz. Lavender Scented – $6
  • 10mg CBD Gummies, 3 count – $6
  • 2mg CBD Honey Sticks, Each – $1.50
  • THC Free 25mg CBD Capsules, 30 count – $100
  • Full Spectrum 25mg CBD Capsules, 30 count – $145
  • Full Spectrum 250mg CBD Tincture in Fractionated Coconut Oil, 1oz – $54
  • THC Free * 300mg CBD Tincture in Grapeseed Oil, 1oz – $40
  • THC Free * 600mg CBD Tincture in Grapeseed Oil, 1oz – $78

Join us at The Sojo Friday Night: CBD Informational Event

October, on Friday the 13th from 6:30-9:00

This event is about the benefits of Cannabinoid nutritional supplements from hemp. The Founder’s Hemp team are coming to the Sojo to answer all your questions.

  • 6:30 Informational Presentation begins on the medical and legal aspects of Founder’s Hemp produced here in the USA and NC.
  • Some free samples provided – first come, first serve!
  • Door Prize drawing for those attending presentation.
  • Sojourner will have products available for purchase that night for 10% off.
  • Founder’s Hemp is bringing their full product line for “Show and Tell”
  • Also taking custom orders that night for their full line of products with a 10% discount. Payments will be taken in full at the event. This will help us stock up an even broader range of products going forward.

Medical properties of Cannabinoids

According to a 2013 review published in the Britisih Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have found cannabinoids to possess the following medical properties:

    • Antiemetic – Reduces nausea and vomiting
    • Anticonvulsant: Suppresses seizure activity
    • Antipsychotic: combats psychosis disorders
    • Anxiolytic/antidepressant: combats anxiety and depression
    • Anti-tumoral/anti-cancer: combats tumors and cancercelles
    • Antioxidant: Combats free-radical damage

This article from Medical News Today has some good info and links about the medical research being done on CBD.

For more info on Legality:
Federal Bill
US Farm Bill Section 7606
(Which the states operate Under Legality Wise)

State Bills
North Carolina – SB 313

North Carolina – SB 992

The Sojo News: Pagan Pride Festival, CBD in Stock!

Happy Autumnal Equinox, Sojourners!

This weekend The Sojourner celebrates our 9th anniversary in business! In 2009, we began our adventures in commerce as vendors in a single 10×10 tent at the Central North Carolina Pagan Pride festival in Raleigh. This year we return for the 10th straight year to fill THREE tents with our pagan, witchy, metaphysical goodness! Come see us at the new festival location and take home one of these beautiful new Deity statues.

We will remain open in Greenville Friday night until 9:00 during  FreeBoot Friday events in Uptown, and Saturday 10:00-6:00 as normal.

Note that we will be CLOSED on Monday, Sept. 18th to recover and put the shop back together after our big weekend!

Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day

Sept. 16 and 17,  2017
Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm
Optimist Club Farm
2908 Optimist Farm Rd 
Apex, NC 27539
Admission each day is a donation for the Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC.
“The Central NC Pagan Pride Days Festival attracts more than 4000 pagans, pagan friends and the pagan curious every year. Open to the general public, this autumn celebration offers two days of both entertainment and education through social, commercial and spiritual activities. All are welcome to join or observe rituals, attend workshops, meet local groups, and much more, all in a festival environment full of vendors, music, and fun.”
CBD Supplements

CBD Nutritional Supplements from HEMP now in stock at The Sojourner

CBD Informational Event – Cannabinoid Nutritional Supplements from HEMP

Curious about the health benefits of Cannabinoid (CBD) Nutritional Supplements? Are Industrial HEMP products legal in NC? (YES, since 2003!) The Founders Hemp team are coming to The Sojo to answer all your questions.

Founders Hemp Logo

Join us in October, on Friday the 13th from 6:00-9:00 for an informational event.

  • 6:30 Informational Presentation begins on the medical and legal aspects of Founder’s Hemp produced here in the USA and NC. 
  • Some free samples provided – first come, first serve! 
  • Door Prize drawing for those attending presentation. 
  • Sojourner will have products available for purchase that night for 10% off.

  • Founder’s Hemp is bringing their full product line for “Show and Tell” 
  • Also taking custom orders that night for their full line of products with a 10% discount. Payments will be taken in full at the event. This will help us stock up an even broader range of products going forward. 

The Sojourner will provide light refreshments.

Until then, this article from Medical News Today has some good info and links about the medical research being done on CBD.

For more info on Legality:
Federal Bill
US Farm Bill Section 7606
(Which the states operate Under Legality Wise)

State Bills
North Carolina – SB 313

North Carolina – SB 992

See you this weekend!

Hemp CBD Nutritional Supplements Coming to The Sojo

Hello Sojourners!
These are exciting times around the shop. We’ve stocked up to welcome ECU back for the new year, and several festivals in September: Profound Profanity Festival in Tarboro and Pagan Pride Raleigh, in Apex NC.

Hemp CBD Nutritional Supplements Coming Soon!

But the biggest news is that we will soon be carrying Hemp Nutritional Supplements from Hemp Symmetry and Founder Hemp that contain CBD – Cannabidiol products. CBD Products derived from industrial Hemp are naturally and legally sourced from the non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant whose cannabinoids provide a legal and safe natural remedy. All Hemp is grown and processed in the USA and products are independently tested.

Department of Health and Human Services said*: “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxident properties and can be useful in the treatment of a wide variety of inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.” (*patent #6630507)

Here are some helpful links about the legality:
Federal Bill: US Farm Bill Section 7606
North Carolina – SB 313
North Carolina – SB 992

Benefits of CBD*

  • Supports Heart Health
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Maintains Homeostasis
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Neuroprotective properties
  • Anti-convulsive

Soon we will carry:

CBD Capsules – 25 mg, 30 count: $145

CBD Massage Oil 2 ounce bottle with Lavender Essential oil: $6.00

CBD Tincture (oil infusion, alcohol-free, contains minute traces of THC), 250 MG, $54

CBD Tincture – 300 MG (THC Free) in Natural Flavor $40

Gummies Sample Pack – 5 mg CBD, 3 count: $3.00

Honey Sticks, 2 MG CBD: $1.50 (NC Honey)

Pre-Orders and Special Orders Welcome!

However, there are many other options: higher dosages, larger quantities, and a variety of flavors. As you can see, these products are expensive and we are starting small just to get going. Place your preorder with us for special requests!

Stay Tuned for Hemp Educational Event at The Sojo

We are putting together an event with the manufacturers, educators, law-enforcement and YOU to present all the benefits and options of legal Hemp products. Stay tuned for more information!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your Physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.